3 New YouTube Changes

3 New YouTube Changes

I just love Youtube, it has been a great source of traffic for me over the years. In December Youtube did some upgrades, changed the look and feel, I am not sure I like it as much but hey, it’s a free service and I can get videos ranked pretty quick using it. So I guess I have to adapt and change.

I found this great article for the Social Media Examiner3  New YouTube Changes and What They Mean for Businesses and so decided I would share it with you all as it’s a really great article with tips along the way, and of course pictures which is always helpful. With so many people viewing videos and also searching youtube for answers to problems then Youtube is the place to be.

I recently did a webinar with Mynders all about videos and how easy it is with the right gear. You might want to check out the webinar right here.

So important to use video so please get your act together and start to use it. The you can get an account open up in Youtube and go present, your company, your product or service to the world. It’s up to you to make it happen.


Are you thinking about doing more with YouTube?

In December of 2011, YouTube unveiled their latest design and navigational changes to the world.

Although it was met with unbridled criticism from a virtual mob of YouTube fanatics, these changes are here to stay.

Embrace YouTube’s recent makeover and their vision for the future of online entertainment. Change is good, right?

This article will only cover the three major changes that may affect your online strategy. If you want to stay on top of your video marketing game in 2012, these are the only three changes that you need to focus on.

Ready? Here we go!

#1: New YouTube Home Page

YouTube's new home page

YouTube’s new home page offers a new Subscription Feed function.

YouTube has changed their design to follow a much more clean and modern look.

A quick peek at the home page will reveal that quite a bit of rearranging has been done. Instead of showcasing the most popular and trending videos on the website, YouTube has now prominently positioned a “Subscription Feed” smack-dab in the middle of the page.

Note: You must be logged in to see this properly.

This “Subscription Feed” (which bears an uncanny resemblance to Facebook’s Live Feed), now features the latest video content and updates from your subscribers.

In an effort to provide a better, more relevant user experience for viewers, YouTube is behaving more like a social-networking site than ever before. But what does this mean for you?

Until now, the “cute baby” and “shockingly embarrassing caught-on-tape” videos have dominated YouTube with millions of views from your bored co-workers looking for a quick distraction from their day. Most of us have discredited YouTube as a legitimate traffic source or brand-builder for our businesses because let’s face it, creating randomly hilarious videos probably isn’t your forte! And that’s OK, because things are changing…

This “Subscription Feed” gives the smaller guy who doesn’t have “crazy-viral” content a fighting chance for more exposure.

As your viewers watch, rate and comment on your latest video, exposure for your content will spread to the followers and subscribers of each of your viewers through YouTube’s feed, creating a smaller yet more relevant viral effect.

youtube subscriptions

Building your subscriber base is even more imperative than ever before!

To take advantage of the Subscription Feed, here is what I recommend:

  •  Be active daily and consistently: Make sure to upload fresh content to YouTube weekly and follow up as many times as possible to comment, share and promote other videos that you enjoy watching. The more activity you have on YouTube, the more exposure you can get.
  • Get your audience to take action: Using a call to action, get your viewers to subscribe, rate, comment and share each of your videos. The more activity and interaction that takes place on each of your videos, the more potential exposure you get on the home page of YouTube.

I don’t expect your 3-minute, content-rich video on how to get more leads in your business to suddenly go viral and compete with the likes of “Rebecca Black” & “Charlie Bit My Finger.” I do however see a mini-viral effect take place! Your videos have the potential of being shared and seen by more targeted viewers (quality views over quantity!).

#2: New YouTube Channel Page

The new channel layout may look different, but it still behaves relatively the same. However, as YouTube moves in the direction of becoming more “channel-centric,” it is imperative that you activate, update and optimize your new channel as quickly as possible for the best results.

In fact, YouTube is already making more of an effort to feature channels on search results pages for related keywords. Focus on using your main keyword phrase properly in your channel, and you can get found even quicker!

youtube keywords

Optimize your channel with your main keyword phrase for more exposure!

Here is your action list for proper channel page optimization:

Step 1: Set up background image.

Depending on how your channel’s background image was designed before the big change, you may need to modify and upload a new image. The best background images reflect your brand and the services you provide through pictures and text on the far left-hand side of your background image.

To begin the editing process, simply click the “Edit Channel” button on the top right-hand corner of your channel page.

Step 2: Edit your channel details.

The next step is to make sure the title, description and tags for your channel are properly filled out using your main keyword phrase. (Note: Some users have experienced losing all the content they used in their previous channel description after making the switch. Don’t assume your description is still intact.)

Your title should be clear, concise and benefit-driven. Your description should detail exactly what type of value and benefits your audience will get when they watch your videos. And you can finish this by adding a bunch of your relevant keyword phrases (in quotation marks) in the Tags section.

youtube channel info

Properly fill out your channel info and include your keyword phrase.

