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Hi Everyone,

I will list here the past webinars so you know where to find them easily. As the list grows longer every week I will do my best to remember to add them into here as well.

I loved presenting these webinars… check them out now..

7 Ways To Make Money Without Winning The Lottery

I loved presenting this webinar as everything I showed we are doing right now, and in everything we are earning money. Some weeks somethings give us huge earnings other weeks it moves around. But it is exciting. Check out the webinar now and learn how you can make this your best year ever… really…

People on the webinar loved it and many said they would need to see it again as there was so much content.

So worth a look thats for sure:

7 Ways to make money without winning the lottery



WP Cash Creator:

This webinar I was the guest on James Jones Webinar. I showed here the steps to Creating an Online business.

The offer was amazing and went down a treat. If you want to check it out then go here to the James Jones WP Cash Creator Webinar.

The comments after this webinar were amazing….

best ever webinar I have been on…

so much information, thankyou…..

wow this makes it look so easy….

I love the 7 day plan that is awesome thankyou…..

Worth going to check it out. WP Cash Creator Webinar



Instant Video Mastery:

I believe this webinar was very timely as so many struggle with video, how to do it and what to do with it. Mynders showed us his step by step plan and also offered a Blue Print that you can all have access to so head on over to the site and download the Video BluePrint and follow that through step by step. Mynders had a content full webinar, gave us the low down on which cameras are best, micrphones and also spoke about where to host your videos. All excellant and lots to take away from the call. So you can watch the replay on that webinar if you go to this link Instant Video Mastery.

Video is so important over half my traffic comes from some sort of video, either, youtube or one of the other hosting companies. Don’t forget when you have video you don’t just have one product you have at least 3, after I do a video, I get it transcrobed then I also rip the audio off it and have just the sound. So now I have a Video, a book and also an audio not bad for such a short burst of time in making the video.

Lots to learn off Mynders, I love his training and the fact that he throws in the latest version of Camtasia in there as well is a huge incentive.

So head on over here to the Instant Video Mastery Webinar Replay.

The comments for the webinar…

wow great information…

seems to cheap to have software as well as training…excellant thankyou for making it affordable

am heading over now to buy it thankyou