Understanding SEO – On Page and Off Page

Understanding SEO

There is so much out there about SEO it seems so many are jumping on the bandwagon and giving advise “do it this way, or do it that way”

What is SEO, I want to give you an Understanding of SEO so you can use it wisely on your sites, both Auto-Blogging sites and also your other sites you have out there. I have already done a small post about SEO but get so many question’s from people saying they still have no Understanding of SEO. So thought I give it another go.

There is so much to go through so much to understand that I cannot go through it all right here right now, and I will hold a “Workshop” on it all one weekend so we can get a better grip on it all.

It seem’s that Google has been changing things around over the last few months and some of your sites that had a good ranking maybe on the front page have now droped that ranking and you don’t seem to appear anywhere in the ranking’s. That’s tough I know, but hang in there I am sure all will get back to normal soon.

Google can penalise sites and do so often but not for normal everyday things, like if you stick to the rules you will not have an issue, if you try to play Google and do thing’s that Google does not like then they will penalise your sites or site. So play by the rules and you will not have an issue.

Understanding SEO with Link Building

I have seen some sites drop right off the radar because of link building being done the wrong way… Now the question you will probably want an answer on is, “How can you do it the wrong way?” and thats a great question.

There are programs out there that build links for you, they build them fast and that makes people happy. They build that site and then someone says “Hey use my software, and get your site listed in 30,000 directories in about 2 hours”, you think thats awesome and it will save you time and get you traffic, but it can have the opposite effect. As one of my students found out… Link building is important and if you want to stay on front page of Google then you need links, and the more you have the better… BUT… if you build your links too fast then Google see’s that you are not human and can and will delist you, so the answer is slow and steady.

Now once you have submitted your site to the search engines and there are ways that can be done, either out source, but be careful as some of the outsourcers are using software that can get you delisted, or you can buy the software and have your sites trickled out to the directories over time and so then it looks more natural.
There is no doubt as said before you need links… and here is another trap people fall into…

They send their sites out to all the directories once and then never again, so you get rank very quick, then it goes away and you lose rank…why? easy really based on what I have already said…. you sent your site out, you got it listed into:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Social Bookmarking Sites
  3. RSS Feeds
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Social Media

You did it once then nothing, Google looks for consistency, thats why it’s so important that you have an Understanding of SEO.

If you send your site out once that great, you can use pingler and get it to send your site out twice a week, but you also need to build links to your other pages or posts and so many don’t do that. They think once that site has been sent out once that’s it, sorry to tell you folks but it isn’t. That’s why you need automation software to help you out and to feed your sites and your posts out gently and over time, so not to raise alarm in Google Land. I was looking at some stats on a site the other day in which I was competing for keywords, it had been up for about 1 month and had over 8 million backlinks, it is dumb to do such things as a result there really is no competition from that site as google has not listed it. I have been using a program to help me with my link building you might want to use it as well it is a paid service I call it Drive more traffic online and also a FREE one which is great as well this one is also fantastic and auotmates the job for you. Here is a video that will help you with setup of program.

One other important thing to understanding SEO and backlinking, is the concept of Link Velocity. This is simply the speed at which you build your backlinks. It actually doesn’t matter if you build a million links a week, what does matter is if you don’t build a million the next week and instead build 10.

This looks very inconsistant and Google may give your site a drop in rankings if they see this kind of activity happening. I have built many sites and been much more aggressive in the beginning with my link building, mainly because I am not that patient, and then after the initial first month I have dropped off on the link building. The result was that nothing changed, no drop at all!

So here’s the thing, backlinks will very rarely hurt your site and when considering how fast you build links, just try and be as conistant as you can,  but don’t worry too much if you can’t keep up the initial blast you give your site, just make sure you have some low level of maintainence link building going on to ensure you secure your spot.

Understanding SEO On-Page

There are some things that you should not do to your own site that Google doesn’t like, such as over stuffing keywords into your articles, or disguishing links in your sites as the same color as your background etc…these are Black Hat On Page SEO examples, and these are things that may get your site dropped by Google.

Lastly the Google dance happens to everyone, it’s quite a normal part of Understanding Seo so don’t hit the panic button if it happens to you. Just carry on building links and it will settle down, it maybe a good idea just to give to Google what Google wants.

I have done another post about Understanding SEO so you can go there and get more help plus also I am giving away my Fast SEO plugin for wordpress that will help you with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

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there is so much more to write about SEO but trust that what I have written here has helped you in your Understanding SEO


  1. Good tips for seo. Meta tags are extremely important, anchor tags, building relevant backlinks, and keyword optimized content all play a major role in SEO.

    I agree with building links too fast I think that happened to my site actually through outsourcing like you said had great rankings for my main URL now I am off the radar I hope it turns around soon. Good post!

  2. Great points!
    Understanding SEO is never ending. It’s either going back to the old school of doing SEO or linking that everybody does which most of the time has bad content.

  3. Thanks for this information Gail. I found it informative and something that I’ll refer back to!

  4. thanks Gail for the FAST SEO…I get so excited when I get an amazing plugin from you

  5. Its quite useful

  6. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for SEO

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