Keyword Niche Finder

Keyword Niche Finder

I have to say I so love this new Keyword Niche Finder Plugin it is so amazing.
I just love the way I can find Keywords on the fly and also be in wordpress at the same time, so I don’t actually have to leave my blog post. Once you load up the software its all very easy from there.

You would install the Keyword Niche Finder plugin the normal way and then you add the necessary details so that Google and you are all friends and linked together and then you are good to go.

So take a look at the video and I will show you there just how quick and easy it is to use. The biggest issue people have is with finding Keywords, if you are a business or an affiliate marketer the hard part is always the keywords, well not any longer this software is brilliant.

Keyword Niche Finder has colours

I have been using Easy Niche finder for a long time now so have got used to the colours, like red, to hard, Orange a little better and green great and easy to go after… well this software here Keyword Niche Finder has the same colours, also reports back on the back-links and how many you need and also looks at the competition. So make for very easy use I am sure you will love it… just remember though you still have to do the work. It’s not going to do all the work for you, you still need to check it out and make sure you can rank for what you choose.

Keyword research is vital and you need to make sure you do it well. Sometimes it’s just really hard to find a starting point so what do I do?

Well I start with the obvious, so in this case I typed in Niche Finder…. then took a look at what the software bought back, then I took the ones I thought were the easiest to rank for, then I went with a word that the software gave me, clicked on that and more great keywords came up and so I continued to look till I had what I wanted… how long did it take to use the Keyword Niche Finder software… well about 10 minutes, you could carry on looking and spend hours but really, best to just get it done, and if you find lots maybe write two posts or three just to use the Keywords , that’s if they are great buying keywords.

The core features of the Keyword Niche Finder Plugin (or known as Keyword Winner) at this time enable you to,

* Full control of Keyword Research
* Check SEO Stats instantly
* Competition, Insights & Search Trends and Back-links Clear as Crystal
* Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends
* Color Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms
* Add Tag Option
* Meta Keyword Option
* Page Competition, PageRank & Position Rank Checker
* Country Specific Search Option
* Supports all Languages
* “Winner Takes All” Feature (You can now add suggested keywords into your blog content to make your content SEO friendly)

If you are a blogger and use WordPress, Keyword Niche Finder Plugin (or known as Keyword Winner) is a must have plugin especially if you intend to drive targeted quality traffic and get to the TOP of Google quickly.

We encourage all of those who have not yet bought you do so quickly while the single license is still only $47, this is a $30 discount off the original price. So if you are wanting to save time, and not have to use more than one window on your browser open at a time, you want to rank on front page of Google very fast, want the best SEO advantage you can get then the Keyword Niche Finder tool is just what you need. Remember it is a plugin so you do need to be using WordPress. If you want to know any more about WordPress plugins and what they do and which ones to use then I have a blog post about that as well and you can go there and check it out, its called What are wordpress plugins.

Check out the video on how to use the Keyword Niche Finder Plugin


So there you have it an amazing Keyword Niche Finder I call it A Keyword Winner :-)


More WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

Last week we looked at 5 WordPress Plugins that you have to have on your WordPress site, so this week I want to carry that theme on and look at another 5 that you will also need to use.

WordPress as a Website platform is quite amazing and if you do keyword research and also get the right product you will have a winner of a site. The biggest mistake I see people make is just putting in heaps of tags and or keywords and they are not that relevant to the article. So if you use the SEO correctly then you are on the road to having an unstoppable website.

The 5 WordPress Plugins we will look at this week are …

6. Frame Buster

This plugin will thwart any attempt to load your site in a frame. Optimal for getting images to rank on the search engines. This could be more for the geeky people among us, so if you still have no idea what it’s all about then leave it off or just go with it and add it onto your site. Go visit the site of this WordPress plugin and am sure you will learn more on how to use it.

7. Sexy Bookmarks

I love this plugin -  it makes me smile when I see it being used on people’s blogs. I have to say I only have it on a couple of blogs as it is only recently that I found it, but go download it and use it. I love the handwritten messages it does for you. Make sure thought that you get the correct one and that it’s  By Shareaholic.  This wordpress plugin allows your readers to submit your articles to numerous bookmarking sites on the Web. A must-have in the era of social media. Get your Sexy Bookmarks WordPress plugin today.

8. Google Sitemap Generator

If you want Google to index all the pages on your blog as quickly as possible, then you need this plugin. It allows you to achieve this with a clíck of your mouse. It is just so easy to use so it’s worth downloading it. If you are not sure what to click on and what to change then leave the defaults as they are. Create a sitemap for it will please our Friend Google.

More WordPress Plugins…

9. CommentLuv

This is another of my favourite plugins and I will show you in the video what exactly it does when you use it. CommentLuv WordPress Plugin allows your visitors to comment while adding a link to their own blog post. This will encourage them to comment and in combination with the Akismet plugin can get you genuine and informative comments on your blog. It’s very cool and it leaves a trace of where you have been and whose site you have commented on… take a look at it.

Last of the WordPress Plugins

10. WP Backlinks

This of all the WordPress Plugins is brilliant as it allows you to track the links going back to your blog. For SEO purposes, you want as many links back to your website as possible, but at the same time, you want them to come from reputable and legitimate sites. Also we want sites that have a good Google Page Rank, which is different from just being on the front page of google. The WP Backlinks plugin WordPress Plugins gives you the ability to control and verify this. So put this on your list of to help you with all your back linking. It is not actually called WP Backlinks it is infact just Backlinks so please get that one right.

