Internet Marketing Commandments

Internet Marketing Commandments

What are the Internet Marketing Commandments?

There are certain rules you need to abide by in Internet Marketing if you want to be successful.

If you do live by them, then you will find success. If you don’t then it will always be a struggle for you.

I have been running my Internet Marketing buisness for a few years now and I know how hard it can be.However the rules stay the same really… give people a great experience, give them the information they want, do bookmarking, backlinking etc in moderation…

There are so many changes, mostly with the big G… known as Google. :-)

But really if you give Google what it wants and play by their rules you should not have too many issues.

Right now there is all the talk about Googles Penguin update etc and how it changed the face of Google.


Well you can go away and cry about it or you can work within it. Google is like any other business you work in or with… they have rules and you must play by them… if you do you will be rewarded if you don’t you will get Sacked or in Googles case Slapped :-)

The video below I will share some of the things I have learned in my 4 years of being online. I know it’s an over view and if you need more help then please  contact me.

I want to help you earn online. It is very possible, in fact a few weeks ago I shared about the Best Affiliate Program, some of you took me up on the offer of sharing that with you and because of that you are earning an awesome income everyday.

I have so many ways of earning money and if you are still struggling then please contact me and let me show you some of the best and easiest ways to earn money online today. I believe in Multiple Streams Of Income, and so not just believe it but do it on a daily basis. So what I share in this video is one way, get online…

Check out the Internet Marketing Commandments Video Below


Here is the Infographic that the Video was based on. I am sure it was helpful. Please share away…



Infographics seem to lay everything out so well.

As mentioned in the video Internet Business 4 Newbies was setup to help you get up and running. It is step by step … and takes you through each step like I am looking over your shoulder helping you. I have had so many people go through that course and very excited to then have a business online and earning money, and that’s really what I want to happen for you.

My mission this year is to get at least 20 people earning an extra $50k in what’s left of the year. So buckle up and let me show you how it’s done. I cannot wait to show you, all you need is at least 2 minutes a day.

We have now dropped the price for Internet Business 4 Newbies to a rock bottom price of just $27.

…yes you read that correctly. It’s a course I was selling for $499 and now we have it for you for $27.

So if you want to get out there and learn some great Internet Marketing Strategies then here is a way to do it, and you won’t need to Mortgage your house to do the course.

Click on Button to be taken right to the page…. I know this course will be very helpful…


  1. Hey Gail,

    Cool stuff, I always enjoy seeing new stuff you find. Keep it up

  2. Hi Gail

    I cant buy your internet for newbies. It is always asking for social security number. I live in australia?

  3. Hi Matthew, thanks for the comment and glad you find the info helpful…

  4. Hi Eden , I have sent you an email to help resolve the issue
    Gail :-)

  5. I have noticed that those who follow the rules will always come out on top in the long run. Google’s Panda and Penguin are only penalising those who have been trying to scam the system

  6. That is so true Jeff, give google what they want I say :-)
    Thankyou for taking part

  7. I have followed all of these, but it seems to be a slow process. One niche focused on and all and 6 months into it only rough;y 1500 unique visitors so even following these commandments, is it a slow process at first? And whats the estimation for all your labor t start paying off?

  8. that is true Ryan, it does depend on a number of things, and of course the niche you are in, how much time you have spent sharing your posts etc… it takes time but gets there in the end :-)
    Thanks for your comment :-)

  9. I have hard part on #4, every article I read on SEO optimization seems to contradict another article. one will say “Google hates websites that do this” but then the next one you read says google loves websites that do what the last one told you it hates!!!!!!!! Drives me bananas!

  10. Hi Susie,
    here is my take on it… whatever way you decide to go just keep doing it that way. Especially if it works. Of course if it does not work no point carrying on doing it. But you are correct everyone has their own opinion and the reason is… it works for them :-)
    Hope that helps
    Thank you for taking part

  11. Of all your commandments, I think the most often overlooked one is knowing when to outsource. I’ve seen too many people start off their business with gusto and enthusiasm and then get stalled when they run into something they either can’t do themselves, or cannot find the ambition to do. Content writing is a big one, because not everyone can come up with good ideas to write about on a regular basis. But as you said, there are also lots of technical issues that can quickly exhaust a person’s ambition and patience.

