7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar

7 Tools to Internet Success

Learn Internet Marketing

At last the Webinars have started up again… Last year we ran weekly Webinar’s call FIMWebinar FREE Internet Marketing Webinars and they were so popular, you can go to the FIMWebinarOnline site where I have put all the videos and there are over 30 hours of Video there that will show you heaps to get you up and running On-Line…

I could just leave it at that… however, as we know the internet is constantly changing and we need to be updating all the time as we find faster and better ways to do things .. so as a result I have started the Webinars for the Year called:

7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar and along with that is the 7 Tools To Internet Success live Seminars that will also start in Hamilton, New Zealand in February 2010. (Site not updated yet, if you are wanting to come contact me)

The 7 Tools System is made up of steps that need to be taken so that you get the right product, the correct keywords, the correct domain name, a well SEO’d website, and of course traffic… we all need that..

So what will we cover over the coming weeks.. Here is a Sneak Peak….

7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar

Traffic System  #1 Clickbank
We will head in here to find a product that the world is looking for, an amazing array of 10,000 products already set-up and waiting to be promoted.. I will show you how to get products that not only sell well but pay well.

Traffic System #2 Niche Keyword Research
Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth Free traffic and advanced SEO system. A good SEO’d site not only attracts free search engine traffic but also significantly decreases your cost of acquiring new traffic.

Traffic System #3 Keyword Rich Domain Names
Learn how to find those Keyword Rich Domain names that will help drive traffic your way

Traffic System #4 Video Marketing System
Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business. I will be shown a sneaky strategy that generates tons of targeted traffic to your sites without having your own video or working extra hard to submit your own video!

Traffic System #5 Setting Up A Website

I will show you how to setup a website that is fully ready for any search engine to get you listed very quickly and also listed on Google front page for your keywords. I will also show you how to dominate Web 2.0 platforms and channels right in front of your eyes!

Traffic System #6 Article Marketing

Discover the ins and outs of using Article Marketing to get massive traffic for your business, and learn how this method can send you traffic in less than 24 hours.
I will show you tools that will have you producing articles faster than you can drive to local café

Traffic System #7 Social Bookmarking Domination

Learn how to do back linking so you can compete in the search engine rankings with even top Fortune 500 companies with little to no advertising budget at all.
You do not need the budget of Fortune 500 companies. Just do as I show you and you will profit and have your own huge Internet Marketing Business.

And then as the weeks go by I am sure there will be more and more that I will need to add.

Am so looking forward to  these Webinars so come and join me it will be a wonderful journey, so much to learn and yet Step by Step you will get there…

2010 for me is all about Automation so let me take you by the hand and show you how you can do almost everything on Automatic so you have more time to do the things you want to do…

Register your interest below in form and I will make sure you get the email to be on the Webinar..


7 Tools to Internet Success

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Search Engine Submission – AddMe

Learn Internet Marketing Using the Right Tools

Learn Internet Marketing Using the Right Tools


I believe to do anything well you need the right tools… I am sure you would agree. If you are a builder you know that you need not only the right tools but you also need good tools… who wants a hammer that after you give something a good knock then the end falls off… not very helpful.

I have said over and over that I will teach you Internet Marketing and tell you about the correct Internet Marketing Resources that will help you not only build a great Internet Business but will also build you a strong one.

I saw a video the other day of a massive block of Flats or Units in China fall over and into a raging torrent of water and all because no one bothered to make sure the foundations were strong and able to stand up to whatever the weather would throw at the building… It was very sad to see it all happen.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Not only will I give you great Internet Marketing Strategies I will give you the tools to make the Strategies all work for you.

I am excited to tell you about a few things I have been doing lately with a number of my new sites that are working very well for me.

I will share some of these with you now.

I have recently built a WordPress Site all about How To Draw A Car Step By Step this site has done well and in 2 weeks has made it to front page of Google. The next site I setup was one all about TMJ called TMJ Help Site, this has made it to front page of Google as well in less than a week on my chosen keywords, then in weekend while at a Workshop I was running I put together a website all about Hemorrhoids, it was all abit of fun, but I see only 4 days later that that site is on page 2 of Google.

