Amazing WordPress Sales Pages

Amazing WordPress Sales Pages

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that using wordpress out of the box will get you really boring websites. And really what we do want are Amazing WordPress Sales Pages and Websites, and Blog Posts. So the problem… Boring uninspiring posts and pages…. people not staying on site to see that you have amazing information...

I have struggled on for a long time trying my best to get my blog posts and wordpress sites looking amazing so that people will want to stay, look around and really enjoy the experience.

There are a few things you can do to make the pages and posts look good like use the Tiny MCE plugin, that gives you quite a few options but really the pages etc still look boring. What people tend to do to make them look “better” in their eyes is add lots of colourful text, which really is a no no.So please stop doing it… it’s horrid :-)

You can add pictures and video  etc into your posts and pages as well  to make it more pleasing to the eye. I have to say that most people do nothing, it’s just boring words on a page with a token picture in the right hand corner. Am sure you have seen that or maybe you do that…

You can do better than that. You need to do better than that.

I have written a blog post all about the Best Sales Theme and that theme has a great amount of pictures etc that you can use on your page but not everyone wants to use that theme. (No sure why not it’s fantastic :-) )

I discovered last year this great and amazing plugin that allows you to add short code into your posts and pages which in turn allows amazing things to take place. Like your pages start to look different. Suddenly your posts and pages go from average to Amazing WordPress Sales Pages, so everything you do looks great, professional and much better than the competition.

You can read everything under here, or you can watch the video if you really need convincing.

Click arrows in the bottom right hand corner to watch full screen corner


Short Codes Deluxe – Toolkit For WordPress

This really is one of the best WordPress Plugins I have used. I love it.WordPress in itself is awesome so easy to use but WordPress on it’s own without PLugins is very basic and boring :-) I bought this Short Codes Deluxe Plugin a while ago and have started the process of getting it onto as many sites as I can.When you head over to the sales page you will see what it does and the graphics that comes with the plugin.Anyway what are shortcodes? Good question. When you want to do something on WordPress or any website really HTML is created, and sometimes there are lines and lines of it going on for ages, well with this plugin what happens is somehow in the back the long HTML code is converted into something very small and that tiny code can do all sorts of amazing things… look best idea is to check out the page with the video on it and then see if it is a match for you and I cannot see why you would not want to use it …Short Code Deluxe Plugin Here is Marks explanation….

Please go on over and check out the video I could shout about the Short Code Deluxe Plugin all day long. It’s fantastic and as you go and take a look at the sales page you will see how amazing you can make your pages look, even use the short codes on posts as well.

Th graphics that you get with this plugin are fantastic as well, you can see that from what I have above plus the video.

So if you want amazing WordPress Sales pages then please take a look at this plugin, I really do love it. Anything that can brighten the page, help people engage with your site is worth taking a look at. Don’t just look and say “I will get back to it”… because we know that you probably won’t, sort it now, today. It’s not overly expensive and you can use it on a number of websites.

No more Boring websites everyone you have a chance to change that today. Boring is out. Bright happy websites that are pleasing to look at, don’t have dozens of different coloured fonts and different sizes and shapes are no longer in.We want engaging websites and posts.

Amazing WordPress Sales pages and blog posts are in today, please do go check it out right here at the Short codes Sales page

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What are WordPress Plugins?

What are WordPress Plugins?

What are wordpress plugins? That is such a great question, and one I get constantly so I have answered it for you in this video below. A Word Press Plugin is a peice of software that is written to give WordPress more functionality.

As you will see in the video a wordpress site once built is pretty boring, and the other thing is unless we change it all the people who use wordpress would have a website looking exactly the same.. how boring :-)

There are literally 1000′s of plugins out there. You can find a wordpress plugin for almost anything. I have my list of favourites as most wordpress users do. One thing to remember is though, the more you have that have slower  your website will load up. So don’t go loading everything up and then not using it. For instance, if you are not going to use a twitter account with your niche or maybe don’t even have one then there is no point in loading up the Twitter plugin.

