Writing Riches With Minimal Effort

Writing Riches

The top quality websites and blogs out there depend on fresh, unique information as well as massive loads of content to pull in visitors and potential customers to their sites.

On the flipside, you’ve probably heard of spam or scam blogs…over even webpages filled with nothing at all but adsense ads. But thanks in part to the search engines and people becoming more aware, these rubbish sites could be a thing of the past.

The fact still stands: You will need a constant flow of fresh, unique postings on your blogs or webpages not only to be indexed by the search engine spiders, but people in your niche market can also refer to when the need arises. And every niche, regardless of its focus in making money or weight loss guides has to offer value in the form of content on their blogs or follow up emails…

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Find The Hidden Niche

Find The Hidden Niche

If your are still struggling to find a Niche so you can build an Internet Business then what I am about to show you today will open your mind to amazing possibilities.

The difficulty is finding a Niche that is a real Niche. Some people get really confused as they think that have the niche sorted when they come up with something like Acne, or Internet Marketing, Golf... etc … what about dog training..

None of these are really Niche’s. But underneath the say Acne umbrella is a niche, it could well be hidden…. so how does one find that hidden niche… it’s pretty hard unless you have the correct tools.

Easy Niche Finder

I  discovered this program sometime ago now and it has been very helpful helping me to find the hidden Niches, there may not even be that many people searching on what I have found, maybe around 1000 a month but thats ok. It is quick and easy to put up a website these days so I can have dozens of websites each getting a 1000 or more visitors a month and I am pretty happy. Multiply Streams of income….

Keyword Research

It’s all about Keyword Research you cannot afford to get it wrong. But most do, especially Business Websites. It is such a shame to see that thousands of dollars are spent on these huge websites and yet no one knows they are there because they people building the site either didn’t know, don’t know how, or for whatever other reason didn’t put a single keywords, or Header in the whole site.

Love you to watch this video off my YouTube Channel

This is the latest Version of  Easy Niche Finder ( Micro Niche Finder ) and it has some amazing new features.

The thing with most Keyword Research Tools is they are so hard to use. This one however is very simple. It tells you all on one screen and with colours if a particular keyword is a good one or not.

SOC = Strength Of Competition

OCI = Online Customer Intent

The rest is explained in the video.



I am loving the new feature of the Domain Name Availability as well, that is very cool, at a glance you can see if the Keyword is available as a .com .net or .org . Of course always better to go for a .com if available.

Steal My Niche

I want to help you find a Niche…. So come steal some of mine.

If you need help to Find a Niche I want to give you 15 Super Niches, that are ready for You Right now.

Fill in the form below and I will send you 15 Super Hot Niches Right Now.


I just can’t wait to share these Niches with you so put in your name and email and let me show you some great Niche’s just waiting for you.


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Search Engine Submission – AddMe

How to Get Listed In Google, Yahoo and MSN

How to Get Listed In Google, Yahoo and MSN

One of the many things one has to do when they start out with a website is make sure you get it listed into the search engines. As you can get traffic pretty quickly to your sites for Free if you do it right and quickly. Of course I have said it many times, ir’s very easy to get a website up and running much more difficult to get traffic to it.  So Google and the other popular search engines will be very helpful to you in getting good targeted Traffic to Your site. With that said getting listed in all those search engines is important and effective.

Sometimes this can take a very long time so one way round it is to do alot or on page SEO while you may have to wait for your website submissions to catch up with you.

So how does one get listed into Google and Yahoo and of course MSN or Bing?

So we are going to look at what the search engines look for when deciding your page rank which becomes important as well and that is mostly set in your SEO or the Optimising of your Web Page or your Blog posts.

To this day, the majority of my traffic comes from the major search engines it could come via Organic Traffic or Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic= is known as PPC, Pay Per Click, or Adwords.

The Organic Traffic = comes from everything else you do, like Videos, Articles, good SEO on your page, choosing great Keyword Phrases this is what I teach mostly.

