Has Your Cheese Moved Lately

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately?

Many peoples lives are changing and their cheese is being moved. What do I mean about the cheese moving watch the short video and or the long video they are worth watching.

This is so sad
As I write this post  something so sad has happened that it really is hard to keep back the tears…I heard of my neighbour who just took his own life today… and I wonder what drives a man do to such a terrible thing, what was it that finally made him take that action… from talking there were many things too sad to even go into.. but things had changed for him so much he didn’t feel the need to live anymore. His cheese had moved so far from where he believed it should be that there was no point living.
He was a fine man, a good man, and while alive changed many lives,  I don’t know what finally tipped him, but for someone to end their lives like that there must be a terrible sense of hopelessness, whatever the reason it is sad and a waste for the world. I do know this, that his job that he loved had been taken from him, and he could not find one that fulfilled him and made him happy… of course there were other things I am sure.
I honor that man today and his good works and the memory of him.

I do not want to belittle what I have just spoken of or for you to think of me as insensitive as I am not but once again it reminds me we all need to have a plan.

When things change what will you do?….

  • if you lose your job what will you do?
  • If you cannot pay the bills what will you do? 
  • If you lose the love of your life, what will you do?
  • If you are not financially secure what will you do?

For if we do not take care of these things in our lives we can begin to feel a sense of hopelessness and from experience that is not a good feeling.

I am sure we can all tell stories of how things have changed for us, how our cheese has moved…
I want to talk with you now on just one thing, and this will certainly help in at least one facet of your life and that’s making sure you at least have some money so you can pay the bills and have some left over as well. I believe that money isn’t everything, but its right up there with oxygen, try living without it.

Please watch the video below its just a short version of the video below again.

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately?


A few months back I held a webinar called “7 ways to make money without winning the lottery” where I showed 7 amazing ways to make money.
I believe now is the best time to make money online, but you need to choose wisely what you do. There are so many choices, so many ways.

You see things have changed, and doing things the way we did them 12 months ago probably will not work in today’s marketing world. What I noticed about 9 months ago was how difficult it  got selling affiliate products from say Clickbank.
So my cheese moved, and so did many others cheeses move,  mine moved alot after the Panda updates etc, my sites lost rankings etc, so I had to think outside the box and find another way to keep the income to at least where I had had it… In my research I found something amazing.. I found a New Affiliate Marketing Model that has blown me away.

I believe in multiple streams of income, and right now have 9 different streams.  My cheese moved and I could do as Hem did ( in the video)  and stayed Hemmed in by my comfort and denial or I could find another and better stream to add to what I was already doing. Which is what I did.

I called this post “Has Your Cheese Moved Lately” as I am very aware of what’s going on out there in the world as people get laid off everywhere round our country and world. So peoples cheese is moving… has your cheese moved? what is your cheese? Your job, your financial position, your relationships.?

 We live in a world of change, we all know that, like that’s not new Gail :-)

What I am finding is there are so many people out there trying to work the old way in a new world..
remember those days when ….. you could start a job and stay there all your life and the company was so happy to have you work for them that when you retired you were given a lovely gold watch.. well I have not heard of that happening of late, have you? :-) Things are tough, finding a job is tough, being able to afford everyday items is tough and I know you know as well as I do it wont get easier


I Want To Work With You

I am sure we all realise that the unexpected can happen and when it does we need a plan. I have a plan for you, it’s a great plan and you really need to contact me so I can show you. Don’t go round like Hem, be like Haw and make the change you want to see in your life and family. I am not going to charge you anything to help you I just want to work with you and show you there is a better way to add extra income.

If you can pay your bills and have left over to do the things you might dream of it take a weight off a persons shoulders.. I know that because that’s what it does for me and many others who I have taught these make money principles to.

Here is the full version of  Who Moved My Cheese….

There are many ways to make money online, some are so easy that if I showed you, you may not believe me.

Rather than you wake up one morning and say:

“what, no cheese, who moved my cheese, it’s not fair… what will happen if the cheese is not there tomorrow? All my plans are based on the cheese being here….”

you won’t be concerned when the cheese moves because you have made plans.

If you are not making money online and you want to, if you want to add more income to your month then you need to contact me, remember I want to work with you, not sell to you.

I travel to Australia tomorrow and will be in Brisbane and around that area plus Melbourne, if you want to meet with me and ask me questions or want me to show you what I am now doing then contact me. I want to work with you.

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately






  1. Hi Gail,
    I love your post. I was on Skype with you when you got that shocking message about your neighbour. Some people cannot cope any longer with what is going on in this world. It is just too hard to get ahead for so many people. Thank you so much for such an inspirational post. I have learned from you to have other plans and I am so lucky to have them. Thank you for showing me how how to put them in place. I would encourage anyone who reads your post to contact you and start making money online today.
    Thank you

  2. thankyou Urszula for your comment, so glad you are setup and taken care of at least the money side of your life as thats a huge battle right there… and have always enjoyed sharing with you :-)
    Gail… thank you for comment

  3. Hi Gail, thank you for posting about this sensitive issue. It’s such a terrible tragedy when one takes their own life for any reason. When it comes to money, you’re right it’s not everything but it is like oxygen – try living without it. You’re a fabulous mentor to me and I have enjoyed learning so much from you. The information you are able to share is invaluable and will set anyone prepared to give anything a go in the right direction. For anyone who is interested in making money online, Gail is the one who can help you, she has me and for that I am so thankful!


