Learn Internet Marketing Using the Right Tools

Learn Internet Marketing Using the Right Tools


I believe to do anything well you need the right tools… I am sure you would agree. If you are a builder you know that you need not only the right tools but you also need good tools… who wants a hammer that after you give something a good knock then the end falls off… not very helpful.

I have said over and over that I will teach you Internet Marketing and tell you about the correct Internet Marketing Resources that will help you not only build a great Internet Business but will also build you a strong one.

I saw a video the other day of a massive block of Flats or Units in China fall over and into a raging torrent of water and all because no one bothered to make sure the foundations were strong and able to stand up to whatever the weather would throw at the building… It was very sad to see it all happen.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Not only will I give you great Internet Marketing Strategies I will give you the tools to make the Strategies all work for you.

I am excited to tell you about a few things I have been doing lately with a number of my new sites that are working very well for me.

I will share some of these with you now.

I have recently built a WordPress Site all about How To Draw A Car Step By Step this site has done well and in 2 weeks has made it to front page of Google. The next site I setup was one all about TMJ called TMJ Help Site, this has made it to front page of Google as well in less than a week on my chosen keywords, then in weekend while at a Workshop I was running I put together a website all about Hemorrhoids, it was all abit of fun, but I see only 4 days later that that site is on page 2 of Google.

Last week I went to help out a guy who wanted me to show him how to get a website up and running and promoting an Affiliate Product… well here is what happened.. at the begining of our time together he was no where to be found on Google, after 90 mins of me showing him what he needed to do to get to front page, he was at top of page 2… after only 90 mins.

So what got him and myself from no where to the front page of Google?

Really great question….

Get to Front Page of  Google Fast

Well it’s all about the keywords and being relevant.  It’s all about the description and about the Headers… no one will tell you that… but it’s true. I would say that only about 5% of websites out there have any of those things on the website and I will prove it to you. Just watch the video and you will see as I randomly select websites..

Want to know more… want to know the big secret of how to get Traffic and How to get Google to find you…

then go here to my site Internet Marketing For Small Business and get the FREE DVD that will reveal all to you. It’s amazing.


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Your Website Could Be Costing You Thousands Of Lost Revenue

Learn Internet Marketing

Your Website Could Be Costing You Thousands Of Lost Revenue

Last Thursday I went to Tauranga, another city not too far from where I live and spoke to a great group of business people. It was fun, how ever I am not sure they thought it was so much fun :-) I decided to take a look at some of their websites….. Simon Ward organised it… fantastic

What a shame that so many web design companies out there have no idea and no concern about the customers needs when it comes to Google being able to find them On Line.

Here are some common mistakes by many of these experts out there:

1. there are no keywords at all in the site

2. there is no description

3. often the keywords are those of the Website Development company

4. the sites are pretty but take too long to load

5. too busy and too hard to navigate round

6. the important info is below the fold

7. too Black

8. to boring

9. no web 2.0 and totally badly written with no direction

10. no guarantees, all they do is sell and talk about stuff that does not matter

So here is the question…. “What is your website like?”

Maybe you just don’t know, nor do you care….. Why because no one is coming to you, no one can find you…

You are annoyed with the amount you have spent and the results you are getting… or should I say lack of results you are getting.

You are in most cases being ripped off by the Web development people… not all but a huge majority

There are things you need to know, they won’t tell you, but I will…. check out the testimonials below…. if you ant me to come and speak in your City, Town, then please contact me.

I have made it my mission to teach people what they don’t know.

What you don’t know about your Website will be costing you thousands of dollars every single minute……



A Testimonial: He thought his website was Fantastic until I showed him……




He went to a Seminar with Gail Bottomley as well….. It was a real eye opener…



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Internet Marketing Retreat – 5 Days – Bring Your LapShop

Internet Marketing Retreat – Learn Internet Marketing Strategies

I can hardly wait for this amazing Retreat.

5 Days on an Island with lots of like minded Internet Marketers, it will be all about learning and doing.

Yes you will need to bring your LapShop, other wise known as your Laptop and together we will be working hard to get as many business’s up and making money as we can in the 5 Days.

Take a look at the website and register there your interest and we will be in touch with you.

Internet marketing Retreat

Here’s some of the topics we’ll cover while at the retreat:
  • The shortcut to uncovering a Hot Niche that will save you hours of agony
  • Demystifying Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Programs such as ClickBank
  • Everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank on the first page of Google
  • How to generate a ton of free traffic to your website
  • How to set up Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns that are guaranteed to show fantastic results
  • How to Create a Webpage For Your Product or Affiliate Product
  • Creating Squeeze Pages that suck in leads
  • Split Testing methods that fast-track your sales
  • How to fire up autoresponders to Create an opt-in “List”
  • Expert tips on WordPress and Blogs to explode your income
  • Secrets to “spinning” hundreds of articles from one original
  • Simplifying Video Creation & creating custom Video Marketing campaigns
  • Tapping into the Social Media traffic treasure chest (FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious etc.)
  • Inside secrets to Profitable Outsourcing (Elance, RentACoder, Digital Point etc.)
  • How to Process Money Over the Internet using PayPal & ClickBank etc

You Ask We Answer.

There will be NO Selling at this Retreat…. I say it again No Selling to you… Just selling products to the world.

So What does Your Package Include

Your exclusive package includes:
  • Luxury 5 Day Retreat
  • 5 days LIVE ”Hands-On” Training In Internet Marketing
  • Return Ferry Transfers To & From The Island
  • Award-Winning Accommodation For 5 Nights In A Marine Deluxe Room Overlooking The Water (Marina or Lagoon)
  • Breakfast, Morning Tea, Buffet Lunch & Afternoon Tea (Dinner At Your Own Leisure)
  • Leisure Activities Such As: Swimming, Beach Sports, Rainforest Walks, Kayaking, Bike Riding
  • Special “Surprise” Activities For Both The Guys & Girls

Check it all out, it’s going to be an amazing time.

No more need to have excuses that you can’t get started because you don’t know where to start, we will show you.

If you want to :

  • Learn Internet Marketing

  • Start Internet Marketing

  • Learn Internet Marketing Strategies

Then this is the place for you to be.

Go check out the webiste Internet Marketing Retreat and sign on there to get mote information or just tell me your coming and we will sort it from there.

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Web Based Email Marketing Software

Web Based Email Marketing Software

I did a webinar recently with Bryan Wain regarding WordPress and how to Install and Aweber Optin List into your WordPress page. I never realised it was so easy.

I have always paid others to do it for me. Now I see its all too simple.

You will see the same once you have watched this video. After a few weeks of going through the Install prcess of WordPress and then last week we installed the Themes. IT became very obvious that I should learn to do all this myself so I could take control if I need to of my sites.How to

Install Word Press Plug-Ins

We did a webinar on that as well and so with a click of a button your on now you will be taken to my viddler page and there is a video that will help you with those installations. The Plug Ins are amazing and will add so much life to your WordPress site. I have many WordPress sites some are what we would call traditional blogs and some are standard Websites. There are just too many choices once you see the value of this great programme.

Install WordPress Themes

Here is another video we did on installing the Themes this is way to easy as well. So clicking here will take you to my Viddler page where you can watch that video, Installing a WordPress Theme.

Installing the Aweber form

I always thought this was too hard for me to do, but there you go Bryan did it again in his easy teaching way showed how it can be done so quickly and simply. So go and watch the video, take some notes and use what we teach you in this video to grow your business and grow your database.

Also Bryan is giving away a special gift for all who go and register for their aweber account.

We would love to hear your stories so please tell us how these video’s have helped you.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

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