There are certain things you need to do to your site to make sure that it has the SEO qualities in it at the start and that will help you get listed in Google and the other pretty quickly. Make sure you have the following:

  1. Keywords
  2. Description
  3. H1 and H2′s

Here is a quick video explaining that and how to do that.

When you click on your page with right mouse button it will bring up a menu and there listed will be the words:

….View Source Code

right up near the top of your page you should have listed those things explained in the video. So good idea go check out your site and see if that appears on your site, if you don’t have any of those listed you need to go and make it happen.

It will look like this:

They usually consist of a title, description, and keyword tag and they look something like this:


<title>Title of Your Site</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”Description of your site here.”>

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keywords separated by commas”>


If you do that you have made a great start.

Here are some other things you can do that dont take to long but will help.. some quickly others eventually :-)

When you have a new site get it listed in the next few places.

So how do you get listed in Google?

1) Get your site listed in The Open Directorywww.dmoz.org.

This can take a while as it is all manned by volunteers, however its worth a go. You have to make sure you have a decent site though or you won’t get listed.

2) The second way to get listed in Google is to use their own Add URL form located here http://www.google.com/addurl.html.  This method is not as dependable as listing with The Open Directory, but it can get you in.  Google admits that they may not add every site, so don’t be surprised if this does not work for you. The other way I use is also free and yes it also may take some time and that is to use a Free submission site called Addme

3) The third way to get listed is to be linked from another web site that is already in Google. That way, when Google’s spider goes to visit that site for updates, it will pick up the link to your site and add it.  This method does not always work, but many sites do get in this way. So go and look for some sites in your niche that are busy sites and maybe leave comments on the site if you can, also I have found using YouTube and also setting up a profile in Google to be very helpful, so you can try that as well.

Getting listed in Yahoo

Most websites get into Yahoo and Bing by getting spidered from other sites.  Meaning if you’re already linked from another site or web directory, Bing and Yahoo’s robots will eventually find you when they update their search index.

If you don’t want to wait to get spidered, you can submit directly to Live by going here http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx.

Do not keep re-submitting your site. Sometimes you just want to as you see no action, but not a good idea, just be patient or you will end up being banned, and that would not be good.

Yahoo’s direct submission site is https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit

Getting listed into Yahoo Directory

This is not the same as the regular Yahoo Search function, the Yahoo directory is also a place you can add your site, and its a very good idea to do that. Get it listed in there as soon as you start to setup your site. Although wait till you have some content on it first :-)

When you go to Yahoo.com and enter a search into the box, you are using their regular search engine, not the directory.  So it is possible to be included in Yahoo’s regular search index and not be included in their directory, so do keep that in mind and make sure you are everywhere.

The Yahoo directory is actually a categorical listing of sites located here http://dir.yahoo.com and it’s not used very much by web surfers. I have used it on occasions as it short lists things makes it quicker to find what your looking or.

These are just a few things you can do to get yourself out there and noticed. I run workshops on this topic and when I am in your area be a good idea to take the opportunity and come along.

Traffic is everything, well lets re-phrase that and say, targeted traffic is everything.

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Google Wonder Wheel a Very Cool Niche Tool

Easy Niche Finding Software

Google has released a new tool to help with our Niche finding. It’s very good software.

Here is a short video that will help you understand how to use it, not that it is at all hard.

I love the way it can beused to to find out the latest video’s in a particular Niche, the length and time when they were put up as well and it does not just look at YouTube, it goes to all the main players in the video world.

It also lets you see whats happening in the forums as well and any reviews at Amazon or any other places out there. It is extremly good program and am happy to use it for those purposes if nothing else.

Easy Niche Finder

I am very Attached to my Easy Niche Finder software and it will take abit to get me to move from it, however to use this software along side makes niche finding simple and quick and that is what we want and need :-)

So if you are looking for a great FREE tool then this will be the one for you, use along side Google’s other free tools like Google Niche Finder and also Find Hidden Niche then you are going to be way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

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