WP Robot How to Install 10 WordPress Plugins

WP Robot How to Install

One of the best things about WordPress is the ability to be able to use Plug-Ins to do just about anything. I have written before about this amazing set of plugins and I write again this time, only because there is an update of the program and I have finally got my head around how to use it as it is so different from the previous version.

So I sat down and did this very quick Video so you can follow the process and set it up very easily.

I love the way it is now changed so there is no need for FTP any more and it’s a very easy upload direct from the Plugin section in the Dash Board.

The plugin is very sophisticated now and has many more options..

I have been putting off updating, but as many of you out there have updated I thought it time I did…

WP Robot

There ia a series of very good videos that Thomas, the owner of the product has put out there. I suspect that many, like me, did not know they existed, so here is the link to the WPRobot Videos and of course while I have a very simple one just on the set-up, Thomas goes into more detail.

I am sure now with the help of my video and then the rest of  Thomas’s  you will be able to make this all work for you.

Click the full screen button on right hand corner, looks like a box.. looks better and you can see everything if you do that :-)

Let me know what your thoughts are and if the video was helpful.

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  1. I have most of the plugin and they work awesome I highly recommend your product to everyone.

    Thank you

    Please keep me updated for new products..

  2. Hiya, thankyou for your kind words, thats awesome….

  3. wanna pop on over to our Internet Marketers Retreat in Aussie? Love to have you there :-)

  4. Hey Gail, great video on the installation of WP Robot. For some reason I found it much easier to get my head around….When you explain things they seem to make sense! Thanks so much. Kylie

  5. Hi Gail,
    Will 10 WordPress Plugins work with WP Robot?


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