Easy Facebook Graphics

Easy Facebook Graphicshttp://www.wordpressyoutubeplugin.com/

I have to shout about this as it’s the most amazing graphics package I have used of late.

Easy Facebook Graphics can be used for Facebook as well as many other things as well…

1. Headers for your website

2. Profile pictures in Facebook

3. Profile picture in Fanpage

4. For small icons in Fanpage or personal profile

5. Facebook adverts

6. Power point presentations

With Easy Facebook graphics you don’t have to be a pro with Photo Shop or Paint.net. It’s my favourite and I know a few people who are a little addicted to using the software.

In the video below I show you how to use it just very simple and really not to it’s fullest but if you go to any of my Fanpages you will see what I do with the different graphics on my sites.


Easy Facebook Graphics

The Easy FB Graphics training videos….

The training videos are excellent so don’t be put off by the lack of sales page, we are keeping it simple oh and the other thing, we don’t have time to put up a sales page right now. They are step by step and there is a great training video for each thing mentioned above except for the header for your website, but am sure once you have seen the videos you will be able to work it out. If not let me know and I can help you.

The guy who designed this software showed it to me, I loved it and asked if I could sell it right away… he was concerned there was no sales page, but hey who cares we don’t need the hype… it’s a great package watch the video and see if it’s a fit for you…

Use the Easy FB Graphics Package to make you money…

It’s easy, learn how to use it, then go to Fiver.com set yourself up there and make icons for people or maybe profiles… you can do it. Great way to earn a few extra dollars each week, and who knows your business could grow into something amazing.

The opportunities are only limited by you… the tools are there, now go off and use them, and this tool is not in any way expensive. So you might want to go and check out the EasyFB Graphics package.

Watch the video below and then go buy it… you will be disappointed if you don’t…

If you need any more information regarding Facebook and using it for business or pleasure then check out my other post I have done. Facebook for Business or Pleasure

Click on the graphic to get instant access to the amazing Easy FB Graphics product…

Easy Facebook Graphic
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  1. Sounds great Gail Thanks. Will it work on a Mac? :)

  2. Gail, you zipped through this showing how quick and easy it is. Certainly a sofisticated package and priced to sell. Can you upload it to any webpage? Many thanks.

  3. Hi Sally, I am not sure, think so though as it is hosted and not downloaded, so should be good, if not you can get your money back… but pretty sure be right … jolly Mac’s lol

  4. Sorry if to fast trying to make videos shorter in our time short world :-) Yes you save as a JPEG so can use it on anything … it’s pretty amazing

  5. hi Gale
    this is Sunny from Pennsylvania
    I really enjoyed your video as always you are giving your best

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