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Learn Internet Marketing in 2009

 In early December I was in Melbourne at an Event put on by Brett McFall and there was a gentleman speaking about Social Media, he had some interesting stats and facts and figures, I videoed quite alot of it, and today have just shortened a small amount for you to view about Blogging.

Barnaby De Palma spoke about Blogs and why they are better than say a typical website.

As you know if you follow me I am very keen on blogs, especially if they are updated regulary then the search engines keep them listed right up there high in search Engines.
Have a listen and see what you can learn from this


If you don’t have a blog and have no idea where to start with one, let me know and I will help you out there. Look through my previous Blog Posts and you will see I have done some videos and also had some done and poped them up here on the Blog they will help you out with setting one up. These videos mostly refer to using Blogger.

Check them out. You can email me if you need anyhelp at all to do with anything Internet :-)

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Another 7 Tools To Success Video – Easy Money Making Ideas

Here we go again – see I have been very busy all these videos one after the other. Got to be good… lots of helpful info for you to get you started On-Line.


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Gail Bottomley looks at another tool in 7 Tools To Internet Success

I have another tools that you are going to want to try out. So watch the video and learn what it is, you need this tool to help you in your search to find a product, so listen up and have fun…. ohhhh dont forget to leave a comment I need them ok……

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