How Do Bloggers Make Money


How Do Bloggers Make Moneyhow bloggers make money


That’s a great question, isn’t it?

Well, there are so many ways to do it and frankly, there are more ways than you can possibly imagine.

There are literally millions of people who can show you how and what to do, but only a handful people are actually doing the consistent work that it takes to create success, like myself.

Those are the people to follow and duplicate.

In this video blog post, I have shared the formula that I enjoy investing consistent time doing. You can do it too, if you are willing to learn and willing to work.

You start by choosing a great product and/or service. It’s that simple.

I chose this and so should you. ==> Viral Blogging System

How do you make money blogging?

I along with my team teach the 3 C’s of Internet Marketing..

1.) Create Traffic..

..starting with free, Social Media. Then, as your business grows and becomes profitable, generate traffic through reliable, paid sources.

2. Collect Emails.. your list into the thousands, by consistently sending that traffic to Lead Capture Pages where people opt in and subscribe to two things…

a. …to learn more about your business on the landing page immediately when they subscribe and…
b. …their subscription authorizes you to send valuable follow-up email messages (automated and manual), where they are able to get to know, like and trust you and your business. They can also unsubscribe at any time.

3. Convert Sales.. writing daily blog posts, sending broadcast email of those daily posts to your list and syndicating your blog posts throughout the Social Media.

I will show you HOW!  :)

So before we go on, here are two videos where I show you how you can use Facebook to grow your list and have people being added daily onto your list. The second video will show you how to down load Facebook videos and also YouTube videos.

How to download videos from Facebook and Youtube.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

==> Join Me and Learn How. It’s Worth it!

I will teach you everything you need to know and our Viral Blogging System is so easy that it’s “Grandma Friendly!”

You may ask, “Okay Gail, but how do I make money with your formula?”

This video blog post walks you through what I do with the 3 C’s of Internet Marketing.

I clearly show you how to Create Traffic, using Facebook as only ONE example.

I show you how to Collect Emails.

I show you how to Convert Sales.

What more can you ask for?

I love this business and am grateful for all I have from enjoying and running this business from my home.
I love my lifestyle the joys of being on holiday where and when I want. So want it for you as well.

Check out the latest holiday where I got to hold a snake and a Koala bear and also a crocodile…

How Do Bloggers Make Money? <== Come Join Our World!

More great facebook help: 7 powerful ways to engage your facebook followers


 make money blogging





Youtube Trick – Always Show Your Videos


youtube tvYouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos

When I found out about this great YouTube trick I was feeling pretty smug with myself.
Here is the problem....

Lets say  you have your video posted on your website, but hosted at YouTube .

When your video comes to the end then what happens… you will find in most cases all sorts of other videos will show in the small icon pictures.
Some of the videos may have nothing to do with the topic you have just been sharing about and some others could be your competition, others could be well not what you want to show actually as I had happen.

No I am not against competition but if you can do something without your competition getting a look in why would you not do that :-)

In this video I show you how you can, for the moment anyway, do a sneaky little trick that will work in your favor so that at the end of the video you have put together only your videos will show.
No one else’s just yours… it’s very cool watch the video and learn…
you can thank me later ;-)

Check out the video below it’s all a bit sneaky but well worth knowing.

YouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos

I trust that is very helpful to you and will keep your videos at the forefront of your customers or subscribers.

Here are some other posts all about some other YouTube Sneaky Tricks.
Easy Way To Download Videos From YouTube
How to find the YouTube Keywords

All of these great tips will help you market much better on YouTube so check them all out.

Leave your thoughts or comments below.
Don’t forget to share with your friends and family help them to be successful as well.

YouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos.



Oh would you like to make money sharing cool videos like these? Or by blogging about topics that interest you? It’s pretty cool and it’s very simple. Click here to find out how I make money blogging.

do the same thing get the same result


Live Stream With YouTube

Live Stream With YouTube

I just love YouTube. Now we can all Live Stream With Youtube which is amazing.

I have been using YouTube since it started in 2005, I don’t think I ever imagined it would be as it is today.