  4. I enjoyed the video and thank you for the time you put in for that inspiring message.

  5. Hi Gail, so sad about your neighbor.
    It’s great you will be in Melbourne, are you having a time and place for people to meet up with you? Would love to find out more about the clickbank alternative :)
    I was on one of your workshops here a few years back and you one the people in this industry with integrity and honesty.

  6. Hi Kylie,
    thankyou so much for your kind words.. I do care about people deeply and this was a timely reminder that where there are things we can change and do something about we should do it. From a financial point of view we can do something about that.
    Thanks Kylie

  7. HI Cindy,
    thank you for your comment. It is a great video
    Gail :-)

  8. Hi Mish,
    please email me direct off the email I sent out and I can give details of where I will be in Melbourne and when and where we can meet up.
    Thankyou for your kind comment
    Gail :-)

  9. Hi Gail
    Thanks for this post. I experienced loss of a family member in this way a long time ago so it touched me deeply. I’m sure many people feel despair when their hopes and dreams are shattered.
    I loved the cheese story and it is a good reminder to us all.
    You are an inspiration.

  10. Something is very special about You. Tank’s for everything. My respect. Dana

  11. THankyou Dana, I am grateful for what I have and want to share

  12. Hi Great,
    thankyou for your comment, it is a sad thing when a person feels that hopeless, too many are feeling this way

  13. Thanks for this. Gail Who Moved My Cheese has always been a favourite of mine.

    How long will you be in Brisbane and are you doing any training here? I’d like to know more about where the cheese is now and am interested in training in another specific field for myself and a friend.

    The Brisbane weather is much better today, perhaps you brought it with you!
    Cheers, Trish

  14. Thanks for the email. Been a couple of years since I went on one of your courses. My congratulations that you are still going and still talking to people about IM.
    Personally after spending huge time and effort I have given up on it.
    After Penguin and Panda and the increasing competition for niches it seems most websites are built on google sand. A change in current can ruin your traffic flow and kill your business. And they do this globally!
    Your membership model is great but you are selling IM products and just introducing yet another wave of hopeful newbiess into a world that can easily collapse.
    Successful businesses are built on solid foundations of a captive market or unique product, competition challenges them almost daily but they survive because they own a unique piece of turf. How many affiliate websites have you seen dissolve into the vortex of IM? I suspect thousands have come and gone. I know lots of people who have tried. Only one or 2 have succeeded online. Because the cheese is constantly in motion. And the cost of searching for your supper in a new place every month can be exhausting! And not cost effective!
    Again, congratulations on making it work. It seems the most successful niche out there is IM. Because everybody spends such a long time chasing rainbows. The cheese feed is not enough to sustain the punters who inevitably disappear only to be replaced by more wide eyed newbies, innocent lambs! Victims to the hype and hyperbole.
    I know you enjoy a good discussion, I have had a few with you, as have a couple of friends.
    Full marks to you. You are one of the few who will front up and discuss the issues.
    There are a bunch of us out here who would like to work with you too!
    But please no more castles on sand.
    When you can provide a doable formula and the consultancy/coaching to help us build a sustainable business without risking the farm or spending the budget of the US Space program (Even Facebook has millions invested with no measurable return or business plan) I would be interested to talk.
    If only someone like you could provide a system with solid plateaus to build on. i.e. do this to this level and get this income. Consolidate the cashflow and build to the next level. Consolidate and build to the next level etc. All the time compounding the profitability and growing the bank. Without mr google and his/her fellow cohorts slashing the foundations from under you. You would have a temple full of disciples and be the Guru of our time.
    Dont get me wrong, I am very impressed with how you run your business.
    But along with a lot of others out there as IM trainersI feel you do not as a group empower us to succeed. Just exhaust us with IM speak until we walk away with empty pockets, spinning heads and shattered dreams.
    I would love it you could prove me wrong.
    Enjoy your day, I wish you well with your endeavours.

    PS: Excuse my rant, I feel better, but you may want to delete it!

  15. Hi Gail
    Thank you so much for yet another great post. I am so grateful for meeting you & having faith in your judgement & taking the leap into the unknown. I liked your geneine & sincere approach . Certainly no hard sell with you. Seeing the results I am for what I am doing with the amazing program is just awesome – unbelievable even.

