7 Tools Webinar – Learn To Automate

7 Tools Webinar – Learn To Automateinternet business 4 newbies

I held a webinar recently that showed folks how to automate their Internet Marketing Tasks.

There are so many amazing tools out there in the Internet World that can and will help you get things done quickly and more easily.

Nothing is totally automatic of course – you do have to do some work, but with these tools a lot less than you would normally do.

It does not matter if you are into Website Submission of all your sites, Bookmarking Submission, RSS Submission, automation tools are still available.


In the 7 tools webinar we discussed the following…

Article Marketing

Maybe you want to get articles out there by the thousands but you are not that good at writing or re-writing then there are amazing products out there for you to help with that as well. I have to say when I discovered this tool I was over the moon.

It can be a bit hard to get the start on the article so when I came across these 15000 Articles it helped me with giving at least launching an article. So what I do is check to see if there is an article there in the  15000 articles and if so, I can now take that, put it into the re-writer software, spin it and hey presto! there is another great article. The other part of the 2Marketing Tools is a submitter, and that then sends out your article to hundreds of directories for you. It’s fantastic…. so check that out on the webinar as well.

Automate Your Traffic

It can be very tedious sending your links out to the Social Bookmarking Sites and the Video Sites and so when I found this amazing product I was very happy. This allows you to send your links to whatever, it could be a link to your Website, an Article you have up in an article directory or a video you have in one of the Video places, whatever it is fantastic and will help you get your Maximum Exposure. This software offers you two options in purchase, I took the non monthly option and paid the $70 one off fee. I show you this product on this webinar as well. Worth a look at.

Automate Your Tweeting

One of the big things as we all know, unless you have been hiding under a rock is Twitter I love Twitter and it has been responsible for a whole lot of traffic and sales. But as I go around the world and train people I find that no one wants to tweet, they don’t have the time.. I thought the same so started on a journey to find some twitter software that could do alot of the work for me. I don’t really have time to do the Following and Unfollowing and all the tweets throughout the day… I have tried a few products both free and bought and finally decided on a product. The one I have chosen to use a recommend is brilliant and safe.

You have to be safe on Twitter as far as how many people you follow in a day etc or you can have your account shut down. So this program is fantastic and does the tweets for you, Follows the people, unfollows the people, send messages etc all on auto. Of course you do need to do some work in setting it up, but once done it is fantastic…

If you want to read more about the products then you could head on over to the webiste at 7 Tools Webinar and take a read there.

It was a great webinar so I suggest if you want to know more then watch it right here……

Even have all the times here for you so you can go through easily..

Automate as much as you can, however since I did this video things have changed abit as far as automating your Article content so, be careful how you handle this. I did an article all about the changes here on the Google Farmer update


And now here are the timings to help you find just what you want …

Introduction to Automation
Plug Ins
Twitter on Auto
Social Bookmarking
Article Rewriting
Wordpress Footer

at 5:40 mins Miracle Traffic Bot

at 14 mins Tube Mogul

at 18:40 mins Tweetadder

at 32:10 Article Rewriter & Article Submitter

at 42 mins Ten WordPress Pluginsvideo, article and Yahoo Answers

at 50 mins new WordPress Footer

at 58 mins Drive More Traffic Online - automate submissions – a monthly fee

If this does not play in your browser then please choose another browser, Firefox, IE or Chrome. You may have to download one if you don’t have it. They are free. Each computer is different, nothing I can do about it really. Sorry.

If you are needing more help then the Internet Business 4 Newbies Course will be just the step by step course that can help you get your internet business up and running. If you are lost in the Internet jungle and the 7 Tools Webinar just made you even more excited to get going, then please go on over to Internet Business 4Newbies and take a look

7 tools webinar and Internet Business 4 Newbies, what you need to get you started into Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.

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  1. Michael Ardley says:

    Hi Gail,
    I was at your Tauranga Seminar back in April.
    Timing was bad for me as we left just after for six months roaming around Aussie (in the warm). I do intend to get into things in the future so want to keep in touch.

  2. Colin Hayvice says:

    Wow! As usual Gail gives a huge amount of content.
    I think to stop overload from all this I will concentrate on one thing this month
    and watch that part of the video 2 or 3 times.
    This I think will make it easy for even me.

  3. BRIAN FRENCH says:

    Thanks Gail,
    Great info and easy to understand. It all helps so much!!

    Brian French

  4. Hi Gail – Really appreciate lots of Great Information. My helpful tip is that when I watch a webinar, I have a notepad or word screen which is made small enough that I can see the webinar screen, but also take notes at the same time.

  5. Hi Janice, what a great idea, thanks for sharing that… very clever

  6. Hi Gail – just the information i have been looking for! The bundle of tools i need for my website is all here- excellent! I also love your overall layout, it’s pleasant (colour green) and easy to scroll through with plenty of extra items to check out. I will certainly be using these tools myself. Thanks heaps for sharing and making it easy for newbies like myself. Could you pls let me know how I can add comments section like this below my site?

    Thanks again Gail, and enjoy the rest of your time in Perth.

  7. Gail,

    Great info and easy to follow as usual.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  8. John Harmer says:

    Hi Gail

    Since attending your Melbourne Warpies Weekend I have been working hard at building my websites. I have several of the tools you recommend and I add my own recommendation. The tools I have and use are just brilliant. They make things so easy and keep me current even when my real world business keeps me away from my Internet one.

    This webinar was great as a reminder and refresher for me. Many thanks.

    And cheers to Jeanette and G as well


    John Harmer

  9. It’s awesome designed for me to have a site, which is valuable designed for my know-how. thanks admin


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