Step 3: Activate the “Blogger Template.”

The new channel page offers the choice to customize the design and layout of your channel with one of four templates. I recommend using the “Blogger” layout. It can be selected with the click of a button!

youtube layout

Select the layout that best suits your needs!

Step 4: Edit your featured video.

Similar to the old channel design, you’ll want to have a featured video that auto-plays when people view your channel. You can choose from any of your past videos or select the option to use your most recent video (recommended).

youtube featured video

Remember to properly add your “featured video.”

Step 5: Add your links.

The new channel design makes it fairly easy to add website, blog and social profile links to drive traffic to your other web properties. Make sure to take the time to add and edit this information and use compelling benefit-driven copy to encourage your visitors to click over to your website!

youtube links

Include links to your website, blog and social networking profiles.

Most marketers will never take the 4.3 minutes to make these minor adjustments to their channel. Take this opportunity to optimize your channel page properly and focus on getting it ranked for your main keyword phrase!

#3: YouTube Analytics

My personal favorite change in YouTube’s most recent overhaul has been their introduction of YouTube Analytics. Previously called YouTube Insight, this extremely detailed and informative feature allows you to learn more about your audience, your videos and your activity on YouTube. In other words, you get to totally geek out!

Each statistic tells a story about the viewing habits of your audience. With proper deduction skills, you can effectively identify problems with your videos and make the necessary changes to improve your results.

Most of the features in YouTube Analytics have remained the same; however, there are two features that I would like to call special attention to:

1: Audience retention

Previously labeled as “Hotspots,” this improved function allows you to see just how engaging (or unengaging!) your videos really are. Identify the exact moments that are causing your viewers to run for the hills or making them perform a “digital double-take,” rewinding your video and begging you for more! Want to see more results with your videos? This function tells you exactly what you need to do!

youtube analytics

Two exciting features to play with inside YouTube Analytics.

2: Playback locations

This new function allows you to see exactly where your videos are being watched. As mobile devices become predominant in our lives, you’ll notice a greater percentage of playback locations coming from “mobile.” This feature will also allow you to see exactly who is embedding your videos and which blogs/websites are giving you views! Find out what is working and you can do more of the same!

Why Change Is Good

Even though this round of changes was met with harsh criticism from the YouTube community, it’s our duty as business owners to embrace the change and understand YouTube’s ultimate vision.

As the third-largest website in the world with an audience that rivals any major television network, YouTube is an absolute powerhouse! It has big plans for blurring the line of offline television and online entertainment, and we can expect YouTube to continue to evolve and morph into something new and different.

What do you think? Do you understand the rules of YouTube’s game? Embrace the change and you can see results for a long time to come! Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

I trust you found this article helpful, if so share it around or leave a comment below .

If you need any help setting up your whole Video marketing system then please contact me .

I am sure you can use these 3 New YouTube Changes to make changes to your youtube channel if you have one and if you don’t you can then use them to set your channel up with correctly.

How To Create, Edit and Share Video In Minutes

How To Create, Edit and Share Video In Minutes

The reason most people don’t use Video in their marketing is because they don’t know How to Create, Edit and Share Video in Minutes, for some it takes hours. I know some videos I have put together where I am the “Talking Head” as we say, I have done anything up to 50 takes, it is so frustrating, and I am sure many of you will know what I mean. I remember a friend of mine taking “Take after Take” to get something perfect , that is enough to put anyone off doing video, especially if you are going to be the Star Attraction :-)

How ever you having to be the Star Attraction is not always how you need to do a video. There are so many things you can do with video. I have actually written another blog with a list of all the different ways you can use the videos you create so you can go over to that post later and check it out. Screen Capture Software 5 ways to use it.

Show new product
Be a comedian
Be your own singing star

Many of you will know of lots of people out there who got their start to Stardom through putting a video up on Youtube. It is completely amazing. I think of the many 100′s of students I have taught how to:

Build Websites
How to build Fanpages
How to find Keywords
How to transfer domain names
How to make videos
How to use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
How to use a coffee machine (yes done that as well)

….so many things, all through video.  We just love video.  We need to use it in every part of our promotions… it does not matter if we are promoting ourselves, our brand or product or service we need to be using video. But as said earlier some people don’t want to use it because it is all to hard … but it’s not really hard.

Video is fast becoming the most effective traffic-generation tool online today… And YouTube is the top of the lead-generation sites. Search engines love videos, so it’s often much easier to show up on the first page of search engine results when video is used instead of text. People are 41% more likely to click on a video link in search engine results, than on a text link (like for a blog, article, or website).

 ”You absolutely MUST use video in your online business, or resign yourself to losing ground to online marketers and entrepreneurs who do.” states Mynders Glover, co-founder of BusinessBuildingShortcuts.com. “I could go on and on about ways you need to be using video in your online business, if you are serious about building a real business that actually makes you money, but I’m pretty sure you are already convinced that you have to use video, and use it everywhere in your business.”

