How to do Affiliate Marketing – Infographic

How to do Affiliate Marketing

How do I do Affiliate Marketing…People constantly ask the questions below:

  1. where do I start?
  2. how do I find a product?
  3. how do I get paid?
  4. do I have to have my own product?
  5. can I make money with affiliate marketing?
  6. do I need to keep stock? 
  7. do I sell ebooks, software or physical product?

So right below is a Infographic that will show you a step by step just through the How to do affiliate marketing maze. Of course there is more to it, like keywords and SEO so I have some info graphics for those as well. I will put the links below.

I hope this helps you through the Affiliate Maze about and will give you at least 7 step process.

How to do Affiliate Marketing questions answered

Now I know it all looks a bit simplistic but the thing is it is simplistic. You just need to follow steps and then it all comes together.

So in answer to questions above…

  1. where do I start?
  2. how do I find a product?
  3. how do I get paid?
  4. do I have to have my own product?
  5. can I make money with affiliate marketing?
  6. do I need to keep stock? 
  7. do I sell ebooks, software or physical product?

1. Where do you start? Find the niche, found out what you want to build your site around. There is a lot going on in the world today, people want answers to all sorts of things so go find out what people want to know, then provide the answer for them.

2. How do I find a product? In the How to do affiliate marketing infographic above there is a list of places you can go and find a product to promote so go there and see what you can find to sell.

3. How do I get paid? Well each place is a little different, some pay you into your account, some into Paypal and that’s the best way for me, some send a cheque. So read their fine print and find out what they do.

4. Do I have to have my own product? no you don’t just use someone else’s especially when starting out. Then down the track get your own product. Then instead of earning say 50% you earn 100% of the sales price.

5. Can I make money with Affiliate Marketing? Yes you can, you just have to do it right. It is a good idea to follow a system and I teach you a 7 Step System with the IMM Academy.

6. Do I need stock or a warehouse? No you don’t you use other peoples warehouses or you sell down loadable products. You can go and open an account at Clickbank and set yourself up to sell products from there.

7. Do I sell ebooks, software or physical product? you can sell whatever suits you. I would start off with Digital downloads it’s just easier when you are starting out.

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See you online. If you need to know more on How to do Affiliate Marketing please check out my site at the IMM Academy.

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  1. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing and your step by step guide is a great help for me to start on this. The success of affiliate marketing depends on the niche we chose and the marketing strategy that we implement.

  2. Hi Derek,
    thanks for commenting, glad you liked the infographic, it is easy to follow and a great guide to go through. Your comments are so true, the niche and then how we do the marketing so important.
    Have great day

  3. Right now I use adsense in my sidebar easy to use and setup with a plugin. One small Problem in 8 months I have got 13 clicks, so noone clicks it. Do these get more interest, assuming you use a related product? Also is it smaller than an adsense bar?

  4. Hi Frances, thats a great question. I am pretty sure that Google will make your adsense apply to whatever your topic is about that you have written on. They are very clever at knowing what the article is about and then finding the correct adds to go with it. Sometimes you just don’t get too many clicks thats for sure. You just have to do some split testing and find out what works best on your site. So trial a few different adsense looks and see what works.
    Thanks for taking part

  5. Which program would you recommend as easy to start using for an affiliate beginner?

  6. Maybe clickbank as it is so easy, I know that lots go there but worth a go to start with I believe.
    Thanks for the question, it was a good one :-)

  7. Small question, What is the line on ad overkill? I mean whats the point there are tio many and people will ignore the adds?

  8. well Google does not like you putting too many adds on your site and will penalise you if you have too many. So yes there is a line you should not cross. I think a couple of adds in the widget bar is great, and I hate too many in the body of the article. So for me less is more :-)
    Thanks for the question Mark

  9. Can’t seem to get an adsense carousal in my wordpress sidebar, I did get it but not entirely sure that its linking to my Amazon account. How do i check this to make sure its set up right?

  10. Hi Josh,
    well adsense and Amazon are different, so the adsense carosal you cant check you just have to hope you did it right, as you cant click on your own adsense adverts or you will get banned, get a friend to click on the advert once from there place, easy for Amazon just click and see if you go to your affiliate link. Hope that helps

  11. always affiliate marketing is a good idea to make money

  12. Your step by step guide is a great, thanks for sharing

  13. your welcome, thanks for commenting

  14. Great post Gail! I;m more or less doing the same thing discussed in the steps above. Good to know Im doing something right :)

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    includes valuable Information.


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