Beyond The Newbie Stage

Beyond The Newbie Stage

Many people like yourself have landed up on this page because you’re looking at the most fool-proof way to start your Internet business. Starting one isn’t as easy as you think after all the trials, difficulties and challenges you will face along the way and the heaps of competition you will discover online.

Want proof? Simply Google ‘make money online’ and you’ll discover how much competition you have – probably in the hundreds and thousands of them!

Worse still, some unethical marketers who want to make a fast buck out of you by selling all kinds of crappy and irrelevant information to you.

It’s misleading alright…no, it’s plain wrong to waste any newbie marketer’s time and effort like this!

Fact is, there will be ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ who will be more than happy to exploit clueless marketers who are quick to draw out their wallets to make a ‘life-changing purchase’.

Lets get something straight…there is no such thing as a life changing purchase!

Even the best money- making blueprint will not work for you unless you put it into practice, and in most cases, actually making the system manifest in real life is the hardest challenge you’ll face…

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7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar

7 Tools to Internet Success

Learn Internet Marketing

At last the Webinars have started up again… Last year we ran weekly Webinar’s call FIMWebinar FREE Internet Marketing Webinars and they were so popular, you can go to the FIMWebinarOnline site where I have put all the videos and there are over 30 hours of Video there that will show you heaps to get you up and running On-Line…

I could just leave it at that… however, as we know the internet is constantly changing and we need to be updating all the time as we find faster and better ways to do things .. so as a result I have started the Webinars for the Year called:

7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar and along with that is the 7 Tools To Internet Success live Seminars that will also start in Hamilton, New Zealand in February 2010. (Site not updated yet, if you are wanting to come contact me)

The 7 Tools System is made up of steps that need to be taken so that you get the right product, the correct keywords, the correct domain name, a well SEO’d website, and of course traffic… we all need that..

So what will we cover over the coming weeks.. Here is a Sneak Peak….

7 Tools To Internet Success Webinar

Traffic System  #1 Clickbank
We will head in here to find a product that the world is looking for, an amazing array of 10,000 products already set-up and waiting to be promoted.. I will show you how to get products that not only sell well but pay well.

Traffic System #2 Niche Keyword Research
Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth Free traffic and advanced SEO system. A good SEO’d site not only attracts free search engine traffic but also significantly decreases your cost of acquiring new traffic.

Traffic System #3 Keyword Rich Domain Names
Learn how to find those Keyword Rich Domain names that will help drive traffic your way

Traffic System #4 Video Marketing System
Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business. I will be shown a sneaky strategy that generates tons of targeted traffic to your sites without having your own video or working extra hard to submit your own video!

Traffic System #5 Setting Up A Website

I will show you how to setup a website that is fully ready for any search engine to get you listed very quickly and also listed on Google front page for your keywords. I will also show you how to dominate Web 2.0 platforms and channels right in front of your eyes!

Traffic System #6 Article Marketing

Discover the ins and outs of using Article Marketing to get massive traffic for your business, and learn how this method can send you traffic in less than 24 hours.
I will show you tools that will have you producing articles faster than you can drive to local café

Traffic System #7 Social Bookmarking Domination

Learn how to do back linking so you can compete in the search engine rankings with even top Fortune 500 companies with little to no advertising budget at all.
You do not need the budget of Fortune 500 companies. Just do as I show you and you will profit and have your own huge Internet Marketing Business.

And then as the weeks go by I am sure there will be more and more that I will need to add.

Am so looking forward to  these Webinars so come and join me it will be a wonderful journey, so much to learn and yet Step by Step you will get there…

2010 for me is all about Automation so let me take you by the hand and show you how you can do almost everything on Automatic so you have more time to do the things you want to do…

Register your interest below in form and I will make sure you get the email to be on the Webinar..


7 Tools to Internet Success

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Learn Internet Marketing in USA

Learn Internet Marketing with Gail

Well it was a whirl wind trip to the USA, and LA in particular to speak at the Dreams to Reality Summit. It was the funniest time, is that a word, I am not sure, meet some great people and had a great time presenting my

7 Tools To Success

90 minute presentation. It’s great to be able to share what I have learnt over the last few months and year that when put into place every business and Internet Marketer will see a huge increase in traffic and thats translates into sales.

Here’s what I talked about in the 90 minutes given to me:

  1. Video:

    the importance of video, to help you get your message across and also helps in your rankings on Google. The more you have the quicker you will rise through to Google’s front page. It’s also all about Keywords so they both go together. I love teaching about Video and how quickly you can get your Name, Company, or Product out there.

  2. Social Media / Social Bookmarking:

    This is so cool and quick. Digg, Twitter, Facebook all these will help you get your message out there quickly and easily and at the push of a button.