I have found this great article and also video online that I wanted to bring to you all today. The video will help you to setup and run your own YouTube Live Stream event.
YouTube Opens a Whole New World for You so if you are not using YouTube as yet to promote, yourself, your product or business then you really need to get that sorted.

Why should you care about getting your videos on YouTube?

You can be sure that a size-able portion of your audience is on YouTube. YouTube is reporting 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. And you can now broadcast live, inside of that stream. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for their business?

Live YouTube streaming is not just on a computer platform. Most modern smartphones can take a YouTube live stream and more and more smart television sets are coming with that capacity as well.

Not only can you partner with the biggest video network in the world, but you can also broadcast, through them, to every screen that can take a live Internet video feed. Google’s billions in profit is making that possible for you.

Live streaming, even free, is not new to the Internet. But it’s now much easier and allows all of us including businesses the opportunity to reach a wider audience by integrating live streaming into their marketing plan.

Consider your live-streaming content options.

Spend some time to find the right live-streaming strategy to suit your personality and needs. You are about to share your video content on a social media platform that could potentially bring lots of exposure to you and your business.

In addition to live streaming while you are directly in front of the camera, you can also share your desktop content.

Does the idea of a camera pointed at your face broadcasting to the world scare you bit? Don’t worry. There are a variety of tools that exist to help you.

For example, you can use a PowerPoint presentation or a Keynote slide deck to share content on your desktop during your live-streaming broadcast.

And you’re not even limited to these pricey office suites. Products like Prezi or Mind Mapping products all make for compelling screen presentations.

Embedded below is a quick video that shows the live broadcasting process using the free Google Docs Presentation app.

Don’t let your fear of the camera get in the way

5 Steps to Stream Live on YouTube

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Log into Google+. If you want to broadcast as yourself, stay in your own personal stream. If you’d like to stream as one of the Google+ pages you administer, switch to that page.

Step 2: Click the “Start a hangout” button. At the time of this writing, that button is in the upper right-hand side of the screen; but as Google is always updating Google+, the position might change.

start a hangout

The “Start a hangout” button is hard to miss.

Step 3: Check the “Enable Hangouts On Air” checkbox in the “Start a Hangout” screen. This simple checkbox tells Google that you want to simultaneously broadcast your Hangout on YouTube.

enable hangouts on air

Check the “Enable Hangouts On Air” checkbox.

Step 4: Verify With Google That All Is OK. If it is your first time with Hangouts On Air, you’ll need to link your account with the appropriate YouTube channel and promise Google you won’t abuse the system. They’ll walk you through everything.

confirm channel

YouTube will confirm with you what channel you will be broadcasting on.

Step 5: Click the “Start broadcast” button on the screen. Once this is done, you’re live on YouTube. As an added bonus, you’ll have a link and an embed code that you can share through all of the other social networks.

start broadcast button

The “Start broadcast” button and “Embed” link are right next to each other.

You’re now live! Say something awesome—the world is watching.

Make This About YouTube, Not Google+

Technically you’re broadcasting on both Google+ and YouTube. So it would be a tremendous marketing mistake to only focus on the Google+ side of things.

First let’s take a look at what happens on Google+. Anyone who has circled you or the page you are broadcasting from on Google+ will automatically see your Hangout in their streams.

But you want to leverage your social media platforms more than this. Don’t forget those who haven’t circled you on Google+!

The reality today is that the majority of your social media audience is more likely to follow a link to a YouTube page than anything else. So offer them one.

Use the YouTube Embed links mentioned in Step 5 above and share it throughout your social networks.

The choice of which platform to share with your audience, Google+ or YouTube, isn’t about which social network is considered best. It’s simply about marketing and positioning your content.

The brand recognition of YouTube surpasses Google+ many times over and the bigger the platform you are associated with, the bigger the impact that association is going to make.

Take Advantage of the Great SEO Value

You get a bonus the second you end your broadcast. YouTube will start encoding your broadcast to archive it on your YouTube channel. This is great because over time, you’ll build up a library of content and this archive is there forever.

YouTube does the first step of putting your live broadcast video automatically in your YouTube archive for you. But you’ll still want to retitle the video and add a good description and tags to optimize your video for search.

