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Dominating Google + Dominating Google +

Google+ is the hottest thing in social media. In just a few short days, the site gathered hundreds of thousands of users, making it a definite contender in the social media arena. A few weeks after launch, it was up to more than twelve million users! With such explosive growth, it is poised to become a major player very quickly. As I write this it is still in Beta and people everywhere are wanting to know how they can become part of  and Dominating Google + for their particular niche.

There is even some buzz in the world of social marketing that perhaps Google+ might even eventually replace Twitter, because it is so easy to use and integrates so many features into one unique platform. I am not sure that it will replace Facebook but am sure they will give it a very good go…

Obviously, anyone who is serious about promoting their brand should take advantage of emerging technology, and Google+ is at the forefront of new developments in social networking. This is the perfect time to join the game! So if you are not part of “The Game” then you need to be.

Trouble is, it’s another thing to learn and with our heads swiming with all the information we already have it’s another thing to learn, so to be honest I was walking on the sidelines just watching then I got invited and just had to jump in.

There are lots of things I like about Google + and lot’s I am not likeing as yet, but we are working on it.

If you want to be Dominating Google + in your niche then you need to know how to use it… I am going to give you some tips in this blog post, and also off a FREE Report which you can download and it will give you some more help, Just scroll to bottom of page.

I am going to give you a summary of whats in the Dominating Google + Free Report, you can go ahead and download it as well…

6 Tips to Dominating Google +

Tip #1: Google+ Viral Marketing

One of the most powerful aspects of Google+ is the +1 function. This function allows individuals to share things they like by using the +1 button. This has the potential to allow your marketing to go viral through Google+ users.
You can add a +1 button to your own blogs and websites, and you can even customize your plus one button. Just visit the following URL to customize your +1 button….

Tip #2: Getting Google+ Friends

Obviously, getting contacts is paramount. The more friends you have, the better, but they must also be targeted. It won’t do you a lot of good to have a million contacts if they aren’t interested in whatever you’re offering!
Contact lists on Google+ are known as “Circles”. You can have as many circles as you like, and you can divide people into various circles. Your contacts will not see which circle you’ve added them to, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. You can easily keep your family and friends separate from your business contacts if you’d like to use the same account for both business and personal contacts. It is actually very easy to get contacts right now as everyone wants to join :-)

Tip #3: Moderate your Promotion

One of the biggest mistakes people make with social marketing is spamming their followers. While social marketing is essentially permission-based, you can still spam your followers if you post too often. Because of the potential viral marketing element, it is especially important to moderate your promotion on Google+, because you want those promotions you make to be impactful. More people will +1 your links if you post them rarely

Tip #4: Hangouts

Hangouts are live, multi-person video conferences between Google+ users. These are great, because they can be used for webinars, and you can get a lot of people together at once.

Hangouts are great for making presentations to your audience. Be sure to put together an outline or script before you begin to eliminate a lot of the “ums” and “uhs” you might get otherwise, and schedule the webinar a day or two in advance to give people plenty of time to clear their schedules.

One major reason you should use Hangouts is because you can get live feedback from the other people who attend the video chat. This allows you to figure out what people want to know without having to ask them upfront. I love Hangouts they are one of the best features and really where you can be Dominating Google + as the expert in your field… people love to hangout with like minded people…

Tip #5: Sparks

Sparks ( funny names) is a search engine that is based on recommendations. You can use it to share interesting content, including your own, and to seek the content shared by others within your circles.

You can subscribe to live feeds and receive instant updates on content shared around those topics. That also means people will be able to receive the recommendations you make.

You’ll be able to share pictures, videos, and links to websites, blog posts, and more with those people who are in your circles, as well as those who add you to their contact list.

Tip #6: Huddle

Huddle ( the names just keep getting better) is a text message service that will let you send text messages instantly to the people you’re in contact with. You can send messages to single people or to entire groups of people!

If you’ve ever wanted to get into mobile marketing but didn’t know how, this is the perfect chance for you to give it a try!

You can also sync your Google+ account with almost any mobile device, allowing you to instantly upload photos, tag locations with your phone’s GPS, add locations to your updates, and much more.

Learn More about Dominating Google + ..

I have another Blog Post all about Google + with videos etc, so if you want to know more then head on over to my post called Google + Versus Facebook… am sure you will enjoy.. also leave a comment below and share around, love that :-)

Download the Free Report

Just hand over your name and email and your in :-)



Leave a comment below and I will reward you with an amazing gift… The “Dominating Google +” book that has everything you need to know and I sell for $27.97. Leave and share and I will email out to you….



  1. Thanks Gail!!
    Have started using google + a bit more – this helps further no end!

  2. judy robertson says:

    you make everything looks so easy gail I am yet to figure google and all there changes out let alone google + but i will keep on going until i nail it

  3. Thank you for a great blog post, I have just started using Google+ so I ma still learning my way around. So far I like it, but had not heard of sparks or huddle. I am sure like other social media the more I use it the more I will learn and like it.


