Facebook Business or Pleasure?

Gail Bottomley Step by StepFacebook Business or Pleasure?

One of the biggest objections I get with people not using their Facebook for business is that they don’t want the people they work with  to see what they have been up to in the weekend :-)

Or they don’t want their family to see they are embarking on a new career in Internet Marketing.

So they are not keen to take part in Facebook on their profile and write stuff and every now and again add an affiliate link or link to their website and then wait for all their friends to make smart or rude comments to them.

It has never been an issue to me, as if my family or friends are not interested in what I do then to bad, unfriend me ….

Anyway there is a way round it all and I have a video to help you on your way.

The thing is that we all have lives, and they include the following:

  1. Family things
  2. Work
  3. Business
  4. Food
  5. Holidays
  6. Coffee
  7. Coffee ( did I already say coffee )

and lots of other things that crowd into our lives, that’s the way it is, so why should our Facebook be any different to that.

Facebook For Pleasure

What is Facebook for pleasure? Great question, that’s when we include everything on our profile that has to do with our everyday lives.

Here is a great way to look at it. Your Facebook Profile is all about you and the things that interest YOU. So lets say, your Facebook profile is all about Conversation. It includes images, videos and stories about what you have been up to, your kids news, grand children, holidays, latest cafe you visited, well anything really. It’s catchup time as you would if you meet your friend at a Cafe and chatted over a cup of coffee, or whatever you drink. In most cases I find Facebook to be an amazing positive place to hang out. So if feeling a little down then go read some peoples comments or Status updates.

Facebook For  Business

What is Facebook for Business? Another great question… glad you asked. Well many of us do business On Line and so we can use Facebook for that as well. Now I would say be very careful about using your profile to spam people your latest Affiliate links, that will make them un-friend you pretty smart. Best idea is to setup a Fanpage or Business Page as they are known then you can go and put the links up there and chat business in there, that way you keep your friends happy.

I do add business links into my personal profile, not often as to spam, but every now and then I add one, and also every post from this blog also makes its way into my profile status. But as stated my personal page is for conversation and my Business Page is for Content.

If you keep that in mind you will do very well on line and in Facebook and you will make all your friends happy by being respectful.

So here is the Mantra….

Facebook Profile = Conversation

Facebook Business/Fanpage = Content.

Now go forth and have some fun. Watch the video and then comment let me know your thoughts.

The video will show you 3 things:

  • How to Switch Profiles, this will make you smile
  • How to get rid of all those annoying events you are never going to attend
  • How not to get your Business/Fanpage Deleted or Banned

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Don’t forget when using Facebook to use the Questions/Survey tool to find out what your market are interested in, I wrote a Blog Post all about the Facebook Questions tool.

Facebook is an amazing tool that you should be using for business.


  1. Find that really helpful.

  2. Yes very good, I hadn’t thought about out how to un-invite myself. Many thanks Gail, also enjoying and valuing those rules you have been sending. It is convenient too read those short sharp messages, means I dont put them into the ‘Later’ box. Cheers Wendy

  3. Hi Gail
    Once again you have not disappointed me with your wisdom. Thanks very much for another great lesson. Looking forward to attending one of your Boot Camps in the future, hopefully closer to where I live. Cheers Leonie

  4. Hi
    I like your web page style .. nice
    Have a great Day

  5. thankyou Craig, enjoy :-)

  6. awwwww thats nice, thanks for your kind words…

  7. yes good to know how to uninvite :-) sometimes it gets annoying with so many invites that you have no interest in :-)

  8. Hi Gale thank you for the video, i now learnt how to use my page as my business at times and then as my profile.

    I am just wondering what you think about having a fan page and a group? i have considered deleting the group but i’m not sure if its helping my fan page, or is it like you say un-friending some people with the emails that go through and that?

    Looking forward to your reply


  9. Malcolm Gunn says:

    Yes Gail,most helpful. I attended a webinar this morning which was along the same track using facebook solely as a lucrative income.

  10. Hi Dayne, I have groups as well as Fanpage, but I dont have a group with the same name or niche as fanpage, hope you understand that and it makes sense. Groups are great as you can email the people direct, and fanpages you can’t. I quite like groups especially closed ones as they are more focused and have less noise from lots of outside people chatting about things off topic… Hope that helps a little…. I guess you need to decide what your plan is and why you need one or the other.

  11. Thank you Gail, yes that helped me to make my decision and understand! Thank you for your help and wisdom! Much appreciated!

  12. your welcome :-)

  13. Hi Gail,
    Thankyou for sharing this valuable piece of knowledge, its helped me already re the annoying events, I get, Im glad to see Im not the only one who finds this rather annoying, now I know what to do with them all, Cheers Gail
    Greta Jourdane :-)

  14. Fantastic as usual

  15. Hi Gail,
    Great article as usual.
    Did you have to mention Coffee?! It’s after 11pm and craving for a good Coffee but nowhere close to get one.

  16. hahaha I don’t think I did mention coffee Tony… did I? :-)

  17. I have found that whatever blog you post or video you present, it is very rich in content. Which of course is what top IMer’s aspire to do.
    I know I can learn a lot from you Gail and I am privileged to be part of your IMM academy.

  18. thankyou Dontae for your kind words :-) Enjoy learning and doing

  19. Hey ! you guys wake up smell the coffee! Did I say something?

  20. Great post and video, Gail…tickled to see my little mug as one of your friends. I knew how to flip from profile to fan page but didn’t know I could post as all these different people. Also happy to know how to ignore all those event invites.

    I know some business people keep their profile totally separate from business to the point of really restricting their account and the information shown on their profile. I have found that there are times when I want to follow a person’s page but only know their name…not the business. If I find them with a really restricted profile that tells me nothing, I’m at a loss. I think it is a good idea to add that info to your profile photo so that you don’t lose them as potential prospects or customers. What do you think about that? (It’s what I do anyway.)

  21. Hi Kim, thankyou, and yes you are one of my friends :-) I think that you can keep them separate but dont need to go over board… here is what I believe your porfie is for conversation and your Fanpage for content, so with tht in mind go for it :-) That is what I have found to be best for me anyway. I hate resrticted profile and if someone sends me a friend request and I don’t know them and I can’t tell anything about them on there Profile then I don’t friend them… simple. As you say an introduction is what we need :-) Keep up the good work


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