Of course you can choose to delete your video. But I recommend you don’t, because the more videos you or your brand has on YouTube, the better. Over time, you’re sure to appreciate the SEO value of building your video archive on this powerful social media platform.

eton corporation youtube

The etón Corporation YouTube channel has 15 playlists, 42 videos, 5,282 subscribers and 379,952 video views. They’ve spent considerable time and effort creating great content (they do very well from search engine traffic). Do one live show a week for a year and you’ll have more content than they do.

What do you think? Does the ability to broadcast to the world on YouTube change your streaming video strategies? Is there a reason why you haven’t added it yet? Comment in the box below and let’s get this discussion going!


About the Author, Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan helps busy people leverage new media to get their message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit. Other posts by »


I am sure you will agree an excellent article and video to help you all become famous :-) on YouTube by running your own live streaming shows.

Give it a go, Hope to see you online hosting your own Live Stream With Youtube.





How to Use Youtube Annotations

How to Use Youtube Annotations

I am sure you all know the importance of Youtube these days in your marketing, the issue is to get people to subscribe  and also to be able to update videos easily when something might change, this is where YouTube Annotations come in. So today I am going to show you how to use Youtube Annotations to add a subscribe button to your videos, and also below discuss some other great uses for the Youtube Annotations.

Lots of people have no idea how to do this so here goes…. before I get you to watch the video the YouTube Annotations option is amazing you can use it for all sorts of things. Let me give you some ideas:

  • Add a message inside video
  • Add your website address
  • Add Phone number or contact details
  • Add a comment
  • Add a link so people can be sent some where else
  • Add  a text watermark
  • Now let me expand on these ideas…
  • Add a message inside the video:

If you want to get a message across to people you might talk about on the video you can also add the message there to rein force what you just said. It’s a great way to add reminders. You can make the message as long as you want, but I would be inclined to keep it short and sweet.

Add your Website address:

If you look on Youtube you will find 1000′s of videos with no links no under the video and none even in the video itself. With the new layout of the Youtube you will need to keep this in mind and be more vigilant in making sure you have your web address or URL on the video itself.


Add Phone number or contact details:

If you don’t have a website, or you want people to do something else like call you, or visit you at your place you can add in this as well. And as you will see in the video you can drag it out and make it show on the screen for as long as you need to.

Add a comment:

Really same as above in the add a message. The good news is if something changes and you don’t want to change the video then you can go in and just add an annotation. It’s just brilliant.

Add a link so people can be sent some where else:

I love the fact that you can send people to either another video, your channel, subscribe page and a few other options in there, it’s excellent so if you have a series of videos on a topic then you can send people from one to the next one, that is sheer genius.

Add  a text watermark:

I am not sure if you have had people steal your videos but I have, so I make sure I make it as hard as possible for them to do that. I am not talking about taking my video and putting it on their site I am talking about copying it using Camtasia or something like it and then putting their own details on it. Grrrr anyway to stop that it’s a good idea to add comments or web address’s in places where it makes it hard to get them out of. So think about how you going to do that, now not every video of yours will be taken and ripped off but some generic ones you may have had made for you can be. So if you don’t have Camtasia then use the annotations to slow the people down abit. It won’t stop them totally but it’s a start.

I have started to use this as a watermark as most do not want a picture of me sitting in there video so this works quite well, the other thing that works well is putting your web address in as a watermark. In saying that you would need to use a program like Camtasia to do it for you. The You Tube Annotations does not really do as good a job as this picture, but as I said it’s a good start.

So here goes the Video:

How to Use Youtube Annotations To Add A Subscribe Button


Something you need to understand and realise is that if you bring the video from YouTube into your website or if someone else takes your video from YouTube and puts it on their site the Annotations don’t go through on the video. So best to make sure your important stuff :-) is already in the video like your web address etc. Annotations is for veiwing in Youtube. But at any rate they are fantastic tool to use, so thank you Youtube.

Hope that had some useful information for you and you can use it to grow your Subscribers and also to send traffic to where ever you need to send it.If you are looking for more posts on Youtube then I have a few written and there will be more coming as Youtube changes over. So more Youtube goodies.

That ends the lesson on How to Use Youtube Annotations.