Learn Internet Marketing at Hands On Workshop

Learn Internet Marketing

Another amazing weekend here in Hamilton New Zealand with 25 keen budding internet Marketers….

How many of you are struggling to get get your Internet Business up and running?

Where ever I go I am faced with people who have spent many dollars and time either buying Guru’s packages or trying to gleen nuggets out of different Internet Marketing seminar’s. It’s hard work….. getting started when you don’t know how or where to start.

My Max-Xposure workshops are an amazing place to start and learn the basic’s of getting a website up and learning the basics …. these are amazing workshops and maybe you need to check out when I am in your area so you can get to one…

Learn Internet Marketing the Easy Way

Some of the things we learnt this weekend…….

  1. Where to from here?
  2. Find awesome Keywords that convert to sales.
  3. What is hosting and how do I do it.
  4. Forwarding & Masking a Domain Name.
  5. Create Great Web Sites (Word Press).
  6. Word Press Continued.
  7. ClipArt for Your Site.
  8. Add a Picture in the Widget Bar Clickable…. and more and more


sneaky workshop

Sneaky Workshop

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