Facebook Masterclass Webinar

Facebook Masterclass Webinar

This is a replay of the Facebook Masterclass Webinar I had recently.

In the webinar I gave a run down on how to use the following:

  • Lists
  • New Timeline
  • How to share
  • New Timeline Profile settings
  • Birthdays
  • Where to get your new profile

Here is a link I gave out on the webinar where you can go see how to get your new Profile like I have on mine. Which I pointed out on the Facebook Masterclass Webinar you won’t see unless you have the new one as well. I love the new timeline profile. So click on this link and you will get the information to help you set up your new profile.

It’s a great new tool the timeline and those of you who market online using Facebook will love what you are able to achieve with it. Even the ability to have a bigger profile picture at the top of your facebook is fantastic and if you think outside the box I am sure you will come up with some great ways to use it to promote whatever it is you want to promote. The sharing options now are many so check out the video below as I show you great ways to share content on your Facebook and on your friends, or Groups or your own Fanpages, this is brilliant and helps you with not having to come up with your own new content each day. Just check out the Facebook Masterclass Webinar video below and you will see what I am talking about.


Facebook Masterclass Webinar also showed 7 Security Rules People Break

7 Things to never reveal on Facebook

  • #1. Revealing your complete Birth Date
  • #2. Announcing your away
  • #3. Using an obvious password ( remember your birthday)
  • #4. Overlooking the privacy controls
  • #5. Not thinking before you post
  • #6. Failing to use the private message section
  • #7. Mentioning the names of your kids under 13

I suggest you go check your security settings right now and make sure you and your family are safe.

There is great content in the video so I suggest you watch it and learn I am sure you will learn heaps.

We then went on to discuss Fanpages and why you need one and also who needs a fanpage… Of course everyone needs one. If you are marketing online then you need a presence on Facebook not just to have a profile but also to have Fanpages. I show all that on the video as well.

I also talked alot about the amazing software that we have got now to build Fanpages. Quickfanpages is the best software out there on the market. I have bought almost everything on the market trying to find the software that is the following:

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • No Coding
  • No big long forms to fill out
  • No having to get App ID’s etc

I have another blog post on Quick Fanpages so if you want to know more then please go on over to the Quick Fanpage post.

Please go through the video and check out the info there. I had amazing responses from people who were on the call. You can go over here to the Fanpage and read the comments there about the webinar. If you have not been on the Fanpage yet then best to come on over to QuickfanpagesPage

Here is the video below… enjoy and please leave a comment or share it all out there… I appreciate that when you do it. I give you heaps of great info be awesome for you to pay it forward :-)

Please press the button in bottom left hand of screen with the little arrow so you can see this video in full screen. :-)

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Changes in Facebook

Changes in Facebook

There have been many changes in Facebook, I will be the first to say that, I have found them to be the best changes in going forward with Facebook. I know some are not too happy with the changes in Facebook and have gone on over to Google Plus or nothing at all… then the other side is we get to spend too much time now on Facebook keeping up with whats happening, the pictures look better, the time lines are very cool, the way you can now setup your cover picture is also amazzzzing.

So all in all I think the changes in Facebook are for the better and I find it hard to remember the way it used to be now. I can find an answer to that by visiting my iPad which does not seem to have updated itself as yet.

I am going to be hosting a Webinar this week that looks at all the changes and shows you how you can use them to your advantage.

Rather than run away from your favourite Social Media embrace it and use it like you have never used it before. It really is better, although there are something you need to look out for… Some security issues you need to be aware of, making sure you keep yourself and your family safe is very important. We will cover those issues in the webinar.

I will also show you how you can get your new Facebook Timeline if that has not become automatic by then as it should be, I think there are a few issues there to be sorted out.

Are The Changes in Facebook Great for Marketing?

I will show you how the changes in Facebook are to your advantage if you are wanting to use Facebook for your marketing Online. How it’s even better now and how it will get even better. If you are not marketing yourself, your business, or your product on Facebook then you need to hope to it and start. Now is the time. If you have a Fanpage then you need to be Marketing that. It should be on your cards, your car, any sort of advertising that you do. You want people to follow you… I will talk about that more on the webinar… but you can take a look at my Fanpage and “Like” me and see what happens, go through the process. Follow me at Quick Fanpages Page

There are 4 things one needs to do when Marketing in Facebook and I will also show you these on the Facebook Masterclass Webinar as well. I will also talk to you about what to say and what not to say on both your profile and your Fanpage…

I will also reveal the big mistake that over 90% of people make when marketing with Facebook and doing it this way will harm your chances of making money on Facebook and also keeping peoples interest…

The time is right for marketing on Facebook, I believe it’s the best time ever, even better than 6 months ago as the software available for you to do the marketing is so much better than it ever was. Everyone who has a business, a product or a brand needs to have some sort of Internet presence and right now the cheapest way is in Facebook. It is not the only way and in time may not be the best but it is certainly needed as part of your Online strategy.

