Easy Instant Flyers

Why you need Easy Instant Flyers in your Business

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced offline consultant making thousands of dollars every month, or you are are just launching your offline business…having beautiful printed materials like our Easy Instant Flyers will impress potential clients and increase your chances of getting new business.

As much as we’d all like to, we can’t rely solely on our websites, Facebook pages, or even email to sell our services to offline companies.

If you want to sell services to an old school business person who isn’t comfortable with the internet: you need to wow them with a great flyer.

If you want to sell services to someone who only gives you 30 seconds to talk because they are busy: you need to wow them with a great flyer.

As you may (or may not) know, you are going to run into plenty of potential clients who prefer to have a piece of printed material in front of them.

That’s what they are used to and that’s what they are comfortable with. I run into these people all the time. You want to show them something on a screen and they just want to print it out.

That’s why Easy Instant Flyers is a necessary tool for your toolbox.

Get your flyers on the desk of the these business owners so they don’t have to even turn their computers on. They see your flyer in front of them and they give you a call.

The problem with other flyers:

Until today if you wanted flyers for your business you probably had to do one of the following things:

  *.  You paid a freelancer to design flyers for your business and spent more money than you wanted to.
  *.  You bought a pack of flyer templates that turned out to be Photoshop files that you couldn’t open and were a waste of your money
  *.  You bought Word Document flyer templates that you could edit…but were so bland that didn’t impress anyone and were a waste of your money


I have to say I have been looking around for a while to get some great flyers that are easy to change and make my own and the Easy Instant Flyers do just that.


Easy Instant Flyers work without Photoshop

I cannot work Photoshop and I don’t have time to learn it. I get my husband to do anything graphic but really it takes so much time. The other thing I have done is asked out sourcers to do the work for me, but it is really hard to get the image, of the idea from within my head and try and explain it to someone else, it just takes to long. So the Easy Instant Flyers are the best answer for me thats for sure. I just love them… I know I am going on abit but really they are great.

Check out the quick video I did just to show you how easy they are to use. Just change the details to your own, then save it as a PDF, as you would not want your Clients to alter them, and then its all done. Easy to print out on your own printer and easy also to personalise if you want as well.




I am sure you will be as hooked on these as I am… I will have more great information coming on how to use these Easy Instant flyers in your Offline marketing business, so keep watching.

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  1. Wow Gail, for you to be promoting a WSO it must be REALLY good!!!

  2. I really do like them Amanda, they are fantastic and so easy to use :-)

  3. Hi Gail, these are perfect. How do I buy them? The warrior link above says sold out on the forum. Is there a flyer for video SEO? That’s what I do here in Marlborough, NZ. Carwyn.

  4. Hi Carwyn, looks like they are not selling any more abit of a shame, they were there 2 weeks ago… maybe they are about to release some more. They were excellant, sometmes you gotta be quick :-) Yes anyone of those would have worked for you :-)

  5. Where exactly would you hang them up though? People rarely look at ones left on there cars.

  6. well these ones are really not for hanging up anywhere they are for business to print out and give away, but you are right, so hard to hangup anywhere now days, and I would never put them on cars, that annoys me when people do it to my car :-)
    Great question

  7. Yes, good point Gail, how many local business cheque writers reside on car windows?

    Ellie, You must be pro-active in promoting your business. The flyer does not do the work. You do. Sell your service with confidence. Learn the art of persuasive soft sell Telemarketing first, to get permission to submit your marketing message (so it’s expected and valued, and you can personalise to the recipient). And then you must follow up on the phone. Not should. Must. They expect this because they still doing business like ‘Bill’ – the old telephone. We get up to 50% sales conversion doing this!!!

    You have to remember in the ‘Offline’ marketing world, your market is local businesses that WANT internet exposure, but don’t know how, or who. You have to be that how and who. You have to show them. Point them to your own rankings. Like Gail says, Junk mail on a street corner or your window won’t cut it m8.

    Watch Gail’s Good Morning video – she tells it like it is in NZ.

  8. The flyers will help – but that’s it. The rest is up to you.

  9. lol you sound like you have been Gail in-doctrinated … but very true its all about us taking responsibility and doing something everyday…
    so many still think money falls out of the sky, but if it does it’s not falling where I live thats for sure.
    Thanks for taking part :-)

  10. in-doctrinated? We coach also, it’s part of our business and drives our revenue. You either want to make money or treat it as a hobby.

  11. lol just having fun and messing with you… very true … for me its all about giving best value and running a business :-)

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