How To Schedule WordPress Posts


How To Schedule WordPress Posts

I love how wordpress just makes everything so easy, and as you will see by the video below scheduling a post is one of the easy tasks.

How To Schedule WordPress Posts is a question I have a few times lately. I guess with the holiday season almost upon us then people get really busy and find it hard to get the basics, like writing posts etc done. So here is this very short video I show you Step by Step how to do it.

It really is easy.

I usually do a few Content Curation Posts, another words using other peoples posts and that can really speed things up. If you are unsure as to what Content Curation is then I have done a post all about it and you can go to Content Curation read about it.

So if you are short on time, then use other peoples articles, give them credit remember, and then you can schedule them. How quick will that be?

Set them all up to come out onto both your Facebook Page or Profile as well and onto Twitter and then you can go off sit on the beach, or go skiing and have fun knowing that your posts are being taken care of.

Enjoy the video.

How To Schedule WordPress Posts

Enjoy and share the post. Would love to hear your comments as well… so share and care :-)



  1. How easy was that. Thank you Gail, making it easy and informative as usual.

  2. Hi Gail

    Just found your site. Really enjoyed reading your quality content.
    As a Newbie I appreciate the help.


  3. thanks gail once again good solid info that explains useful marketing tips in a way we can all understand

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