What Is Content Curation?

What Is Content Curation?

I know I have written about Blog Curation or Content Curation before but it seems that it is so popular I wanted to write an update.

What is Content Curation?
Is Content Curation Auto Blogging? Hmmm well sort of but not really. Let me give you a definition:

Content Curation - Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting the best possible content that surrounds a specific subject matter and posting it on your site along with your opinions.

… or a better description:

Curation is basically a content marketing tactic. Rather than adding to the mountains of “original” content being uploaded every minute to the web, the curator researches, gathers, and picks the best information around a specific topic and shares only the best with their readers or followers. A curator becomes a thought leader through commentary to provide context and meaning to the information they curate into a blog post or a share with their “real-time” audience on the social web.   Source

As I have said in the other blog posts I love this form of content getting. It is fast and it is kinda like profiting from other peoples work but also being able to credit them for it as I talk about in the video below.

You get the content and they get the link pointing back to their site… so it really is a win/win situation.
That’s why I love it. I have had many people take my content put it up on their sites and then I get their traffic back to my site, it’s an amazing business model. Sort of doing a JV without it costing you anything :-)

Doing it this way saves you time and money. The two things I know you will all be happy to save.

Most of you will have done auto blogging in the past but some of the content that came in was not that good. The quality low and many articles really badly spun so it lowered the quality of your site, and generally people did not stay round long on your site as the content was just trashy. The whole thing with the auto blogging was that people needed to go back and check out the content coming in but most didn’t so really the big Google put a stop to auto blogging by dropping many sites ranking etc.

So even though Content Curation could be said to be similar to auto blogging it isn’t… It is quite different because you really do need to add your thoughts or your opinion to make this work well. It’s like have a never ending supply of information or content.. your own personal information river always flowing. Find out where to get your content and you will have a never ending supply.

In the video I cover a number of topics and one is all about Duplicate Content.

For years people have gone on about duplicate content and for years I have been saying the same thing. Duplicate content is using the same article/content on your site more than once. It would be like a newspaper printing the same story 3 times in the same paper, that is duplicate content.

What we have is called aggrigated content.

The most common question I get about content curation is, “Isn’t that duplicate content?” (in the eyes of the search engines)

There are two answers to this question:

First, if you’re just aggregating content into your website, yes, it is most likely duplicate content. But if you are curating the content, pulling great (not all) information from elsewhere — manually, not automatically — adding your own perspective to it and grouping things into collections of useful information, that is valuable stuff.

This is unique presentation of information that exists nowhere else and is not duplicate content. And we’re not just skirting by duplicate content filters. The goal is to create truly useful and unique content.

Second, if you are providing a valuable service by finding the best information on a subject, responding to a need of a community of people interested in your topic, you will become an authority and build an audience. By engaging this audience, it will grow into a community who is waiting for each of your updates and will respond to you. At that point, you’re “Google proof”, and the question is moot…

And the irony is with your valuable curated resource and social proof you achieve by adding value, that’s when Google will see you as an authority and rely on you and your website to provide good results for people searching in your niche, and all that free traffic is gravy.

Source article

Is content curation Illegal? Good question and the answer is no. However you must, must place the link back to where the content came from.

Who users Content Curation?

Sites have been doing this since before content curation was even cool. If you look around you may not have noticed that this has been going on. Here’s some examples:

  • Social Bookmarking sites have been doing this all along. They set it up so users can share content and vote on it. This has allowed them to build huge authority with the search engines. This is the reason why internet marketers like us have been able to take advantage of their work for links, etc…
  • Some internet news sites like the Huffington post. These sites gather internet content and sort through only the best.
  • Copyblogger.com and sites similar. These sites link to the most relevant content for the specific topic.
  • SEOMoz collects content about SEO from around the web.
I could go on but I think you’ve got the point. I also show you some of the sites that use it on the video so check it out there.  Content curation is awesome and it can turn a no-name site into a trustworthy source for information on a topic and turn it into the most visited site for the topic rather quickly. You really need to be using Content curation as one of your strategies in some of your sites.

Why use Content Curation?

Have you ever suffered from writers block. Even on a topic you know really well.
Sometimes you may wonder how on earth you can say the same thing in a different way.
I have found that in some niches so I am very glad to have discovered Content curation a long while ago now. Some are writing like it’s something new but not really, if you have followed me for a while you will know I have been talking about this for years, it just has a fancy name now. But some of my niches were hard to write about as I knew nothing so this was a great way round the problem.
From another point of view sometimes I just don’t have time to write another post, and then there is the constant changes, especially in this IM niche so using other peoples content is very helpful.