Free WordPress Plugins

There are many Free WordPress Plugins out there. Too many to mention here infact I have done many a Blog post on Plugins and my favourite ones. There are at least 16 plugins that I load onto most sites and I got abit tired of loading them one by one so I got my outsources on the job and he put all 16 Plugins into one handy little plugin for me. That is now available to you as well and it’s free so go ahead and download it. FastSEOPlugin is the name of that amazing WordPress Plugin. There is also a video on the page as well so make sure you watch it so you get to load it on the right way.

There are some components you need to have on your Website and so this is where WordPress plugins come in. Google wants them there so we must put them there. I mention them on the video but here are a few of them. You need a Site map both for google and your visitors to your site. I use Daegon Site Map plugin, and for Google I use Google XML plugin, you will find them on the FastSEOPlugin. You also need a Contact Me page. Privacy Terms and Conditons is a paid plugin, the rest just mentioned are free. Check the video for more info.

If you just used all the 16 plugins in The Fast SEO Plugin you will have enough.

2 WordPress Plugins I Use for editing

If you like your page to look pretty smart with different Fonts and colours then you may not be happy with the editing side of the WordPress as it is pretty limiting. So I use  either of these 2 WordPress Plugins, Tiny MCE Advanced or FCK Editor. They are fun to use. So go make your sites look fantastic. You have to be a little careful when using the two mentioned plugins, oh also remember you can’t use both at once so just choose one. Then when bringing in content yourself from say PLR products there will be alot of formatting  in the HTML that can get a little confusing. However they do make the site look great and more like a traditional Sales letter if that’s the look you want.

As I show in the video there are plugins to do almost anything you want, if you want to check out my WordPress Plugins that I have and use daily you will find some of them listed on the FastSEOPlugin website. There are lots there, not all of them but a great selection.

Hope this has helped you with uncovering what is a WordPress Plugin.

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Get Traffic Tools

Get Traffic Tools

This was my last webinar for the year. The most questions I have had this year have been around Traffic and how to get Traffic to your site.

So I decided to call this webinar Get Traffic Tools there are many tools out there and also many people ready to take your hard earned cash and say they wil do submissions etc for you and it’s very tempting to let that happen. I have outsourcers that I use now and again to do my submissions etc of my sites but really and truely it is easier and better for me to do it myself then I know it’s done and how I did it. If you submit your site too quickly and it does not look human then google does not look upon that very well, if you submit to social bookmarking too fast or more than once some will ban you, and same applies for a few other places as well. So where do we Get Traffic Tools from that will work and get us real traffic.

Where to Get Traffic Tools

  • First thing you have to decide is what kind of traffic do you want?
  • Where are you going to get it from?
  • How much time do you have to spend getting traffic?
  • How much money do you have to spend on tools?

Once you have got all that sorted in your head you can begin the process. I have many posts on traffic and the amazing tools you can use both FREE and Paid. You need to check them out. You will find links in the posts there to Get Traffic Tools. I cover quite abit in the webinar about traffic and also places you can get Traffic like Facebook and Twitter, from RSS Feeds. But one should not forget about articles and Youtube Videos as well, all those things combined bring me amazing amounts of traffic to all my different sites.

Get Traffic Tools Website

I have started a website which I hope to be able to post things to relating to traffic, so posts and software and plugins I will do my best to post there and rave there about traffic relating tools.

We all know that traffic and getting traffic to your site starts right at begining with Keywords, and Keyword rich domain names, SEO on your wordpress site, then SEO within the posts. Then doing the work of sending out via pinging, website submissions, RSS submissions, Video submissions and also Article submissions all leading back to your main site, all these things will bring you traffic. Facebook and Twitter bring me lots of traffic, so keep the info coming into your blogs and run as much automation software as you can and it will happen for you.

One of my Get Traffic Tools is the Fast SEO Plugin which I refer to and show working on the webinar if you want to head on over there you will see the rest of the plugins I mentioned.

