Beyond The Newbie Stage

Beyond The Newbie Stage

Many people like yourself have landed up on this page because you’re looking at the most fool-proof way to start your Internet business. Starting one isn’t as easy as you think after all the trials, difficulties and challenges you will face along the way and the heaps of competition you will discover online.

Want proof? Simply Google ‘make money online’ and you’ll discover how much competition you have – probably in the hundreds and thousands of them!

Worse still, some unethical marketers who want to make a fast buck out of you by selling all kinds of crappy and irrelevant information to you.

It’s misleading alright…no, it’s plain wrong to waste any newbie marketer’s time and effort like this!

Fact is, there will be ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ who will be more than happy to exploit clueless marketers who are quick to draw out their wallets to make a ‘life-changing purchase’.

Lets get something straight…there is no such thing as a life changing purchase!

Even the best money- making blueprint will not work for you unless you put it into practice, and in most cases, actually making the system manifest in real life is the hardest challenge you’ll face…

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Internet Marketing For Small Business

Grab your free video2

Internet Marketing For Small Business

The #1 Secret That Most Small Business Will Never Know About Boosting Their Business On The Internet:

There probably wouldn’t be a day go by that I have someone ask me why they don’t get any traffic to their site…

So now I have a new website up that address’s this issue.

Wouldn’t you just love your website to either make you money or grow your database. If it could just suck in email address’s and become effective as in long term it will make you money even if right now you are just building your database … giving stuff away in return for Email address’s.

So how do you get people to leave their name and email?

How do you get a website that people just want to stay around on?

My new site address’s these concerns and so much more. Here are some of the things you will discover when you get hold of the FREE Video I am going to give you. If you can’t wait to go get it then you might as well go right now to the Internet Marketing For Small Business Site and get started.

Small Business Internet Marketing

Once you inside and you got access to your FREE Video here is some of what you will discover…

  • How to create a real “direct response” site whose purpose is to generate leads (most of your competitors are unaware of these secrets–and are leaving HUGE amounts of money on the table!)
  • The best “bait” to get people to give you their information so you can follow up (this is where you can REALLY build your business into a money-making machine!)
  • Why you should NEVER trust a designer to create your website (sadly most people don’t pay attention and end up creating a site that just sits there and collects “digital dust”!)
  • The secret to getting your customers to pay you each and every month (Best Part? This strategy can be “cut and pasted” into any industry!)
  • The one thing you MUST have on your website if you want to grab your prospect’s attention (this is the MOST important lesson on this DVD!)
  • An exclusive case study into the 3 WORST websites and why they are leaving money on the table (don’t do this to your website!)
  • Case studies into 3 websites that bring in a barrel-full of leads for their respective businesses (this is a million-dollar education in itself!)

This is all great information and I know if you put these things into play on Your Website you will see amazing results.

With That Said, Before I Tell You More About What This Simple System IS… Let Me Explain To You What This Strategy Certainly Is NOT

  • It’s NOT just running expensive Adwords or Pay Per Click marketing where you’ll lose your hat pouring your money down the drain…
  • It’s NOT some super-complicated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where you need a an MBA in order to make it work…
  • It’s NOT experimental Social Marketing that sucks up all your time with no pay off whatsoever…
  • It’s NOT fancy-pants website design where you need a computer education in order to make it work…

If  You or Your Business is needing help…. Needing Leads (Customers) …or Your Website just needs some great qualified traffic then this site is a must to visit, and as the DVD is FREE then you must order that as well.

You won’t be taught anything from my teachers that I don’t do myself, just google me and you will find I am everywhere on line. I am my brand and I do everything I teach.

So please check out the site, grab the free DVD and lets get you some great qualified leads that love you, trust you and want to buy off you.

Internet Marketing For Small Business

That’s what it’s all about


Internet Marketing For Small Business Site


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Learn Internet Marketing at Hands On Workshop

Learn Internet Marketing

Another amazing weekend here in Hamilton New Zealand with 25 keen budding internet Marketers….

How many of you are struggling to get get your Internet Business up and running?

Where ever I go I am faced with people who have spent many dollars and time either buying Guru’s packages or trying to gleen nuggets out of different Internet Marketing seminar’s. It’s hard work….. getting started when you don’t know how or where to start.

My Max-Xposure workshops are an amazing place to start and learn the basic’s of getting a website up and learning the basics …. these are amazing workshops and maybe you need to check out when I am in your area so you can get to one…

Learn Internet Marketing the Easy Way

Some of the things we learnt this weekend…….

  1. Where to from here?
  2. Find awesome Keywords that convert to sales.
  3. What is hosting and how do I do it.
  4. Forwarding & Masking a Domain Name.
  5. Create Great Web Sites (Word Press).
  6. Word Press Continued.
  7. ClipArt for Your Site.
  8. Add a Picture in the Widget Bar Clickable…. and more and more


sneaky workshop

Sneaky Workshop

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Learn Internet Marketing – You Tube Secret Revealed

Learn Internet Marketing with Video

I run this Webinar recently with FIMWebinars and it was so exciting as we walked through the process of Video Marketing. I loved the info that was given in this webinar so much so I wanted to share it with you all. So much of the Marketing World now is video and one has to move with the times or be left behind.

I really had fun with this Webinar, I love the whole Video Promotion, and with this video I go all out and show you heaps about what to do and what not to do with Video.

Learn Internet Marketing Strategies

You will with this video, there are so many in here. Did you know the following:

  • You can upload direct from YouTube to your Blog
  • You Can upload direct to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg all from Youtube
  • Did you know you can add your web address onto your Video after you have uploaded it?
  • Did you know you can link all your video’s into each other through a Hyperlink?

Watch the video there is so much information here it will blow you away.

If you want more Tips and Tricks then I Suggest you get hold of the YouTube Secret Weapon DVD’s and learn even more tips. One great tip….

How to get traffic to your site you want believe this one.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

Leave a comment. let me know what you think… was the info helpful or not… be keen to know.

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