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Animoto - Your Images, Your Music, Never The Same

Movie Making Programs

I just love this program it’s truely Brilliant and easy as to use.

Use this program to help you create Easy Money Making Ideas

If you are looking for a great program to help you make Movies and Video’s for YouTube or Viddler then this is a simple program for you to try out.

It’s mostly Free you can use the program for free on the short video’s thats a video that goes for 30 secs, anything longer than that you will need to pay the very small yearly fee.

This program Animoto also has Royalty Free music and Royalty Free Pictures. Which they add to constantly.

With the Free side of the program you can upload to YouTube only you cannot download it to your hard drive but hey if you just want to upload to YouTube then the Free side of the program will be great.

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Let me know your thoughts on this program.


Another 7 Tools To Success Video – Easy Money Making Ideas

Here we go again – see I have been very busy all these videos one after the other. Got to be good… lots of helpful info for you to get you started On-Line.


Go Here right now, and download the FREE E-Book…

Gail Bottomley looks at another tool in 7 Tools To Internet Success

I have another tools that you are going to want to try out. So watch the video and learn what it is, you need this tool to help you in your search to find a product, so listen up and have fun…. ohhhh dont forget to leave a comment I need them ok……

Now you can hop on over to here and pick up a copy of the 7Tools To Success E-Book, its worth it.

Easy Money Making Idea Using Audio and Video

Here is another Easy Money Making Idea for you and that is to use both Video and Or Audio not only on your websites but also in your emails. TalkStream will allow you to Add both Video and Audio to your emails etc.

Many of you have asked about the video and audio I use on my site and in emails. There are many to chose from out there thats for sure.

How about you go try this one out when you get 5 mins you even get a FREE TRIAL, thats got to be a goer.

I love Video and Audio on sites and in emails you get to stand out. It’s not just another boring email or website, so my suggestion is when new people sign up to your Auto Responder have some Video emails in there and some audio.

Of course Audio is alot easier to do for Free however Video usually needs to be bought to use in emails, however Video on Websites is very simple and cheap.then audio can be done for FREE not so easy with video.

Anyway here’s another site that could interest you. Take a look Here.