What Should I do With My New Leads?


What Should I do With My New Leads?

It’s a question I get often and was also surprised to see that Joel Therien also covered the topic the other day in a video update which I have a copy of below.
I know some of you don’t even have a list yet and wished you had this small issue… well Joel covers that side of things as well.

So today, we are going to go with those that do have a list it might be very small as you are just starting off.

I find it interesting that many companies today ask me for me email, but then I never hear from them again. Never received an email or anything. I just think that is odd… what a waste not to use the list….
Then of course, there are those who take your email and just sell and sell and sell to you.
They don’t care how many times a day they email you a sales letter, it is exhausting being on their lists .

I have always believed that you have to build a relationship with people and so listed below are the steps that are so important.
If I have a bad experience somewhere I usually email them to tell them what happened in 9 out of 10 cases no matter how polite I am I never get a response from them but they carry on sending me sales emails. Makes me cross. They have not been taught the process listed below here.

The sales process is all about:
Know me
Like me
Trust me
Buy from me

So if you don’t have many leads then I would be taking the time to get to know the ones you have and in turn letting them get to know you.
How ?? well you can email them .. but not just any email, use video email. I have been using video email for a long time and it works. The chances of getting your video email opened as opposed to an ordinary email is 10 times higher in my experience. People really like to see you and know there is a real person there. With technology today there is no excuse except laziness for people not to use video email to connect with their database.

Some say the cost is too high well I have to say that is no longer an excuse or the case. I have been using this amazing system that at $24.95 is amazing.
Video Emails
Auto Responder
Conference room

and the icing on the cake if you happen to sell this suite of programs to anyone like the Flower Shop down the road to use you get 100% commission. Truly amazing.

So not only is the system fantastic the affiliate side is also out of this world.

Take sometime to get to know your database it’s real important if you want them to continue to buy from you.

So in answer to the question above What Should I do With My New Leads? you should get to know them so they will…

Know you
Like you
Trust you
Buy from you…

Check out Joel’s Video below where he answers the question:
What Should I do With My New Leads?


Please check out the system so you can keep in front of your database the 21st Century way, with video emails amongst other things.

What should I do with my leads? Get to know them.



  1. Kamilla says:

    I get so many messages in my inbox that I’m more likely to look at one with a video in it or one that links to one. I get to listen instead of read. I can also multitask if I want to while listening. Saying that, there aren’t many sales emails that appeal to me because, like you mentioned, they can be quite salesy and persistent in the frequency of emails sent.

  2. Tandie says:

    Kamilla, I guess they think if they’re persistent enough, you’ll eventually buy something. That’s probably what they’re banking on. Gail, I love emails that are personable, that don’t try to sell me something from the get-go, that treat me like an individual, not a dollar supplier. Building a relationship is sooooo important.

  3. Rupert says:

    Hi Gail. I watched the video and wanted to ask a question, please. I always thought when it came to mailing lists and lead generation that an email off your own website comes across more authentic and professional than using a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account. Now I’m starting to think perhaps it doesn’t matter either way. Your thoughts, please.

  4. Harry Wolfe says:

    We have a local non profit here, with a small list that we use to send out monthly emails and the occasional program reminder. As stated though it is a small list and we only use members emails on the page. We are thinking about starting program signups which require name and email but unsure if this will help or scare people off. We want a bigger newsletter email list to help get the word out about us and what we do.

  5. Gail, do you think a popup plugin asking people to sign up to our mailing list is overkill? I know thiss gets some sign ups, but personally i find it annoying on other websites.Usually leaving them right away. So it might hurt but some will still sign up.

  6. We keep a small list when customers ask to receive our bi monthly adds. But we run our bike business through a facebook page, so not many list opportunities. Do you know if there is a facebook app to assist with collecting emails?

  7. I agree with the point of my mailing list. But I disagree with the ones that spam you, one I know of is newegg an online electronics shop. Sends me 3+ emails daily. Says its easy to stop, but its not. So if you use a list, dont spam them! It actually deters them from what you are sailing.

  8. I know what you mean Trina I hate it when people spam you all day long, but dont even bother to ask who you are and what you would want from them. Gail

  9. Yes I do its wonderful… well mainly it collects UID’s love it, here is a link for you to take a look http://businessofchoice.com/freaky It’s well worth a look.

  10. I don’t mind popup’s except when people make it almost impossible to get past it and then I give up and move outta there. Pop ups could be really excellent tool if people used them wisely and not only to get email address but to also add value to the persons experience on the site. Gail

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