I will show you some great ways to market using Fanpages on the webinar.

The Changes in Facebook will go on and on

I am really glad about that as we know that we live in a world that is always moving forward, are Facebook finished with the changes, no … not likely there are many more coming I am sure, next will be some changes to Business Pages/Fanpages there are some changes coming. The thing is if you are going to use the 3rd party product, as Facebook is then you are subject to their rules, if you don’t want to be then you need to move away from Facebook and use your Website only and just use Facebook to drive traffic to your site from just your profile. That has worked for a long time for me, and still does work, as I use lists and did from the start. Using lists in Facebook is very important… I will also show you more about that on the webinar.

Anyway enough, please be on the webinar with me, love to have you there and let me show you how you can use Facebook to return a great income to you if you want it. It’s there for the taking. I know others say that, and make these big promises well I’m not going to make big fat promises that in no way can come true… but you can and will make money if you watch what I do and do as I say :-)

I have done other posts on Facebook and some of the changes you can check them out here at Facebook Enhancements

Be on the webinar, don’t miss out… register here:

Facebook Masterclass Online Webinar



Quick Fanpages

Quick FanpagesQuick fanpages

At last I am so happy to announce the Quick Fanpages software is ready to go and roll out.

What is so special about this software. Well the whole Drag and Drop technology makes it the easiest software out there to build fanpages.

Lots of people won’t even attempt to put up a Facebook Fanpage because it’s just too hard, well I can tell you for a fact that 5 clicks and under 1 minute later you can have a Fanpage, all with a few clicks of a mouse and Quick Fanpages.

Facebook has it’s own Facebook Places as does Google and so every business should be out there claiming there page. You can read more about that right here on my Fanpage. Claiming your Facebook Places Page so Facebook along with Google are out there wanting your business.

Facebook is not a fad, it will not go away, it is here to stay and if you have a Product, Service or Business you will need a Facebook Fanpage or also known as Business Page. Quick Fanpages will help you put one together in just 5 clicks of the mouse and less the 1 minute.

The good news is you can have a Quick Fanpage without any of the following things:

  1. No website
  2. No Technical ability
  3. No concerns for changes in Facebook, we keep all that sorted in the backend
  4. No concern for the SSL certificate..
  5. No need to hire graphic artists
  6. No more over priced webmasters, you can do it all yourself.

Quick Fanpage is for Business

There is no doubt about it, the reason business owners love it is because they can make the changes or add another tab or page on the fly, as it were, or they can get the receptioist to do it. It’s so easy.

Let’s say it’s a slow week, and you decide you want to have a sale, no need to call your Webmaster and beg him to do the changes or add in some products for you to sell at half price … no.. all you do is go into Quick Fanpages, create a tab, 2 clicks, and then put in your product or offer, add paypal button, save and publish and it is all done… just too easy… You have your own page that you can now send people to and get them to buy or take part, get the coupon whatever you want them to do…. You can see all this in action on the Quick Fanpages website, I have a video there showing it all.

Infact when I was showing the software on a webinar, a person said “thats too fast” I thought he was talking about the speed of my webinar, but no he was referring to the speed of building the Fanpage with Quick Fanpages :-)

Can you use Quick Fanpages for Affiliate Marketing?

Good question… and answer is yes… no matter what niche business, service or product you can have a Fanpage for it.

Here is what you need to know:

  • If you have a personal profile, you have all the skill you need to create a Fanpage
  • You can have unlimited Fanpages on Facebook and they are free to setup
  • You can have a Fanpage in any Niche or Hobby it does not have to be a money site.
  • Best time to start is now, with Quick Fanpages Easy Drag and Drop Software system.

If you never wanted to setup a Fanpage because it was just too hard, you could not get your head around it, then you will love Quick Quick Fanpages gets the thumbs upFanpages, and I suggest you check out the page and the video on there I am sure you will be so impressed.

I have not been too happy about setting up Fanpages they made me almost pull out all my hair :-) I think you would have noticed that Facebook is all about the thumbs up well to me it was more about the thumbs down and the tongue out it was so frustrating. So many steps to go through to achieve what I wanted, so what normally happened was I just went back and setup a website instead. So if you look like this and feel like this about either building a Fanpage or a Website then you will love this software.

I have done other Blog Posts about Facebook and Quick Fanpages you are welcome to check them out. This one here is another about Facebook and why we need to use it.

My final comments about Facebook and Fanpages…. 6 Myths I will bust for you…..

  • Facebook is for kids
  • You have to pay a marketing company thousands of dollars to set up your campaign
  • Small businesses can’t do this, it’s only for major players
  • Because Facebook is a website, you have to be a technical genius to succeed
  • Only people with business experience can do this
  • I couldn’t possibly do this!

Well you are wrong if you think any of the above :-)

Enjoy your day, and I will see you on Facebook… Build your own QuickFanpage.