  3. Forums:

    Some people say that Forums are old hat, but here is what I know. I have answered many a question on Yahoo Answers and the question and the answer have ranked very high in Google and some of those questions are month and months old. It’s amazing so one has to use every opportunity. Try it, you only have to go there maybe once a week for 10 to 15 mins, find your niche there and answer the questions.

  4. Web Address’s or URL:

    So many have no idea how important the URL is. I have found it amazing in the Google rankings if I chose a name that is keyword rich. So I am all for finding the keywords to my particular Niche, then where possible using that keyword as the URL for the product. I always buy my URL’s from the A Domain Name 4 You site they seem to be very well priced there.

  5. Blogging:

    Wow Blogging what a hit Blogging has been over the years. This tool is so very important. It has been said by some that the Blog is the place where people can come to and meet you. Like if Twitter and Facebook are the party then your Blog is your place where people really find out who you are. It’s a great place to be you. It’s also important to have a Blog or two so you can use them for back-links to other sites or products that you have.

  6. Keyword Research:

    I know I have this down here at number 6 but it really should be up there at number 1. It is vital, so many leave this out, go find a product and are not one bit concerned in finding the right word or Words that will Niche your product. This is Number One thing to do.Easy Niche Finder is at the top of the list for Finding Niches. It is such and easy program to use, I will put a link here to the Video I have done about Easy Niche Finder. I would be buying it and have it as one of your essential tools to make your Internet Business really rock. If your are serious and want to Learn Internet Marketing then this program is your top tool.

  7. Podcasting / Articles:

    Both of these are really separate items but I only have 7 tools you see not 8 so they have to go together :-) But both these are so important. The backlinks I get from Articles and also my PodCasting is amazing. You have to do these are well, but it’s not that difficult. Here is all you need to do. Do a video, then transcribe the video that gives you your Article, then send your video to the approprite site and it will strip off your audio from the video, and there you have it, 3 products out of one. How brilliant is that.

So thats all what I taught in LA. It was fun and I was surprised at just how much I knew. It blew me away.

Start Internet Marketing:

If you are really serious about your Internet Marketing Business and you just cannot seem to get it off the ground then let me help you. Yes I do have mentoring program’s all different levels.

So email me, make a comment, ask a question whatever, just get going. Lets make it happen it really isn’t that difficult.

Email me @

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A fun video that someone did for me…  what fun

Learn Internet Marketing through Social Networking

Social Networking
I’m sure you’ve heard of it :-) . You might even be doing it.
I sure am, I am on Facebook, and Twitter and Linkedin and so the list goes on and on…
But the real question is, are you doing it right?
How much time are you spending in the day to update your Social Networking sites…

Social Networking can be a lot of things. It can be a waste of time or a huge marketing tool.
I love what you can do with Social Networking, it is very, very powerful. No matter what Social Networking site you use, use it well.

Let me give you 3 things not to do, and some tips on what you can do.

I want to help you in every part of your Internet Marketing life, so as you Start Internet Marketing, make this website the place to stop and learn all you can.

Also watch the video if your a visual person, those who like to read can read it.
I wonder if you have given much thought to what you put up onto the internet? Here’s a thought that might make you think twice about what you put up there.

As Facebook itself is a very powerful tools for each of us to use, no matter what we are doing, if its Business or pleasure what you put up there and indeed in any Social Networking site can impact your life later on in your life.

Think on this… what if you were going for a job interview and your future Employer went to Facebook and took a look through it, would you be proud or worried. Always good to keep that in mind. If your mother or your Grandmother was to discover your page, would they be excited or totally embarrased….

One thing I know is what goes up there stays forever, the good and the bad.

Recently I have had the misfortune of having all my YouTube accounts deleted not once but so far 7 times, everytime I put one up it gets deleted, so now when you click on the video’s it comes up and says ” this account has been deleted due to Violation of Code” there was no warning and I am still at a loss as to what I did..
It’s very dishearting when it happens time after time, every channel after that I was very careful to use me and only me and my stuff, but still they deleted me. No reason, just gone. So now that leaves me with a huge problem of 1000′s of video’s that make me look like a criminal. What to do… well keep going, and make sure there is as much positive stuff out there with my name on it… its just what happens, so here we go again with another channel. Will see how I go.
So all that to say, have you thought of what you put on line and the impact it could have on you and maybe even your Grandchildren in years to come. It’s scary. However if we know all that we can make sure we do things right, from the begining.
3 Top Tips today of what not to do in Social Marketing:

1. Not sharing enough personal details
It’s called Social Networking for a reason….

2. Sharing too many personal details
Change your age by one or two years… I said one or two ladies :-)

3. Selling too much
Your there to make friends first, sales will follow…. Social Networking is not get rich over night, its make friends over night…. hmmm they could be taken wrong :-)

Lots more detail on this 5 minute video. Check it out and learn from it all as I set you on your way to Learn Internet Marketing.
Now here is the video….


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