  4. Gail, Once again you have done it – clear information that is right up to date!

  5. Thank you Judith, am sure the book will also help make things even clearer :-) Enjoy

  6. Oh great you learned something new, isnt that so cool … enjoy the book…

  7. Hi Judy, well thanks… I do my best to make things sound easier for you all… it can be so stressful to learn new things :-) Enjoy the book

  8. Great Renee, now you can use it even more that you have even more knowledge on how to use it. Enjoy

  9. Thanks Gail. We can always count on you to keep us up to date in the latest internet developments.

  10. Thank Zdenka good to hear from you… there is always something thats for sure :-)

  11. Hi Gail
    I have joined a while back but not doing anything so a good thing to follow up on thanks for the reminding,
    Looking forward to your help in the future for my …….. website.

  12. You don’t know what you don’t know. Thank you Gail for informing me yet again. Google is certainly a beast. You make it easy to learn and hence take action.

  13. Thanks for the email found it interesting will have to look at Dominating Google + and see how it works

  14. Dear Gail, I’m still trying to get my head around Facebook so Google + may be my answer! Thanks for all your ongoing advice and teaching. Virginia xx

  15. well there you go Karen, now you can get in and play :-) enjoy, I have sent the book. Gail

  16. Well it will give you something else to do Virginia when you have nothing else to do :-) yeah right … enjoy the book Thankyou for your kind words

  17. I’m a little bit like you Gail… I joined G+ when I got an invite but have been too busy to dive in. Just so much to learn and so little time. Looking forward to reading your report

  18. Thanks so much Gail, I had joined a while back but have done absolutely nothing with it, procrastinating I think is the word to use, now I have the motivation to get back to it and find my way around. Cheers and thanks again.

  19. Thanks Gail. As usual, I enjoy your blog. I don’t have any ideas about Google + . This will help me to learn how Google + works.


  20. Top marks again, Gail. How does one keep up……………?

  21. Lis Sinding says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thank you again for value information. Don´t know a lot about Google+. Might as well catch up now!

  22. Thanks for sharing this post Gail. I wasn’t even aware there was a Google+. I’m glad I read your posts, because now I know it exists and how to use it. Many thanks, Sandy

  23. Hi Dee-Dee yes its a whole new thing to learn, and I am abit the same, I have found a small remedy for myself, I have 2 monitors and one just displays Google+ and the other everything else and sometimes that works, till I cover it with another program I am working on :-) Enjoy the book :-)

  24. Hi Deanna, you are welcome, enjoy the book…. we can’t do everything, however it does have some great features :-)

  25. Hi Julian, thankyou for that, glad you enjoy, good idea to check out what Google+ has to offer. Gail

  26. Hi Julian, thankyou for kind words, glad you enjoy the blog. If there is a topic you would like me to speak on let me know. Gail

  27. HI Hugh, not sure lol… just keep up with what you need to keep up with everythng else don’t worry about :-) Gail

  28. Hi Lis, yes always good to take a look… when you have a moment. Gail

  29. Hi Sandy, There you go, always something new to learn :-) Have fun Sandy. Gail

  30. HI Gail,
    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Hopefully will get a handle on Google + with this book. thank you for your generosity.

  31. Thanks Gail. You make it look easy. Have been using Google+ since you introduced me to it, still learning but getting there.

  32. Hi Lisa, your welcome enjoy :-)

  33. Hi Domenica. actually you pretty good at it. Hope the book helps you to be even better :-)

  34. already get your newsletter…and THANKS GAIL for all your wonderful information.

    cheers Janice

  35. Hi Janice, thanks for sharing :-) appreciate it

  36. ahhh sometimes there is just so much to learn & do… but then you climb up that hill see the view and then start climbing the next hill. Thanks for all the great info Gail,always interesting, informative & timely :) keep it coming.

  37. Thanks, Gail, for the info. It was really only a matter of time before Google moved on with the +1 theme

  38. Thanks for the great book. I’m sure it will help. Still having issues getting traffic – but know I will crack it sometime soon! :)

  39. Amanda you are so right :-) thats what keeps the brain active
    Gail… always moving forward

  40. Hi Bill, yes Google + has announced the Business pages this week, they are just too boring yet but hopefully the software writers are busy getting great software together for us to use and make amazing pages :-)

  41. Hi Sue,
    your welcome, just keep moving ahead with traffic am going to do a webinar this week just on traffic and how to get it. Keep getting your info out there and you will get traffic.

  42. Thanks, Gail for the info on Google Plus. There’s always more to know and you’ve put it together nicely.

  43. Hi Christine, thankyou for your comment and you are so right… always so much more to learn :-) Thankyou for sharing

  44. I can’t wait to get started! Thanks!

  45. Hi Gail, I am just starting to explore Social Media Marketing and with your help Google + looks like it will be my first exciting plunge. I like to be good at what I do so somehow starting as a beginner does not entice me… But your book “Dominating Google +” makes me know I can do a great job with Goggle +. Thank You, Gail, for starting at the beginning for people like me. It was great to get the exposure to the vocabulary before I get it the middle of trying to do something and then have to go research what I am getting into.


  46. Hi George, thanks for commenting, I have sent you a copy of the book, to your email enjoy :-)

  47. Thankyou Sherry, enjoy the book and thankyou for commenting :-)

  48. Great article! I look forward to receiving the book.

  49. Dan Bannister says:

    Thanks Gail this info should dove tail into the ” Curation ” course Ive just signed up to via your site.

    It certainly is an exciting time !

    Dan Bannister

  50. Thanks Gail. With all the changes in all aspects of life – it is sometimes hard to stay focused. Hopefully this will help me do that. Appreciate your assistance.



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