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One of the hardest things in Internet Marketing is finding Keywords as most do not understand what they are all about and how important it is to have them. The thing is it is very easy to put up a Website or Blog, but very hard to drive traffic to it, so if you dont do it all right it makes it almost impossible to get found out there and you will end up spending large sums of your hard earned cash doing Adword Campaign’s

Ever thought it would be cool to be able to spy on your competition in Your Particular Market. Also wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do it without it costing you heaps of money.

As you Start Your Internet Marketing or MLM Career it can be difficult as there seems to be more money going out than coming in… I can hear many of you saying AMEN to that. It’s true isnt it, you are told alsorts of ways to get traffic and most cost so much money, buy lists, do Newspaper adverts, the money drain just starts.

One of the hardest things to get right on the internet is getting your Niche sorted… thats about the biggest problem or challenge that most people face. I am very grateful to Google for making this tool available Google Niche Finder as its brilliant.
There is quite abit of info out there on using this program to serach for Keywords I want to show you how you can use it to see what your Competition’s Keywords are or even your Affiliate’s Products Keywords are, that will certainly help.

Now remember when using this tool you are looking for words that have high search, look at the numbers, but low advertiser competition, thats found as to how much green is in the graph.

Check out the video, and let me know what you think.


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Learn Internet Marketing with Gail Bottomley

Okay so here we are 2 weeks into the New Year of 2009.

What I want for you is that 2009 can be a better year for you.
It seems on the World front it could be a little tedious. So what are You Going To Do About?
We can all moan and put the blame here or there but at the end of the day we must take responsibility for our own lives. So it is pointless just to sit back and wait to see what happens, lets get proactive and make things happen, good things happen.
Starting with watching this video.
There is a saying that says, “For things to Change I have to Change”, If thats you and you have decided to look at the internet to Start Your Own Internet Business then I am here to help you.
You have to Learn Internet Marketing so you can Start Internet Marketing and so thats what I want to teach you how to do in the next few Video’s. These Videos will really help you, if you follow them and remain focused and do as I say. I really look forward to helping you. Watch this video, maybe take a note or two.
Sit back and watch this now….

So there you go: Clickbank its the place to start, or maybe you want to find a larger product well search on Google for say “Affiliate TV” something like that and see what comes up, however what could happen is you may end up doing nothing because you get lost in the search process trying to find that product.

Best Idea is to head to Clickbank so you can make a start.
Have fun and let me know if I can help you.
Email me: Gail.bottomley@gmail.com

One thing I do know for sure and thats how quickly time can go by. It really flys by I guess its because for me I am always looking forward to when that is done and this is done, or when we travel here or there, and because of that the time travels by so fast. I don’t want to get to the end of the year and ask myself “where did that go” I want an even better year than last year and that was an amazing year for me.

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Another 7 Tools To Success Video – Easy Money Making Ideas

Here we go again – see I have been very busy all these videos one after the other. Got to be good… lots of helpful info for you to get you started On-Line.


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Gail Bottomley looks at another tool in 7 Tools To Internet Success

I have another tools that you are going to want to try out. So watch the video and learn what it is, you need this tool to help you in your search to find a product, so listen up and have fun…. ohhhh dont forget to leave a comment I need them ok……

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