What are WordPress Plugins?

What are WordPress Plugins?

What are wordpress plugins? That is such a great question, and one I get constantly so I have answered it for you in this video below. A Word Press Plugin is a peice of software that is written to give WordPress more functionality.

As you will see in the video a wordpress site once built is pretty boring, and the other thing is unless we change it all the people who use wordpress would have a website looking exactly the same.. how boring :-)

There are literally 1000′s of plugins out there. You can find a wordpress plugin for almost anything. I have my list of favourites as most wordpress users do. One thing to remember is though, the more you have that have slower  your website will load up. So don’t go loading everything up and then not using it. For instance, if you are not going to use a twitter account with your niche or maybe don’t even have one then there is no point in loading up the Twitter plugin.

Free WordPress Plugins

There are many Free WordPress Plugins out there. Too many to mention here infact I have done many a Blog post on Plugins and my favourite ones. There are at least 16 plugins that I load onto most sites and I got abit tired of loading them one by one so I got my outsources on the job and he put all 16 Plugins into one handy little plugin for me. That is now available to you as well and it’s free so go ahead and download it. FastSEOPlugin is the name of that amazing WordPress Plugin. There is also a video on the page as well so make sure you watch it so you get to load it on the right way.

There are some components you need to have on your Website and so this is where WordPress plugins come in. Google wants them there so we must put them there. I mention them on the video but here are a few of them. You need a Site map both for google and your visitors to your site. I use Daegon Site Map plugin, and for Google I use Google XML plugin, you will find them on the FastSEOPlugin. You also need a Contact Me page. Privacy Terms and Conditons is a paid plugin, the rest just mentioned are free. Check the video for more info.

If you just used all the 16 plugins in The Fast SEO Plugin you will have enough.

2 WordPress Plugins I Use for editing

If you like your page to look pretty smart with different Fonts and colours then you may not be happy with the editing side of the WordPress as it is pretty limiting. So I use  either of these 2 WordPress Plugins, Tiny MCE Advanced or FCK Editor. They are fun to use. So go make your sites look fantastic. You have to be a little careful when using the two mentioned plugins, oh also remember you can’t use both at once so just choose one. Then when bringing in content yourself from say PLR products there will be alot of formatting  in the HTML that can get a little confusing. However they do make the site look great and more like a traditional Sales letter if that’s the look you want.

As I show in the video there are plugins to do almost anything you want, if you want to check out my WordPress Plugins that I have and use daily you will find some of them listed on the FastSEOPlugin website. There are lots there, not all of them but a great selection.

Hope this has helped you with uncovering what is a WordPress Plugin.

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  1. amalia alvarez says:

    Hi Gail! Thanks you a lot for your blog and very informative posts. Thank you for giving understanding of WP plugins. Now I have pleny of wonderful templates, but have no idea how to generate them to WordPress environment. Is there any pluins to convert PSD to WordPress?

  2. Hi Gail, you never fail to give informative and worthwhile information in your posts and videos. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Gail! Very understandable reviews, especially for the amateurs like myself. @amalia alvarez I am not sure if it works for everyone, but I use Divine Elemente plugin http://elemente.divine-project. com/download for PS to convert PSD to WordPress . Pretty functional and provides auto conversion. First I got stuck with the features in Layout, but later on things cleared up.

  4. Thanks Gail, I always like your easy to follow instructions. Have put one on my blog already.

  5. Always informative and explained in simple terms…Thank you

  6. Your style is very unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

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