I will be having Mynders on the webinar this Wednesday and I am so excited about that… here is some information about what we are going to cover and also Just who is Mynders Glover:

On December 14th, Glover will offer a free webinar designed to teach online marketers to create, edit and share their video content in minutes.  Glover will share his secrets to Instant Video Mastery while introducing a program designed to get results without huge investments of time and money.

This free webinar is open to the public.  Pre-registration is required. Details may be found by Clicking here

During the webinar, Glover will address commonly asked questions like these…

* Does my market watch videos online?”
* How does video marketing compare with article marketing for list-building and sales?”
* Can videos be a part of a business-building strategy?”
* Are there ways I should be using video… but I’m not?”
* How can I get great-sounding audio for my videos?”
* What should I do to get my videos to rank well in search engine results?”
* What’s the best software to use to create awesome videos – easily?”


 Mynders Glover has an MBA, and has been an entrepreneur almost since birth. After working at a job only long enough to qualify for his CPA, he went off on his own. He has created successful businesses in real estate and real estate development, nutritional products, seminars and consulting, corporate training, and in direct mail.

 Originally from New Orleans, Mynders has lived in the Durango, CO area since 1999. He earned his undergraduate degree from Virginia’s Washington and Lee University in 1976 and his MBA from the University of Virginia in 1980.

 Between college and graduate school, Mynders worked in the tax and audit practices of one of the world’s largest accounting firms, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., where he obtained his CPA certificate. He worked for others for only 3 years before going into business for himself. In the years since, Mynders has founded business, management and financial companies, a real estate development company and several Internet sites.

Mynders is the co-founder, with his wife, Deb, of  Business Building Shortcuts, an online business which focuses on matching “Product Creators” with “Affiliates” (product Marketers).



Below is a video that Mynders has done for you to show you how to use Tungle.com Using Tungle.me to Leverage Your Time. It’s a great video actually and you will see in the video just how Mynders is using video to teach you all about Tungle.com.

Thanks for reading and watching :-) Don’t forget to share this post to all your friends and maybe even send them the link to the Webinar so that you and them will all know How to Create, Edit and Share Video in Minutes. 


Whats New In Social Media

Whats New In Social Media?

Whats new in Social Media this week. Answer: Lots :-)

The thing with Social Media is that it never stops changing. I guess that is what happens with things social.

Here is Wikipedia’s take on Social Media:

Distinction from industrial media

Businesses may refer to social media as consumer-generated media (CGM). A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value.[citation needed]

So I guess we take from that is if Social Interaction is happening then we are going to be in for an ever changing road ahead.

Here are some things that I have picked up over the week I hope you enjoy the different writers I have for you. Each title gives you a snippet of what the article is about so click on the links to see whole article.


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Google+ Page Badges Are Publicly Released: You can now add a Google+ badge to your website. See the sidebar of this site to see it in action. Adding these badges do impact search results.

What’s new in Social Media? – New Facebook Timeline for New Zealand

There is actually so many new things I am finding it hard to keep up, one other new thing that has happened in my country New Zealand is the Facebook has rolled out the Timeline here to the whole country. That’s pretty exciting it was decided that we are a big enough small enough country to test out the new Facebook Time line on. Even though I have been using it for sometime lots of people have loved being able to take it up now. Once you learn how to use the new timeline for both business and pleasure you will all be away laughing … as we say here. It’s fantastic, just take your time to learn it and how to use it. So if you want to visit my post on the Facebook Masterclass then go on over and check it out.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Share it around and also Tweet and like it…. love it when you share…



Video Marketing – 3 Reasons why

Video Marketing

I have managed to build a pretty solid business using Video Marketing and would like to share with you 3 reasons why you should be using video to build your business.

I guess most of you won’t want to do video as you don’t want to be seen behind the camera. We are all so vain aren’t we? I have had the same problem, I don’t look that good on video, really, I know most of you will think I just love the whole video thing… well I do as long as I don’t have to appear on the camera. My hair does not look right, my nose looks to big, my voice sounds funny… I know I have all the things you will say. :-) Put all that aside and you will find Video Marketing is a tool that needs to be used.

So here is what I say…. “Get Over Yourself”

The other day I was doing a video and it took me about 30 times before I got it right, I could not believe it. Normally I just sit down and do it, boom done all finished, but this particular day I just kept getting it wrong. Tripping over my words, coughing at wrong times, oh I also forgot to turn the phones off so they went as well… however I got it done and I see as I write this, that video has had over 8000 views, and sold quite alot of product, so was it worth it “TES”, was it annoying to get it done “YES” but end result excellent.

So today I want to take you through 3 reasons why you need to use idea as part of your marketing on line.