  16. Hi Trish,
    we will catchup today it looks like.

  17. Hi June, oh yes my skeptic lol and here you are now earning money everyday like a real internet pro. So proud of you. Results everyday its awesome. Maybe you should speak to Edward… check the comments :-)

  18. Hi Edward,
    thankyou for your comments and compliments. Business online and offline canbe difficult and in both places we have success’s and failures. There are so many oppourtunites out there to make money I am amzed at what can be done. As in anything one has to take action to make things happen. Just that some take more action than others. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t I will leave it there. Everyone has a choice as to what they do or don’t do in life. I choose to make a difference in my life and in others who want to know about how they can as well.
    I wish you well in whatever you choose to do :-)

  19. My Cheese store got moved many months ago. While it was devastating, I kept reminding myself its not the act itself that hurts the most, it’s how we react to the event. Rebuilding my cheese holdings has been slow. I am though determined to build securely, albeit slowly. There are better times ahead, true not as many, but there all the same.
    Yes I would like to work with you. Am I already? My book still doing a steady 5 copies each week. Even after 4 years. Maybe it’s time to write another.

  20. I find it so incredibly sad when some people choose to take their own lives. I’m a survivor of depression. I understand where it can take you. There are people who seem functional on the outside and touch people they meet positively – but on the inside they’re dying and no-one knows.

    My heart goes out to your neighbour and his family. They may never understand why he did it, but I hope they forgive him and wherever he is I hope he forgives himself too. Above all, I hope he’s at peace.

  21. Felicia says:

    My cheese has moved many a time! In fact, it hasn’t stopped moving this year. But it’s made me a stronger person for it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do tend to have a good old moan about things from time to time (especially when I haven’t had any chocolate!), but cheese-moving’s made me a better version of me. I doubt I’d have learnt half as much as I have if everything was smooth sailing.

  22. Hi Margaret, cheese just keeps moving :-) Yes you have made a good step forward with what you are working on now. Well done, and also your book selling thats pretty awesome as well :-)

  23. thankyou Wanda, yes its a sad thing thats for sure and am sure he will be at peace now.

  24. its true if we lived a life of ease we would be pretty boring people living in a boring world :-)
    Glad you have learnt lots and just hang in there moving with the cheese :-)

  25. Malcolm says:

    Hi Gail,
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour.
    I am tottally confused with all the offers from these so called guru’s offering the world & clogging my inbox daily.
    I understand to a degree where Edward is coming from & appreciate some of his views as I too would be interested in a formula along with consultation & coaching to help build a sustainable business.

  26. Felicia says:

    Yep. I agree, Gail. And the world is far from boring. I think life is a mix of ups and downs and if it was all about the ups, what would be the point of me being in this world? I would obviously like plenty more ups than downs (which is how I feel it should be), but the downs make me appreciate the ups a lot more and I learn more about myself.

    (p.s.: I had some cheese today. Actual cheese. Brie. It was heaven.)

  27. My cheese has moved so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve learned how to go with the flow so to speak. Imagine being 48, wife pregnant with second child, and just lost your job. That was me last year. I ended up with a job making less than half of what I was, but found some ways to make up the difference. Still it’s been a tough year. I’ve felt like giving up before, but I never do. Never quit.

  28. Money is definitely not everything, but it’s extremely important. Actually, I feel our relationship with money is just as important as money itself. And that’s where my problem lies. My relationship with it sucks. Sometimes, I don’t even have enough money to feed myself, let alone pay the bills. It’s a recurring thing with me. My cheese doesn’t get moved. I keep on moving it myself. :-(

  29. That quote Haw wrote “when you change what you believe, you change what you do” reminds me of something the motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, said – something along the lines of change taking an instant – that we have the power to do that. Something like that. But I remember it staying with me. Change can be easy or hard depending on what we tell ourselves. Change is change. How we weigh it up in our minds is totally up to us.

  30. You have NINE different income streams? Now that’s impressive. How do you keep up with them all?

    A lot of people’s cheeses have been moved the past couple of years, including mine. However, I welcome the experience it’s afforded me. I’ve had to be resourceful, think about all the things I feel I’m good at and explore as much of those as possible in order to support myself financially. Like Haw, I jogged into the unknown because I knew that staying put would do me more harm than good.

  31. I’m more like Hem than Haw. I usually ask who moved my cheese and stay transfixed with that question and situation, rather than adapt and do something about it. To tell the truth, I’m a creature of habit – I’m terrified of change and I usually do my best to keep things as they are, even if those things are hurting me.

    What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? A lot more than I’m doing now. A lot more than I’ve always done.

    I’m curious about your video about seven ways to make money. Will make myself a cup and have a watch.

    Take care…

  32. Hi Malcolm, thank you for your comment. I guess the first thing I would say is why dont you unsubscribe from these so called “Guru’s”. I do have a formula that works over and over again. That has nothing to do with coaching. It is totally sustainable.

  33. Very true, it is all up and down other wise it would be boring. I have heard it said “it does not matter how many times you get knocked down its how many times you get up” Very true.
    All the best and thankyou for taking part

  34. Good for you Adam. Money is so important :-)

  35. Very true Una, whatever happens to us really is up to us. Change is going to happen.. we have to deal with it.
    Have fun and thankyou for comments

  36. I would love to know what the clickbank alternative is, can you please tell us?


  37. you could use http://www.paydotcom.com and there are others as well ohhh try http://www.cj.com

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