Do The Same Thing You Get The Same Result


Do Same Thing You Get The Same Result

Some people wonder why they are where they are, same old boring job, same old boring house in the same boring neighborhood. No decent job prospects… just same old same old..
in most cases it is very simple to work out why they are where they are…

Comes down to not planing your life… if you don’t plan your life then someone else will plan it for you.

You see if you keep doing the same thing you get the same result.
You have heard the saying I am sure.. for things to change You need to change.
..and.. if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same result.

If you don’t want the same old same old then what do you have to do to change things?

I love this video below as it’s very funny, it also shows over and over what I have just said:
“do the same thing, get the same result”

if you keep sticking your finger in your brothers mouth he will bite it.
The first time it was funny, then he did it again and again, not so funny after that… in fact it hurt.

Watch it below.

Do the same thing you get same result

The question I have for you today is…. who is biting your finger?
Who are you giving permission to to bite your finger over and over so it hurts?

I am sure after the parents switched off the camera they suggested that the brother not put his finger in Charlies mouth.

So I am telling you to stop putting your life, in someone else’s way.

Step up to the mark, become the person you were meant to be, stop making excuses and move ahead.

Remember if you are not happy then change what you are doing.
I recently put this on my Facebook page:

Winner or Whiner?
Prosperity or Poverty?
Victim or Victor?
Leader or Loser”
Faith or Fear?
In or Out?

You Decide!!!

Choose Wisely, Life … It’s Not A Dress Rehearsal!!!

If you don’t want the Charlie’s of the world to bite your finger then don’t let them.

Change the plan. Take control.

If you don’t like where you work, then find something else.
If you don’t like the fact that your bank account has less in it than your kids, then do something.
If you don’t like being over weight then go to the gym.

Don’t moan that “Charlie bit you” be the change…. go for it.
Remember if  You ” Do the same thing you get the same result.”



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do the same thing get the same result

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