I suggest you go ahead and use the 10 WordPress Plugins that I have written to you about over the last 2 weeks. They will help you rank well and will help you to start dominating the Web with your blog. Also you will need to keep in mind that it’s the quality and frequency of content that you add to your blog that will determine its success. My hope is that you have found these two articles about the top 10 wordpress plugins on the Web very useful. Of course there are so many more, but use these and begin to see a marked difference in your blog rankings.

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WordPress Plugins help make a WordPress Website rank and rock :-)

If you want even more amazing wordpress plugins then head on over to my other favourite site of 10 WordPress Plugins and check those ones out as well.

5 Most Needed WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Plugin5  Most Needed WordPress Plugins

If you already have a blog, chances are that you are using WordPress as your platform. If you’re not, you should be. There are many reasons as to why WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Web today. Many people don’t use WordPress as they think the Word “Blog” which means to them they have to blog all day everyday about stuff they are not really interested in. Or maybe they are interested but just don’t have the time to blog about it everyday. Well in todays world that does not have to be, there are so many wordpress plugins that you can use to automate your content.

Well first off I would like you to know that wordpress does more than just provide you with a blog, it also is able to provide you with the most amazing Sales Pages as well, which are the same as a bog in that you can still add the WordPress plugins as well.

What make WordPress such an amazing platform to produce your style of website is the ability to add the WordPress Plugins...

If you are not sure what a plugin is, it basically adds new functions to a WordPress blog. A WordPress plugin is essentially a program written in the PHP programming language that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress blog. All you have to do to add a new feature or service to your blog is find a relevant plugin, upload it to your plugin folder and then “activate” the plugin on the dashboard. It’s that simple.

That being said, there are literally thousands upon thousands of plugins out there (most of them are free) and if you are a newbie, you may get tempted to add as many plugins as you can to your blog. The bottom line is that you only need a couple of them to get your blog going. In order to help you with which plugins to choose, I’ve chosen the top 10 WordPress plugins that you must have.

WordPress In terms of Internet marketing and getting rankings, WordPress offers the most search engine friendly blogging platform in addition to being very user-friendly. The other great thing about it is the number of WordPress plugins which you can add to your blog and I have many of these loaded up into my site all doing their own thing.

I am constantly asked …what WordPress plugins do you use… there are so many, how do I choose?

WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

Don’t you just hate people leaving spam comments on your blog? I certainly do, and if you dislike such comments appearing on your blog, the Akismet plugin automatically filters them for you. I don’t have time to deal with spam and I hope you don’t either. It truely does do the most amazing job, yes it does require a little setup after activation, but thats easy enough to do. So this little WordPress plugin to your must have WordPress Plugins

2. All-In-One-SEO Pack

Got to love this WordPress plugin, if you are looking for the ultimate plugin to transform your blog into an SEO optimized blog, then this is the one. It’s easy to use and before long you can be ranking for your keywords. Grab all your keywords and description and you are set to go.

3. MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s for the blog to be banned from ping services. When you update or edit your blog, you automatically send a ping to let them know that your blog has been updated and that the changes need to be indexed. However, you can get banned from ping services if you end up doing this too often. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to use the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin. If you don’t have this then you can get it off me. This is another one of the amazing set of wordpress plugins that you need to get hold of.

4. Remote Database Backup

As one who has over-riden her blog with another, I cannot stress enough the importance of backup. Just as backup of your computer is important so is your website. Whatever you do on the Web, you need to have backups. Backing up data is one of those things that people don’t take seriously until a site failure happens to them. This plugin helps you backup your WordPress blog at any time.

5. SEO Smart Links

This is one of those WordPress PLugins you have to have. This cool plugin allows you to automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. Furthermore, you can set up your keywords along with their own matching URLs. A must have if you want the maximum SEO benefit for your blog.

Next post I will take another look at the Subject of WordPress Plugins as there are many more that we will add to our site. If you would like to watch a video of me putting together a WordPress Site and adding some wordpress plugins then you should take a look at Build  Website In 20 Minutes. You will see there how easy it is to install WordPress Plugins.

Free WordPress Plugins

All of the above WordPress Plugins are free, they are amazing and on the next blog post we will look at the next 5 I believe you need to have. So Watch this space…. I’ll be back, there is a start to your list… now go add those ones, don’t forget to check out the video on just how to build your website in 20 minutes and learn also how to add those WordPress plugins both Free and bought ones as well.

Gail… signing off, Your WordPress Plugins guru :-)

To watch the WordPress Plugins Video in full screen click on the small box in right hand corner.
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WP Robot How to Install 10 WordPress Plugins

WP Robot How to Install

One of the best things about WordPress is the ability to be able to use Plug-Ins to do just about anything. I have written before about this amazing set of plugins and I write again this time, only because there is an update of the program and I have finally got my head around how to use it as it is so different from the previous version.

So I sat down and did this very quick Video so you can follow the process and set it up very easily.

I love the way it is now changed so there is no need for FTP any more and it’s a very easy upload direct from the Plugin section in the Dash Board.

The plugin is very sophisticated now and has many more options..

I have been putting off updating, but as many of you out there have updated I thought it time I did…

WP Robot

There ia a series of very good videos that Thomas, the owner of the product has put out there. I suspect that many, like me, did not know they existed, so here is the link to the WPRobot Videos and of course while I have a very simple one just on the set-up, Thomas goes into more detail.

I am sure now with the help of my video and then the rest of  Thomas’s  you will be able to make this all work for you.

Click the full screen button on right hand corner, looks like a box.. looks better and you can see everything if you do that :-)

Let me know what your thoughts are and if the video was helpful.

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