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Well am I ever excited this coming week I have two live seminars one is my 7 Tools Seminar and the other is 7 Tools To Internet Success

Thursday mid day till 1:30pm., 18 June 2009. This is one of my Favourite topics. Getting Traffic To Your Website.

Most people who have websites have spent thousands of dollars getting them created only to find that they can’t get or don’t get traffic at all to the website. This is both annoying and costly.

Coffee At Your Place

I have a traditional Business as well as all my On Line Business’s it’s a coffee business called Coffee At Your Place, we have coffee Machines and sell Coffee etc. I spent a few thousand dollars on getting a website built and there is was….

Now how on earth do I get traffic to my site. I asked my web designer… he said well do Adwords…. well what is Adwords and how do I do it. Good questions. He said to find someone to do it for me…. well that was early 2008, since then I went on a quest to learn how to get traffic to my site.

Why do I say Your Web Designer Is Ripping You Off…

Well because what they do in most cases is use a template form to build your site, in most cases you provide the copy and then they set it up according to what they want or what Template they have going, then they don’t use keywords or H1 or H2′s etc so you cannot be found on Google. It’s a total waste of money. It’s like getting a building on a street and setting it up to sell stuff but never turning on the lights or putting up a sign…..

One thing I know for sure and certain and that is this, most Web designers could care less for you or your site once you have paid over the money. They can’t wait to get your site done and then after that they want paid and then shot of you. If you want them to change something for you, they will charge you an arm and a leg to get it done, they will also take forever to do it. They don’t care… so the answer is….

Look after it all yourself or Outsource it to someone who does give a damn….

I will show you a way round this that is simple and puts you in control. Now will the web designers out there like me for it…. No… they won’t but I am tired of being ripped off and then held to ransom to them…

I have many clients who have told me horrific stories of their Web designers. The Web designer builds the site which is great, I guess if its built the way You want it… that’s only half the deal though, the other part is Traffic, if you don’t have traffic you don’t make sales, you don’t have a business…. So how do you get Traffic without it costing you more money, and are you throwing good money after bad…. Well in my opinion YES unless you are using relevant Keywords and you have your H1′s etc setup..

7 Tools Seminar

Well come to the first seminar this Thursday and let me show you what you can do to make your site work for you 24/7.

I learnt heaps and this Thursday I am going to share some of those ways with 50 very lucky Business Owners who in knowing this information will be well ahead of everyone else in their industry or their competition.

Let me show you how you can get Traffic and Get them to start calling you or buying from Your Site.

Join me and other Business Owners and get a head of the crowd.

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  1. Well, generally I don’t do a lot of blog commenting – but this one I was compelled to do so.
    First, you need a better class of web designer if (a) they work from templates, and (b) they charge for reworking your design.

    I have been a graphic designer and website developer for many years. I charge a very reasonable fee for my work (paid up front) and I am not done with the design until the client is delighted.

    There is a vast difference between a graphic artist, a web designer, a web developer and an internet marketer. A graphic artist is exactly that – they have artistic ability, a vision of their own. You just have to hope it matches your vision, because most artists are very invested in their creations.

    A web designer is much like a graphic designer, but has the added talent of knowing how to make the design work online (HTML, PHP, Themes for Blogs, etc). These people are all about the design, hoping it fits the screen, that forms don’t break the design, whatever.

    A web developer could not care less about the actual design. All they want to do is create a site that functions beautifully – whether a WP blog, a CMS or some other fancy script… incorporating function into a site is what it’s all about for these people. They would be delighted to just make everything one colour to keep it simple.

    No where in any of these descriptions is the word SEO. And you know why? Because any of these people don’t care if you get traffic. All they care about is that the site looks and functions as you wish.

    I am all of the above – as well as a marketing expert. THAT is the key. If you hire a designer who knows nothing of business and marketing, you are not hiring a professional who can do what you require.

    Additionally, to be fair, if you require SEO in your designs, you should be making that very clear up front – and see examples of good SEO from your prospective designer.

    Sorry about the rant, but I really hate being lumped into a group like you just did, especially when painting the group with a black brush. That’s like saying everyone who uses green on a website is a scam artist. Silly, isn’t it?

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