The Best Graphics Ever


The Best Graphics Ever

Well I believe them to be the Best Graphics Ever… that assumption is based on so many people sending emails and making comments and asking where do I get my amazing graphics from. I have to agree they are pretty darn good.

I have also noted that every other day I get people on my website who have searched google for stick figure and ended up on my site. I just got one picture here, but when it first started happening I thought is amazing. Anything you can do to get traffic is worth it .


I am sure many of you have seen the stick figures all over the net, some on TV and I note one building in Whangarei has them on their signage.

You could have bought some off the Warrior Forum when they sent the emails out but they were no where as good as these ones.

Okay, okay… I know you want to know where to get them from… Then you need to go to Presenter Media  and you will get The Best Graphics Ever, well that’s my opinion.

I have a short video here for you to take a look at,  just wanted to show you some of the graphics I have used from there and telling you a little about them.

You can get Power Point Templates, Animated Graphics and just the standard pictures as well.

On the video I said you needed the latest version of Power Point to use the Templates well I was right and wrong on that. To use the Animated Power Point Templates you need the latest version of Power Point, however if you want to use the non Animated Templates then you can have any version that is stated. Hope that makes sense.

I have also noted that when I check out my posts that have the animated pictures they done always show as moving on Internet Explorer. Anyway all I can say is these amazing graphics will add life to your posts, presentations or whatever else you plan to use them in.

The Presenter Media link here is not an affiliate link as they don’t have an affiliate program.

The other place I mentioned in the video is Morgue File. This place has amazing pictures. Wow they will blow you away and unlike Presenter Media most of the Morgue File pictures will cost you nothing. I also mentioned on the video to be careful with the sizes. If you use a picture on your website and it seems to take a while to load then you would be best to change the file size.

If the graphics are not animated for you, then maybe change browser and take a look they are really excellent, high quality and with Christmas coming up I see they have many different options there as well.

Have fun with these. Get off the couch and go make some money. :-)



  1. Thanks Gail. More fun online!

  2. This is a must have then. Traffic from stick figure graphics, that is like extra traffic just for sprucing up your site and making it look nicer. Finishing up the download now.

  3. They are so cool Ryan, glad you like them :-)

  4. How many different types of those graphics are included? Are they all pre finished not requiring any extra work, just choose where I want to put them?

  5. the graphics come in different formats and you can change colours and a few other things before you download them. It’s pretty amazing really. Check it out you will love them.

  6. Is their a free download of powerpoint, or whats needed to run this program somewhere? Don’t want to buy it and then buy PP to use it!

  7. no you dont need any help its all there in back office of program its just all too easy.
    Thanks for questions

  8. Steven Torres says:

    Is it possible to change the figures color? I run a website about parking, so I would like to place one in a parking spot, but have it match the colors on my website.

  9. hmmmm I think so, can’t say that I have tried it myself, but you can change alsorts of things. Give it a go :-)
    Thanks for raking part

  10. Holy wealth of information. I wish I’d found these graphics a long time ago. What a difference it has made to my posts and website…..

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to bring it to the next level!!!!!!!

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