Last week I went to help out a guy who wanted me to show him how to get a website up and running and promoting an Affiliate Product… well here is what happened.. at the begining of our time together he was no where to be found on Google, after 90 mins of me showing him what he needed to do to get to front page, he was at top of page 2… after only 90 mins.

So what got him and myself from no where to the front page of Google?

Really great question….

Get to Front Page of  Google Fast

Well it’s all about the keywords and being relevant.  It’s all about the description and about the Headers… no one will tell you that… but it’s true. I would say that only about 5% of websites out there have any of those things on the website and I will prove it to you. Just watch the video and you will see as I randomly select websites..

Want to know more… want to know the big secret of how to get Traffic and How to get Google to find you…

then go here to my site Internet Marketing For Small Business and get the FREE DVD that will reveal all to you. It’s amazing.


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Here is how to improve your Google Rankings

Over the past few month’s we’ve known that Google now uses talking to text conversion.  That means that they take the Verbal text from your videos, and convert it to wording.

While they won’t tell us WHY they do that, the apparent answer is that they are looking for Related CONTENT! They now use your spoken text to categorize and rank your video.

So we’ve been experimenting a bit, and we’ve learned that in most cases you can get better your Google position with your websites by adding keywords in your verbal audio whether it be an Audio or Video .

Just using music behind written content in a slide show does not do as well.

So when you are writing your scripts, put your most important keywords up front, and use them all the way through the video.  Use them in a natural way, but write your script just as if you were writing a Sales page that you wanted Google to index, because with their speech to text conversion, they are applying the same algorhtythms as if it were written text.

So my suggestion regarding using the Slide Show kind of video is to use them along with spoken video as well. So don’t just do a lot of Slide Show video and think that’s it, as we always say in life “Everything in Moderation” so yes for me those kind of video’s are still getting ranked especially with good keywords, but if Google have changed the rules then we need to as well.
So next time you do a video think about your keywords and use them. Just as if you were writing your sales letter.
That’s it from me…. Happy Videoing :-)
I still love to use the Movie Making Programs that I use and will still pump them out till they have no use on google I guess.

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Internet Marketing Resource – How to Install WordPress

Your Web Designer Is Charging You Way To Much

Wow I always believed it too hard, way too hard to upload and stall a wordpress blog up into Cyberland. I think some made it seem to hard so we would carry on paying them… Once you have seen this video you will be uploading and installing web pages and sites all over the place just because it is so easy and fun.

Web Designers take too long to make changes

How has your experience been when you need a change to your web site. You call the Web Designer, he not only puts his or her hand out and says that will be $100 he also says that will be done in the next week or two…. that’s my experience in the past. Although in fairness to my outsources I have now that is not the case with them. They are quite the opposite, and here is the other thing, they have done video’s for me to show me how to do stuff so I can learn to do it for myself. I am not a control freak…. but I do think we need to take control of our Websites. Along comes WordPress…. originally for blogging then well now you can use the WordPress.org platform for anything. I have normal looking websites siting on a wordpress platform take a look at my Gail Live Now site and you will see they can be anything. What about an Optin-In page, a loooong Sales Letter whatever once you have this skill there is no stopping you.

Internet Marketing Resource

WordPress.org is an amazing Internet Marketing Resource that you can use to grow your business and have as many websites out there as you like. YES!!! The question is do I still need to use Blogger and WordPress.com, well yes they are great to use for backlinks etc so yes you still need them. Just that WordPress.org gives you complete control over what you do and say on your site. This is a quicker version of the Webinar, we did one the night before with Bryan Wain showing all, and this one I did the next day without the questions so was quicker.

Learn Internet Marketing

I want to help you become a success in your Internet Marketing career so please if I can help you contact me and let me know. You are also welcome to join the FIMWebinars as well so go register and learn, we actively answers people questions on the calls.

Hosting Account

At some point you are going to need one so I suggest you go to A Hosting Account 4 You as thats what the video is based on, and start out there, it makes it easier to follow on. I would take the Baby Package, it’s $7.95 a month for as many websites as you want. You will then have a place to install all your PLR products… no excuses now.

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