Add video to Blogger – Another Easy Money Making Idea

Learning Blogger: Blogger Makes this too Easy.

Here is another video in the Learning Blogger series. Video on your Blog will always increase the value of your blog thats for sure. Here is another very easy step to get video on your Blogger blog.

This is such a simple step and not only that if you dont want to you dont even need to have the video sitting in You Tube. You can upload right from your hard drive. So how easy is that.
Watch the video and leave a comment love to know how you are going with your blog.

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Blogging for Dummies – Easy Money Making Ideas

How would You like to Poll your Blogger Visitors

Blogger allows you to simply survey your visitors by adding a poll to your blog. Watch Bob create a poll for his blog and learn how you can add a poll to your own blog. When I found this out I was blown away. Its truely amazing and also so easy that any of you can do this…. yes you can…

Anyway here is the video to help you along the way. Of course this is another Easy Money Making Idea for you. Once you know what people want you can give it to them.

There will be many more Blogger videos going up here, its just an amzing programe, later I will be showing you how to turn this into a website, with a paypal button and also a Auto Responder attached. It’s going to be fun…

Easy Money Making Ideas with Blogger

Learning Blogger : How To Create A Blog Using Blogger.

I know it seems strange to talk about blogger in Word Press but some of you I know run to a budget and I like to be able to supply an answer for whom ever, so just run with it, you have have a Blogger Blog or a Word Press Blog. I am so used to Blogger I find it very easy to use and can knock out a Blogger Blog in about 10 mins all optimised and ready to go, so these videos are for those who are on a budget and like simple :-)  

I firmly believe in Blogging… it’s a fantastic way to get your own website or your company website up on line quickly and cheaply.

So over the next couple of days I am going to upload some video’s to show you how. These are not my video’s I see no point in reinventing the wheel.

So here goes, here is the very first video for you.

Remember this is the cheapest fastest way to get your business or Your own self
noticed on line. Go For it.
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