Here’s a few more reasons why you should use content curation:

  • Mixing your content with curated content will give your readers the best content and save them time in looking around
  • You can become the best source of information in your niche
  • We use Curation on all our new sites it gets them up and running faster, it gets great links back in the site, it just speeds everything up and saves thinking too hard about what to write straight away.
  • As I said earlier if you curate on your site then you will have links coming in and going out to others sites, plus if you also write your own content you can have others take your content for their sites as has happened to me.
  • As I show in the video you can curate videos, pictures, tweets etc, use your imagination
  • It is so much faster to get content and easier as said earlier

What is Content Curation.

So how do I do Content Curation?

Well as I talk about in the video there is the manual way and the almost but not quite auto way. I have done the manual for a while and now I just use software to do it. It is so much faster. So in the video I mention a few ways you can do it manually, but really why would you. You can use this great software for free Best Curation Software, so just go grab it, they also give you some training all about Content curation all in all is a great deal.

If you want to go do it manually then use the RSS feeds from sites within your niche, so use google to find these sites… Sorry but I am all about making things easy and using software is easy… yes sure I am giving you my affiliate link and sure I will make some money if you buy the product, but you don’t need to buy it, use the free version.

Thought you might find this Infographic really helpful:


Anyway enough reading and enough watching time to go out and do it, You now know What Is Content Curation now it’s time to go and do it…

now here is another way to curate some content, press the Facebook share button or “Like” button and that will curate some content onto your facebook profile with my compliments. Thanks for sharing and caring.




How to Add Twitter Posts To Your Website

How to Add Twitter Posts To Your Website

Not many people actually know that you can add a Twitter widget bar or even how to add twitter posts to your website, so I thought I should get a video done for you so you can see how easy it is to do.

There are so many things we can add onto our websites.

The facebook widget, all the other social book marking sites, youtube widget and so on…. the thing is we need to have many of these things on our sites as we can, because a lot of the Google Juice is given for Social Interactivity…

Not sure if I just made that word up :-)

We need to be seen to be active in the Social Arena that’s for sure. So if you can include buttons or whatever it takes to get people taking part.

We want people to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and the more shares plus the more comments we get the more Google seems to like us. As you will no doubt be aware by now Google is interested in what you and your friends are into, and if you Google + something and your friends do the same you will all show up as having done that. It’s pretty amazing and I have written a post on that you can go and view it here Google Gets Personal

I have had this video done for me by my good buddy and am sure it will help you to get the Twitter widget HTML code and than add it into your Widget Bar.

In the video he shows it added to the post or page but really I would not add it there, (not sure what he was thinking about) it really needs to be added to your widget bar at the side of your website.

So all you need to do is to take the HTML code that was created as shown in the video then:

1. Go to your dashboard of your WordPress site

2. Go down to Appearance at the side (usually left hand side)

3. The Widget tab will show

4. Click on Widget tab

5. It will open in new window

6. You will look on page and find a small box that says Text

7. Drag box over to where it says Widget Bar

8. Drop it where you want it, it will open up

9. Paste HTML code  and Name the widget

10. Save it, then go to front of site and take a look, don’t forget to refresh page

So that’s it really. It’s all very easy and then your visitors can see whats going on in your twitter and also follow you and add comments etc.

It’s a great way to get people to take part. I would also suggest you get the Facebook Widget as well. That might be another video I think.

So here is the video:

How to Add Twitter Posts To Your Website

Hope this helps you build an even better Online Presence.

If you need to know more to help you online then please contact me and we can talk about how you can make it online.

The IMM Academy is also there to help you as well and has helped many.

That is it from me today How to Add Twitter Posts To Your Website, trust it was helpful and if so please share away :-)



Use Blog Spam To Add Content To Your Site

Use Blog Spam To Add Content To Your Site

How does one do that? I thought we should delete all the spam off our sites…. well read on.

You can use blog spam to add content to your website and it’s a very easy thing to do. I have got a friend who has done this video for us and he will show you step by step how it is done.

If people are going to spam you then you should see if you can make good use of it, and in many cases you can. So in the video below you will see a great way to use it to add content in the comments section from all those annoying spammy comments that come into the site.

