Keyword Niche Finder

Keyword Niche Finder

I have to say I so love this new Keyword Niche Finder Plugin it is so amazing.
I just love the way I can find Keywords on the fly and also be in wordpress at the same time, so I don’t actually have to leave my blog post. Once you load up the software its all very easy from there.

You would install the Keyword Niche Finder plugin the normal way and then you add the necessary details so that Google and you are all friends and linked together and then you are good to go.

So take a look at the video and I will show you there just how quick and easy it is to use. The biggest issue people have is with finding Keywords, if you are a business or an affiliate marketer the hard part is always the keywords, well not any longer this software is brilliant.

Keyword Niche Finder has colours

I have been using Easy Niche finder for a long time now so have got used to the colours, like red, to hard, Orange a little better and green great and easy to go after… well this software here Keyword Niche Finder has the same colours, also reports back on the back-links and how many you need and also looks at the competition. So make for very easy use I am sure you will love it… just remember though you still have to do the work. It’s not going to do all the work for you, you still need to check it out and make sure you can rank for what you choose.

Keyword research is vital and you need to make sure you do it well. Sometimes it’s just really hard to find a starting point so what do I do?

Well I start with the obvious, so in this case I typed in Niche Finder…. then took a look at what the software bought back, then I took the ones I thought were the easiest to rank for, then I went with a word that the software gave me, clicked on that and more great keywords came up and so I continued to look till I had what I wanted… how long did it take to use the Keyword Niche Finder software… well about 10 minutes, you could carry on looking and spend hours but really, best to just get it done, and if you find lots maybe write two posts or three just to use the Keywords , that’s if they are great buying keywords.

The core features of the Keyword Niche Finder Plugin (or known as Keyword Winner) at this time enable you to,

* Full control of Keyword Research
* Check SEO Stats instantly
* Competition, Insights & Search Trends and Back-links Clear as Crystal
* Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends
* Color Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms
* Add Tag Option
* Meta Keyword Option
* Page Competition, PageRank & Position Rank Checker
* Country Specific Search Option
* Supports all Languages
* “Winner Takes All” Feature (You can now add suggested keywords into your blog content to make your content SEO friendly)

If you are a blogger and use WordPress, Keyword Niche Finder Plugin (or known as Keyword Winner) is a must have plugin especially if you intend to drive targeted quality traffic and get to the TOP of Google quickly.

We encourage all of those who have not yet bought you do so quickly while the single license is still only $47, this is a $30 discount off the original price. So if you are wanting to save time, and not have to use more than one window on your browser open at a time, you want to rank on front page of Google very fast, want the best SEO advantage you can get then the Keyword Niche Finder tool is just what you need. Remember it is a plugin so you do need to be using WordPress. If you want to know any more about WordPress plugins and what they do and which ones to use then I have a blog post about that as well and you can go there and check it out, its called What are wordpress plugins.

Check out the video on how to use the Keyword Niche Finder Plugin


So there you have it an amazing Keyword Niche Finder I call it A Keyword Winner :-)


A Domain Name That Sells

A Domain Name That Sells

Hi everyone, I thought I would do a video about the buying A Domain Name that Sells. It seems that there is alot out there and I also have been teaching alot about buying Domain names and the correct kind of Domain names but some are getting confused, so time for an update on buying a Domain name that sells.

And by sells, I don’t mean buying a Domain Name to sell on, but I mean Buying A Domain Name That Sells product for you.

It seems it is getting harder and harder to buy the Keyword Rich Domain Names with the .com, .net or .org extension without adding too many extra words at the end. So of late well last 6 months I have bought a number of Domain Names that have the extension. Reason being is that it is easier to get on front page of the UK Google if you do things correctly and do you SEO well than it is to get on the .com Google.

A Domain Name that Sells has Pitfalls.

It can have quite a few pitfalls if you don’t do things right and well, and that is your keyword research. In the video below I show you what I do to make sure that people in a particular area are looking and wanting to buy what you have to sell. If you look at the demonstration in the video you will see what I mean. If you want a domain name that sells product for you then there is no way you would buy a web address for something that is:

1. not available in the UK

2. no one wants to buy what you have from UK

3. no one is searching for what you have or want to sell

and the same applies for any thing you are selling you need to check using the Google adwords tool who exactly is searching for what you have to sell, are they from the USA, or UK or just where they are from, and with your keyword tools you will have that sorted. I use both the google tool and also Easy Niche Finder to help me find the Niche’s and also to tell me the competition and also the OCI which is the Online Customer Intent, that means are these people buyers or looker, the higher the OCI the more likely they are to buy.

