Make Money While You Sleep?

Hi Again,

Make Money While You Sleep is the name of the game again this weekend.
I have another Seminar running in Hamilton New Zealand, and if you have
not been to one of these seminars you need to get along…. really.

The information is massive.

You will need to come to one at some point thats for sure.
The Seminar is based on Brett McFalls book of the same name, and we look at his
7 seven proven system on how to make money On-Line and
also throw in a number of tips and tricks that I also use to help people to grow
their business as well.

Running seminars is one of my favourite things to do as it empowers people to
be able to make choices on how to get that extra income coming in without
having to go find another job.

It has been said often, “The Internet is The Cheapest Place to Fail”
so lets get to it and learn how to make the money.

Take a look at this:

You'll experience interactive learning LIVE!

You'll experience interactive learning LIVE!

Go out there into the Big Wide World and Make a difference… and Have Fun…

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