Just a few things you need to do though and we show you that in the video:

1. Make sure you take out the web links that are put in the comments.

2. Make sure you read through the comments.

3. Make sure you setup your settings to approve comments manually.

4. Make sure you have Akismet on your Blog site to keep spam under control.

Other than those few things make sure you watch the video. It’s only 3.44 mins long.

Of course it is much better to get genuine comments on your posts or pages but why not put something really annoying to good use. You maybe surprised how many of the comments that you can use.

Use Blog Spam To Add Content To Your Site

It can be hard to get people to comment on your posts I know that, no matter how good the content people just want to watch, read, take and move on…

but hopefully you are putting great content out there and also making sure that you have the Social Media Buttons on your posts so that at least the posts or pages can be shared easily as I do note that people like to press buttons to share with their friends and that’s a great way to get Google to notice you as well.

For more great help on All Things Internet you should take a look at the IMM Academy where I can take you step by step through setting up your own Internet Business or getting your offline business online. Go visit the IMM Academy.

Hope that has been a helpful blog post for you and tell me how many of the Spam comments were you able to use on your website? We can all use this under used and under rated way and use blog spam to add content to your website.


Amazing WordPress Sales Pages

Amazing WordPress Sales Pages

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that using wordpress out of the box will get you really boring websites. And really what we do want are Amazing WordPress Sales Pages and Websites, and Blog Posts. So the problem… Boring uninspiring posts and pages…. people not staying on site to see that you have amazing information...

I have struggled on for a long time trying my best to get my blog posts and wordpress sites looking amazing so that people will want to stay, look around and really enjoy the experience.

There are a few things you can do to make the pages and posts look good like use the Tiny MCE plugin, that gives you quite a few options but really the pages etc still look boring. What people tend to do to make them look “better” in their eyes is add lots of colourful text, which really is a no no.So please stop doing it… it’s horrid :-)

You can add pictures and video  etc into your posts and pages as well  to make it more pleasing to the eye. I have to say that most people do nothing, it’s just boring words on a page with a token picture in the right hand corner. Am sure you have seen that or maybe you do that…

You can do better than that. You need to do better than that.

I have written a blog post all about the Best Sales Theme and that theme has a great amount of pictures etc that you can use on your page but not everyone wants to use that theme. (No sure why not it’s fantastic :-) )

I discovered last year this great and amazing plugin that allows you to add short code into your posts and pages which in turn allows amazing things to take place. Like your pages start to look different. Suddenly your posts and pages go from average to Amazing WordPress Sales Pages, so everything you do looks great, professional and much better than the competition.

You can read everything under here, or you can watch the video if you really need convincing.

Click arrows in the bottom right hand corner to watch full screen corner


Short Codes Deluxe – Toolkit For WordPress

This really is one of the best WordPress Plugins I have used. I love it.WordPress in itself is awesome so easy to use but WordPress on it’s own without PLugins is very basic and boring :-) I bought this Short Codes Deluxe Plugin a while ago and have started the process of getting it onto as many sites as I can.When you head over to the sales page you will see what it does and the graphics that comes with the plugin.Anyway what are shortcodes? Good question. When you want to do something on WordPress or any website really HTML is created, and sometimes there are lines and lines of it going on for ages, well with this plugin what happens is somehow in the back the long HTML code is converted into something very small and that tiny code can do all sorts of amazing things… look best idea is to check out the page with the video on it and then see if it is a match for you and I cannot see why you would not want to use it …Short Code Deluxe Plugin Here is Marks explanation….

Please go on over and check out the video I could shout about the Short Code Deluxe Plugin all day long. It’s fantastic and as you go and take a look at the sales page you will see how amazing you can make your pages look, even use the short codes on posts as well.

Th graphics that you get with this plugin are fantastic as well, you can see that from what I have above plus the video.

So if you want amazing WordPress Sales pages then please take a look at this plugin, I really do love it. Anything that can brighten the page, help people engage with your site is worth taking a look at. Don’t just look and say “I will get back to it”… because we know that you probably won’t, sort it now, today. It’s not overly expensive and you can use it on a number of websites.

No more Boring websites everyone you have a chance to change that today. Boring is out. Bright happy websites that are pleasing to look at, don’t have dozens of different coloured fonts and different sizes and shapes are no longer in.We want engaging websites and posts.

Amazing WordPress Sales pages and blog posts are in today, please do go check it out right here at the Short codes Sales page

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