Commission Automator

Commission Automator

Guess you would never have heard of this program yet… I just bought it actually and I am so impressed with it… at $4.97 it won’t break the bank …

It is actually true!  It took no time at all to install after I downloaded it; I had a quick check on how to set it up and was up and going in less than 5 minutes.

What it does:  it populates your website with at least 3 new products at a time – they say there is more to come… so you set it up by putting in your affiliate ID and then it goes to work via an RSS feed into 3 different companies (currently) selling different products…

Now here’s more good news about it…

Easy Money Making Ideas

When installing the software and getting it all organised you put your paypal details in, so when anybody buys anything off your link you get paid the whole amount… so that has to be good….

WordPress Plugin

Those of you who know me know I love WordPress Plugins, they make life easy, they make your websites stand out, they are so easy to put SEO into and onto, that I wonder why everyone is not using WordPress.

If you want to set up a site that is set and forget then I guess this software is the answer. Everything comes in neat and tidy – you don’t need to do anything to the posts. I have added pictures but other than that nothing much else… and every other day depending on how you have the software setup, you will want to send it out to search engines, maybe even have some of your own articles on the site – the choice is yours. It’s a great software to run on review sites… I love it, and will set it up on two of my sites: Gail BottomleyLive Online and another I am about to setup that runs specials on it – be perfect for that. More on that another day…

I will have a video up in the next day or so, then you won’t have to read the instructions. It is very good software, a very good plugin for your WordPress Site and it gets the thumbs up from me.

The other great thing is it comes with a link into your Twitter account so click the button and it will send it out to there as well as soon as the post is up and on automatic.

Press the button for full screen or you will miss seeing it all

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Install WordPress Plug-In’s- Website Building on Auto Pilot

Website Building on Auto Pilot

The Latest video I have done on Installing a number of the WordPress Plug-In’s.

These are a little different to the normal way we Install the Plug-In’s and as I have had many call’s relating to this whole area I decided to do the video and put it out there for you.

So here it is.

Clickbank Affiliate WordPress Plugin

WordPress YouTube PlugIn

Article Poster ( I will give you free copy when I see receipt of  YouTube poster above)

SEO Plugin that has 7 different Plug-In’s (I will give you free if you email me receipt of the Clickbank Plugin, above)


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