    With so many microjob sites popping up, it’s easy to pass off some of these tasks without racking up huge expenses. What may seem like a challenge to you might be a simple project to someone else. It’s all about creating a plan that works for you. It’s such a shame when great business ideas never get the full exposure they need, because of an easily removed roadblock. Outsourcing is definitely the way to go.

  12. Michael says:

    As much as people are inclined to curse the google rules, they are actually a blessing to those of us trying to etch out an honest living. The thing I really appreciate about the new rules is that they make it easier to focus on targeting your potential customers instead of chasing the elusive search engine ranking.

    Before all the changes came about, it was either heavy hitters with deep pockets or scams and cheats that seemed to be holding that first page. Building a business and a website that is marketed for actual people and not ranking engines means we are seeing more value in websites, and less gibberish and junk in search results. I honestly believe the best way to improve your web page ranking is to build it so it appeals to visitors. After all, search engines aren’t buying your products.

  13. Hi Michael,
    I agree with you, it was time for a clean up. Both by Google and also peoples websites, there is just too much rubbish and I hate wasting time going to websites that have nothing to do with topic. So good cleanup everywhere.

    Thankyou for taking part

  14. Commandment 2 might be a bit of a problem for me. I have trouble focusing on just one or two ways of earning online. I get bored easily – I need variety (I’m a polymath). I swear I was a squirrel in a past life! Does it strictly have to be one or two ways? Is there some leeway on that?

  15. Melindah says:

    Regarding the 9th commandment, I’ve had to learn to be thick skinned online. I’ve met some really nice people, which is great! But I’ve found some can be quite horrible, projecting their unhappiness and dissatisfaction on others who are making a success of things online. I’ve experienced the negativity and I’ve watched others experience it too. What I’ve since learnt is to see it for what is: their problem, not mine. Their negativity is none of my business and I treat it as such.

  16. What I want to know, is when you do a google search 3 or 4 websites on the first search page are unrelated to the topic. How do these people get their sites rating so high and there page is ranked on an unrelated search. I don’t understand this, i struggle to stay on the 3rd or 4th page and an unrelated sites on the first page.

  17. 2 quick questions Gail. Whats is the program you mention in the video for content curation? Also where do outsource for example website problems if I am having seo or traffic troubles? Thanks.

  18. yes the shiney object syndrome is a problem most of us have… so many nice new shiney things that take away our interest. I know what you mean George :-)
    Thanks for comment

  19. Jim Rohn once said there are only 5 nasty people in the whole world…. they just move around alot :-) It is good to remember that, and we just move on. It is their problem.
    thanks for comment

  20. you know what, I dont even get Google searches at present. They have some searches where the top 2 or 3 websites have nothing on them. So who knows where they are going with that. Just provide good content, make sure you send it out to internet land and wait and see what happens :-)

  21. HI Maris…
    search on my site for content curation and it will bring up the post about it with links to where you can get the software. Its very good. I dont give my outsourcer details out, but if anyone has issues they can contact me direct :-)
    Thanks for taking part

  22. Richard says:

    You mentioned the importance of social media, but I’m not always sure how to use it effectively. Is just having the buttons on a site enough? I heard or read somewhere that search engines are now taking notice of the number of likes or tweets you get and than it can improve your ranking. You mentioned google plus, but do you know how facebook and twitter fit into the ranking schemes?

    I also read somewhere that having content or sites shared on social media sites is the best way to get qualified links. True?

  23. Hi Richard,
    you need to use it and get your visitors to use the buttons as well. Sometimes I offer rewards to people who re post, or comment or whatever. Its all about getting people to take part.
    Yes good idea to have links spread around the internet that is for sure. Share the love I say :-)
    Thank you for commenting

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