More WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

WordPress Plugins You Have to Have

Last week we looked at 5 WordPress Plugins that you have to have on your WordPress site, so this week I want to carry that theme on and look at another 5 that you will also need to use.

WordPress as a Website platform is quite amazing and if you do keyword research and also get the right product you will have a winner of a site. The biggest mistake I see people make is just putting in heaps of tags and or keywords and they are not that relevant to the article. So if you use the SEO correctly then you are on the road to having an unstoppable website.

The 5 WordPress Plugins we will look at this week are …

6. Frame Buster

This plugin will thwart any attempt to load your site in a frame. Optimal for getting images to rank on the search engines. This could be more for the geeky people among us, so if you still have no idea what it’s all about then leave it off or just go with it and add it onto your site. Go visit the site of this WordPress plugin and am sure you will learn more on how to use it.

7. Sexy Bookmarks

I love this plugin -  it makes me smile when I see it being used on people’s blogs. I have to say I only have it on a couple of blogs as it is only recently that I found it, but go download it and use it. I love the handwritten messages it does for you. Make sure thought that you get the correct one and that it’s  By Shareaholic.  This wordpress plugin allows your readers to submit your articles to numerous bookmarking sites on the Web. A must-have in the era of social media. Get your Sexy Bookmarks WordPress plugin today.

8. Google Sitemap Generator

If you want Google to index all the pages on your blog as quickly as possible, then you need this plugin. It allows you to achieve this with a clíck of your mouse. It is just so easy to use so it’s worth downloading it. If you are not sure what to click on and what to change then leave the defaults as they are. Create a sitemap for it will please our Friend Google.

More WordPress Plugins…

9. CommentLuv

This is another of my favourite plugins and I will show you in the video what exactly it does when you use it. CommentLuv WordPress Plugin allows your visitors to comment while adding a link to their own blog post. This will encourage them to comment and in combination with the Akismet plugin can get you genuine and informative comments on your blog. It’s very cool and it leaves a trace of where you have been and whose site you have commented on… take a look at it.

Last of the WordPress Plugins

10. WP Backlinks

This of all the WordPress Plugins is brilliant as it allows you to track the links going back to your blog. For SEO purposes, you want as many links back to your website as possible, but at the same time, you want them to come from reputable and legitimate sites. Also we want sites that have a good Google Page Rank, which is different from just being on the front page of google. The WP Backlinks plugin WordPress Plugins gives you the ability to control and verify this. So put this on your list of to help you with all your back linking. It is not actually called WP Backlinks it is infact just Backlinks so please get that one right.

I suggest you go ahead and use the 10 WordPress Plugins that I have written to you about over the last 2 weeks. They will help you rank well and will help you to start dominating the Web with your blog. Also you will need to keep in mind that it’s the quality and frequency of content that you add to your blog that will determine its success. My hope is that you have found these two articles about the top 10 wordpress plugins on the Web very useful. Of course there are so many more, but use these and begin to see a marked difference in your blog rankings.

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WordPress Plugins help make a WordPress Website rank and rock :-)

If you want even more amazing wordpress plugins then head on over to my other favourite site of 10 WordPress Plugins and check those ones out as well.


  1. Hi Gail

    More thanks for these useful tips on the right WP Plugins to use on our sites.
    Very Cool – as usual ;-)


  2. Caroline says:

    And some NEW fun ones I ‘ve not seen before …YAY !! This is great always something new and exciting – no chance of gettng bored or ahead of yourself!!!!

  3. Hi Gail

    These are (to me at least) new plugins that I know nothing about. But you recommend them, so I will get them.

    I find that when I use the plugins you recommend, that it all goes easier



  4. Thank you Gail for even more quality information. There are plugins there that I haven’t heard of and will be putting them on my websites.
    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of work and effort you put in to make our journey in the Internet Marketing world that much easier to understand. I certainly wouldn’t be this far without your help.
    Thanks again

  5. Hi Gail Such great info Thankyou…in bite-sized chunks too…it’s great to be on another learning curve.

  6. Arnette says:

    Hi Gail,
    Great info as usual. Many thanks.

  7. Hi Gail,
    Do you have a suggestion for a good guide to using WordPress? While the Help function is okay, it uses a lot of terms that need translation.

  8. Hi Judith, well not sure what kind of guide you are looking for do you want a manual or video, not sure what stage you are at so will recommend a couple of things first an amazing set of videos for only $7 that cover everything you need to know about wordpress or you can get my set of DVD’s going from go to woe you can check it out here and see if either will be able to help you :-)

  9. Hey Gail,
    I’ll CommentLuv with sexyBookmarks around the FrameBuster, as I scoot off to find some Backlinks with the help of the SiteMap.
    Cheers chief

  10. hahahahahaha, oh thats very funny well done you

  11. Hi Gail
    this is the first time I hear about commentluv I will give it a try, thanks for advice :)

  12. Well all I can say is Gail Speed is accelerating with WordPress Plugins! :-)

  13. Thanks for another awesome post Gail,
    None of these plugins are on my blog, I am going to have some fan installing them!
    Thanks for the FaceBookFanPage e-book and for the zip file , too :) !
    Great advice !

    Re – tweeted this post

  14. Thanks again Gail. That makes 10 out of 10 installed for a laid back Sunday! Cheers, Caroline

  15. Hi Gail
    Thanks for another great post. Its just amazing how much quality information you are giving away!! Just awesome and cant wait to use these on my sites :)

    Cheers Lisa

  16. Hi Gail
    Great information thanks – everything is becoming clearer

  17. Nice information . I like your website. A lot of good stuff. Keep the Good work

  18. Wow, when I read this I had 0 of these plugins, now i have 3 of them and thinking of 4! Thanks Gail!

  19. there you go Kim, always something more to learn isn’t there :-)
    Go easy on the plugins… dont put too many on but choose wisely :-)
    Have fun, thanks for the comment

  20. Got 4 out of 5 top 5 list Gail, all great and useful plugins. But where is the top 5 list I can’t seem to find it on your website?

  21. Hi Susie,
    good question I guess it changes so often that I have not got a real list. I do have a plugin though that has 16 of the plugins that are excellant to have on your site, you can find it here you might find that helpful


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