If you want a list of the Get Traffic Tools plugins I suggest then here they are again:

WordPress Article Writer

WordPress YouTube Plugin

WP Profit Maker

FastSEO Plugin

Take some time to watch the webinar, I am aware that some may not be able to see it as it is in WMV but hopefully the download will work for you and you can download convert and watch. If I alter it at all and change to another format you lose quality so sorry.

We covered so much in this webinar, WP Cloner, Easy Niche Finder, Google Keyword Tool, and maybe other things I have forgotten, oh thats right I also gave you a number of niches that you can look into building sites around as well.

Go have some fun and make some money.

Here is the list of the winners of the 5 websites I gave away… actually I gave a few more than 5 away, I like to over deliver..

Vicki Langcaster, BalaBalasubramaniam, Darryl Jensen, Sally Dutton, Rex Hadfield, Ashley Fraser, Gina McPherson
Romeo Caporaso, Stuart Walter

Here is the webinar….

Right Click here to download It is a very large file could take a while


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More WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

Last week we looked at 5 WordPress Plugins that you have to have on your WordPress site, so this week I want to carry that theme on and look at another 5 that you will also need to use.

WordPress as a Website platform is quite amazing and if you do keyword research and also get the right product you will have a winner of a site. The biggest mistake I see people make is just putting in heaps of tags and or keywords and they are not that relevant to the article. So if you use the SEO correctly then you are on the road to having an unstoppable website.

The 5 WordPress Plugins we will look at this week are …

6. Frame Buster

This plugin will thwart any attempt to load your site in a frame. Optimal for getting images to rank on the search engines. This could be more for the geeky people among us, so if you still have no idea what it’s all about then leave it off or just go with it and add it onto your site. Go visit the site of this WordPress plugin and am sure you will learn more on how to use it.

7. Sexy Bookmarks

I love this plugin -  it makes me smile when I see it being used on people’s blogs. I have to say I only have it on a couple of blogs as it is only recently that I found it, but go download it and use it. I love the handwritten messages it does for you. Make sure thought that you get the correct one and that it’s  By Shareaholic.  This wordpress plugin allows your readers to submit your articles to numerous bookmarking sites on the Web. A must-have in the era of social media. Get your Sexy Bookmarks WordPress plugin today.

8. Google Sitemap Generator

If you want Google to index all the pages on your blog as quickly as possible, then you need this plugin. It allows you to achieve this with a clíck of your mouse. It is just so easy to use so it’s worth downloading it. If you are not sure what to click on and what to change then leave the defaults as they are. Create a sitemap for it will please our Friend Google.

More WordPress Plugins…

9. CommentLuv

This is another of my favourite plugins and I will show you in the video what exactly it does when you use it. CommentLuv WordPress Plugin allows your visitors to comment while adding a link to their own blog post. This will encourage them to comment and in combination with the Akismet plugin can get you genuine and informative comments on your blog. It’s very cool and it leaves a trace of where you have been and whose site you have commented on… take a look at it.

Last of the WordPress Plugins

10. WP Backlinks

This of all the WordPress Plugins is brilliant as it allows you to track the links going back to your blog. For SEO purposes, you want as many links back to your website as possible, but at the same time, you want them to come from reputable and legitimate sites. Also we want sites that have a good Google Page Rank, which is different from just being on the front page of google. The WP Backlinks plugin WordPress Plugins gives you the ability to control and verify this. So put this on your list of to help you with all your back linking. It is not actually called WP Backlinks it is infact just Backlinks so please get that one right.

I suggest you go ahead and use the 10 WordPress Plugins that I have written to you about over the last 2 weeks. They will help you rank well and will help you to start dominating the Web with your blog. Also you will need to keep in mind that it’s the quality and frequency of content that you add to your blog that will determine its success. My hope is that you have found these two articles about the top 10 wordpress plugins on the Web very useful. Of course there are so many more, but use these and begin to see a marked difference in your blog rankings.

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WordPress Plugins help make a WordPress Website rank and rock :-)

If you want even more amazing wordpress plugins then head on over to my other favourite site of 10 WordPress Plugins and check those ones out as well.