Screen Capture Software – 5 Ways to use it

Screen Capture Software

Lots of folks out there are not using screen capture software but it is so very handy to use.

Today I will give you 5 ways to use Screen Capture Software and how using it in various situations can stop you from going completely mad :-)

You will see me showing the different ways on the video and what would be really cool is if in the comments section you could add some more ways in which you have thought of using it and also some ways you are using it.

Jing – The Baby of Screen Capture Software

Lets get into it:

1. Send some plans to someone..

Maybe you have some plans that are to be sent either to you or from you. How easy would it be to actually go through the main points of the plans using the screen capture software. You could explain it better, as words on a page are just words on a page aren’t they. So if you are showing house plans, Landscape plans, Car painting plans, I mean it is endless they can all be shown online and using this amazing screen capture software. Am sure you will add many more ways to use this software as well.

2. Teacher – Maths – English

I believe that teaching can be made alot easier using this software, if you want to show someone one on one then using this is amazing idea. Imagine how easy it would be for your students if you could just do a quick video and show them. It has endless possibilities in the teaching field.

3. Out Sourcer

I use it constantly with outsourcers. As most don’t speak english very well this tool is invaluable. They can see and hear and understand better when showing. It’s an amazing tool. Try it, as it will save you hours of frustration and time wasting.

4. Power Point

This is another great idea, if you just want to do a presentation for someone, maybe it’s for your MLM business, or a great business idea you have and you are looking for a JV partner. Just prepare your slides and you are good to go.

5. Something’s Going Wrong

I also use the screen capture software when things are going wrong. Sometimes I can’t get the software to work, or I can’t work out this or that, I just show whoever what I am doing and then they can see. No more long boring emails trying to explain to people what you are doing and then they come back and ask dumb questions :-) and the problem goes on for days. Just get the Screen Capture software out, record, upload, then send the link off with an email and the head ache is now shared :-)

6. Business Meeting

Bonus idea here: What if you can’t make it to a business meeting, maybe the car broke down, the dog got ran over, there was a flood or whatever, if you could quickly put together a screen capture of what you wanted to present that would be awesome, then people got to see your presentation and hear you and you didn’t even need to turn up….

So there you go, 6 amazing ways to use Screen Capture software. Jing is amazing, it’s Free but remember you only have 5 minutes with Free version, you can upgrade to Pro version for a very small fee. It’s an amazing idea and I really do suggest you think about ways you can use this amazing software.

Camtasia: Amazing Screen Capture Software


As I said I love Jing for the quick easy video, but if you are wanting to do more than 5 minutes you could buy the Pro Version or you could go with the software I use. Camtasia: I use it for doing longer videos that I then then in turn put up into Youtube and also into Facebook. Infact this video I have done for you and all videos I do for Facebook or Youtube are done with Camtasia. It is very powerful. Use it to capture the webinars you don’t have time to go onto… maybe you have a dinner party right at the time of the webinar, no panic there, just record it using Camtasia. There are many uses for it as you can imagine. You can buy it here from my link, you will see it is at a discount price here rather than going direct to the company. I like to call Camtasia the grandaddy of the Screen Capture Software.


Here is the video for you, and I have to say it didn’t work out a good as I wanted as it didnt screen capture the second screen capture that well, but am sure you can work it all out.

If you need more help with your Internet Marketing then please go on over to Internet Business 4 Newbies, I have set that site up especially with you in mind.


Screen Capture Software the best thing since sliced bread :-) How do you use it, let me know in the comments below.

You can check out Camtasia Software right here. Camtasia Screen Capture Software


  1. Great advice here. I often have to send screen shots when I’m working. I’ve never tried Jing. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love Jing, what can I say and Camtasia for those longer jobs :-)

  3. Emily Dillingham says:

    An issue I seem to have is taking a screen shot of an entire webpage – not just the portion below the fold. Does this app help with that?

  4. Hmmmm I think it works best and takes a screen shot of whats showing but when you put it in video mode yes you can scroll up and down works fantastic… :-)

  5. Kim Rawks says:

    I had the same question as Emily. Thanks for the quick answer. I’ll try it in video mode.

  6. Hi-I have the Pro version of Jing and it still has the 5 minute limit. I found this post by doing a search for video recording software with more than 5 minutes capabilities.

    Just thought I’d share that info. Thanks.

  7. Hi Cathy,
    thankyou for sharing and also telling me how you found me. Oh really I thought if you had the bought version you could video longer, how odd. If you are interested in getting Camtasia for Free then I have a webinar this week all about it and how to Make videos in under 10 mins. Here is the link if interested. And thanks agin for comment etc :-)

  8. I need these programs, something easy to use that can help me build up video on my youtube channel. I tried windows movie maker but people dont want slideshows they want a video.

  9. That is true Don, whatever you can use we also use which is also excellant so you could try that out, they have music, pictures and alsorts of other great features and you can join for free. Thanks for commenting appreciate it

  10. Thanks, right now I am trying the light Jing but I will also check out their website.

  11. You will love Jing it is such a great program and as I say in the post it has lots of great uses… enjoy

  12. I just got Camtasia, do you know of any good how to use it websites that show you tips and tricks Gail?

  13. Hi Paula, well I did another blog post here so you may find some useful info here and also there is a link to click on to watch a webinar I also had with Mynders thanks for the question

  14. screencast says:

    thanks, that is the software that I am looking for, it is very nice to use

  15. thanks for sharing :-)

  16. does anyone know how to put music into Jing screen capture?

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