Some Key points for Video Marketing

1. The beauty of video is that it’s quick to install on a blog or a website and it’s very, very effective. Why?

2. Because people like to watch and share videos – it’s easy! Why else would YouTube have over 2,000,000,000 downloads per day!

Yes, that’s 2 BILLION!

3. Video has this ability to go viral very quickly

A video adds value.

Don’t just send your customers another boring email explaining how great your company’s services or products are!  Millions and millions of emails are deleted without being read every single day – how many do you delete every day without even opening them?  Even emails from me :-) They might be cheap to send, but what a waste of everyone’s time and effort.  Show your potential customers how much better you are than your competition, show them exactly what you can do and exactly how well you can do it, in a video.  There are some great tools out there that allow you to use video as emails, so instead of a text email you can send a video email. How cool is that. I also talked about this in another blog post I did on using Jing as your screen capture software, and you can also use it for video emails. Doing these kind of emails will also position you as forward thinking and innovative.  You would simply send your customers & prospects a link to your latest video hosted on  your blog, on Youtube or on Vimeo for instance. Which method of communication do you think has the most impact? I know which works best for me that’s for sure.

Using Direct Mail or Video Mail?

Direct mail. Let’s face it, we  ALL know that direct mail can be very expensive. Designing, printing and posting or delivering glossy brochures, that generally get thrown straight into the recycling bin, is a good way to waste a lot of time and money. Direct mail can be effective, if you can afford the expense and if you are 100% sure the recipient is likely to be interested.  Typically, direct mail will show a 3-4% positive return and that’s NOT always cost effective. In today’s world Direct Mail used well can work for you, but as stated it’s more expensive. So I use direct mail, then follow up with email, then a video email, then I call. Follow this system and it will work well, but don’t just send out one email or video email and just because you don’t get a reply think it is hopeless it does not work. How many times do you need to be contacted before you take up an offer. So keep at it. Use direct mail if you want to, and follow up with video email, or video email first so they know who you are and then direct mail. Up to you, but do something. You really have to work out what will work well for your business. But whatever you need to use video in some way in your marketing.

Video Marketing Goes Viral

Sharing video or going viral. How many people were so impressed and excited by your last direct mail campaign that they copied it and send it out to hundreds of their friends, who in turn sent it on to hundreds of their friends, who in turn… you get the picture. :-)   All this distribution of your company name and details of your services has got to be good for your branding too, right?  Viral video is a phenomenon that companies have just got to love – your customers feel compelled to do your marketing for you! Of course this doesn’t always happen, not every video is compelling enough to go viral, but the difference is that this can NEVER happen with direct mail!! And how will you know if your next video will be the one that ends up as the pick of the week by your local Television channel.

I am not sure if any of you have seen this video, but it’s pretty amazing. The CEO of the USA company called Blendtec needed some attention to his product. He wanted it quickly, cheaply, Fast but it had to be effective. He also wanted to use Social Media. He chose YouTube specifically … and below in the video is the result… it’s pretty funny and as I write this blog posts sits at almost 6,000,000 views. Would you say that was successful?

Now if you search on Youtube there are a bunch of these videos. If you check out the Blendtec Facebook page you will also note that there are thousands of followers there and on Twitter as well. It is an amazing thing to watch… really..

What I wonder is how many of these thousands and thousands of followers are actually now customers...It is word of mouth advertising, another words viral… we do his advertising for him (the company) as I send this Blog post out to over 10,000 people how many will now go watch more videos like and spread the word.

All that advertising and word of mouth from a video that cost less to produce than some of their blenders! This video was NOT expensive to make, but it ‘went viral’ and nearly 6,000,000 people around the world have watched it.  That’s quite an audience! (Blendtec also carried out other product tests on video and the results were equally good: Diamonds = 4,000,000 + views, magnets = almost 3,000,000 views and glow sticks = 7,000,000 views. Phenomenal!) All started with one idea and a very small budget video.

What can you do? Really look at some of the videos out there that have huge following, you can do as well or better.

The thing called “Video Marketing” does work, but will it work with just one video, maybe but probably not. I started off very small and now I have 100′s of videos on Youtube and also hosted in Facebook and on my own websites. So easy to upload into all these places. If you want some ideas on how to do your videos go on over to my YouTube channel and take a look at what I do. Video Marketing is one of the main tools I use now days to get my message out there.

I posted a blog post a couple of weeks ago showing you how to use Jing, if you have not seen it then go check it out here, Screen Capture Software – 5 Ways to Use it.

Some other software that might interest you is some software called Eyejot. It is amazing and I have been using it for quite sometime. You can use the free version or the paid. Go on over and take a look at it. I will do another blog post on it soon, but in the meantime you go have a look.

Keep a look out more Video Marketing Tools and tips are coming your way. Can you share down in the comments section your experiances with video marketing.

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