1. Hey Gail
    really loved your video I have often wondered about how to use face book
    to get more people following you so this looks like some valuable training
    again thanks

    Sunny James

  2. It a long video sales page no information or what it is or price UNLESS you watch all the way to the end!
    Why the heck do folks trying to sell you stuff do this, a real turn off for many of us actually. And with him and many folk out there no way to even fast forward made to have no controls for it on purpose its not good marketing and gets my back up…my time is prescious he bored me 3 mins into it still non the wiser just waffled on so I stopped watching it.

    It might be good Gail the training but he never got to any point no words on apage at all about it…hence I just did not like being forced to do things not good customer experiance in my book and its all about getting the sale.

  3. Wayne Barnett says:

    Hi Gail, I trust your word on things but this guy just seems like another “I will drop the price for you if you buy my wonderful product before I take it off the internet forever” type of marketer.
    It may or may not work as you say it does, but surely we don’t need this type of selling hype that just makes people like us (who have bought other stuff in the past) think it’s just another worthless scam to get our cash.
    Tell him to change his selling style!

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