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Free Pictures Online


“Where do I get FREE Pictures Online Gail”

That’s the question I get asked all day everyday. It’s important to have pictures on your Posts or your Website, Power Point and videos that are good, not blurry but most important than that, Pictures that are not got a Copyright on them. How annoying to complete an amazing video. put it up in YouTube then have someone see it and then flag you and your channel gets deleted.. Is that far fetched nope :-( I know this happened to one of my students and it was terrifying for them as not only did the channel disappear they also got an email from the company who owned this picture namely “National Geographic”.

How did they know ? you might ask, good question, they knew because their picture had a tracking on it, so they knew it had been downloaded and then somehow they tracked it through to the video and the YouTube channel, does my head in even thinking how that was all possible but it was and it did happen. So good idea to do things once and do it right.

There are many places online to get Free pictures online, however they can vary, some will say that you can use on a blog but not in video, others will say the other way round. It’s up to you really to read the fine print and I suggest you do.

Free Pictures Online Short List

I am sure many of you will add in heaps more in fact you can write in the comments section where you get your Pictures from. I will list the places I mention in the video

1. Morgue File

2. SXC

3. Microsoft

4. Google Advanced


This is just a small list, but you can spend hours going from one free place to another so I am sure you will find what you are looking for in any of these places.

If you are looking for say buttons, ebook covers, Headers and Footers then I also have a great graphics package that will help you out there. It really is excellent and I suggest you do go and take a look at it.  It’s often harder to find those kinds of things for Free so am offering you the package at a great price, you can check it out here at Create Great Graphics. ( you will need to log into Facebook)


There are some other great tips I would like to tell you about to, one is I take a picture into power point you can take it wherever you want, just easy for me to use that, and when I add a graphic in there, I double click on it, it brings up a selection of frames along the top bar, there you can select which ever one you want so it gets a new look and then you save it as a jpeg and then you can use that, looks better than just a plan image, like the one beside here, I just prettied it up, well actually it was standing up I just made it lie down. Which is a great idea.

It’s a good idea to have pictures in your post and with so many Free Pictures Online you can do it with ease.

Check out the video below and I just go through some places where you can get the pictures from and a couple of warnings and things you need to be very careful of. The video is almost 5 mins long, but you can skip through what you don’t need to know. :-) I give you permission, well that’s if you need it.


 Free Pictures Online Video


If you are looking for an amazing graphics program that will help you with your Fanpage graphics then I have written a post about my Easy FB Graphics software which is amazing. Some have already got hold of it and can’t stop singing about how amazing it is. So there you go I have shown you where you can get Free Graphics Online, plus where to get other graphics packages that will help you create amazing Blog Posts, Fanpages, Power Points and Videos and everything in between.

If you got something out of this blog post like found it helpful or interesting how about you leave a comment and also share it out there by way of a FB like, or tweet it or comment just whatever. And don’t forget to tell us about your favourite place to get Free Pictures Online.


Comment below in the Facebook comments section and those with the mosts likes and shares will win a copy of this software..

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  1. Thanks Gail. Very nice video with handy new tips.

  2. Great info as always Gail – ann

  3. Hi Sally, glad you found some handy tips :-)

  4. Hi Anne, good to hear from you.. enjoy the week.

  5. Hi and thank you for the list!
    I can also add, a growing Public Domain picture collection, free of copyright and licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication. All items are free to download for personal and commercial use, without restriction and are available in high definition. New photos are added on a daily basis.

  6. Hi Picdrome thankyou for the link, and the comment. Appreciate it

  7. Hi Gail

    Great info as usual. Thanks for putting it up

    SXC.HU has been taken over. By iStock Photo, I think. So we need to be very careful to make sure that we only go to the freebie images sections. I’ve been there and it is all too easy to stray onto the pay for sections .

  8. Hi Gail, Thanks you for great info, I’ll check these

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