Buying A Domain Name That Sells Is Easy

It really is when you use the right tools. I have many articles in this blog about Niche finding etc and different tools that I use so if you take a look through what I have in the blog you will find alot of help. I have a blog post about the Easy Niche Finder here, I know it’s getting abit old but the principles the same.

Adsense sites are a great idea if you want to just put up sites that make money off people clicking on your Adsense adverts, the one I mentioned in the video is a DJinfo site you can go and take a look if you want and get an idea of what is needed in an adsense site. Just for your info, I would not use a .info web address again, I put this site up long while ago and know more now than I did then. :-)

Anyway, enjoy the video and am sure you will learn heaps :-) so that when you get into it in the new year you will be wiser and ready to make some money online.

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I hope that this post and video has helped you as you search for A Domain Name that Sells and in doing so make the money you desire.

Find The Hidden Niche

Find The Hidden Niche

If your are still struggling to find a Niche so you can build an Internet Business then what I am about to show you today will open your mind to amazing possibilities.

The difficulty is finding a Niche that is a real Niche. Some people get really confused as they think that have the niche sorted when they come up with something like Acne, or Internet Marketing, Golf... etc … what about dog training..

None of these are really Niche’s. But underneath the say Acne umbrella is a niche, it could well be hidden…. so how does one find that hidden niche… it’s pretty hard unless you have the correct tools.

Easy Niche Finder

I  discovered this program sometime ago now and it has been very helpful helping me to find the hidden Niches, there may not even be that many people searching on what I have found, maybe around 1000 a month but thats ok. It is quick and easy to put up a website these days so I can have dozens of websites each getting a 1000 or more visitors a month and I am pretty happy. Multiply Streams of income….

Keyword Research

It’s all about Keyword Research you cannot afford to get it wrong. But most do, especially Business Websites. It is such a shame to see that thousands of dollars are spent on these huge websites and yet no one knows they are there because they people building the site either didn’t know, don’t know how, or for whatever other reason didn’t put a single keywords, or Header in the whole site.

Love you to watch this video off my YouTube Channel

This is the latest Version of  Easy Niche Finder ( Micro Niche Finder ) and it has some amazing new features.

The thing with most Keyword Research Tools is they are so hard to use. This one however is very simple. It tells you all on one screen and with colours if a particular keyword is a good one or not.

SOC = Strength Of Competition

OCI = Online Customer Intent

The rest is explained in the video.



I am loving the new feature of the Domain Name Availability as well, that is very cool, at a glance you can see if the Keyword is available as a .com .net or .org . Of course always better to go for a .com if available.

Steal My Niche

I want to help you find a Niche…. So come steal some of mine.

If you need help to Find a Niche I want to give you 15 Super Niches, that are ready for You Right now.

Fill in the form below and I will send you 15 Super Hot Niches Right Now.


I just can’t wait to share these Niches with you so put in your name and email and let me show you some great Niche’s just waiting for you.


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Google Wonder Wheel a Very Cool Niche Tool

Easy Niche Finding Software

Google has released a new tool to help with our Niche finding. It’s very good software.

Here is a short video that will help you understand how to use it, not that it is at all hard.

I love the way it can beused to to find out the latest video’s in a particular Niche, the length and time when they were put up as well and it does not just look at YouTube, it goes to all the main players in the video world.

It also lets you see whats happening in the forums as well and any reviews at Amazon or any other places out there. It is extremly good program and am happy to use it for those purposes if nothing else.

Easy Niche Finder

I am very Attached to my Easy Niche Finder software and it will take abit to get me to move from it, however to use this software along side makes niche finding simple and quick and that is what we want and need :-)

So if you are looking for a great FREE tool then this will be the one for you, use along side Google’s other free tools like Google Niche Finder and also Find Hidden Niche then you are going to be way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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