What is Ping – Benefits Of Pinging Your Blog Posts


What is Ping?What is ping - benefits of pinging your blog post

Good question…. people have been asking me to explain What is a ping – and the benefits of pinging your blog post… are there any?

Hopefully you will get the answer from this short tutorial.

Generally “Ping” is a web service and it is used to warn Spider and Crawler Indexer’s when a new page has been added or updated to your blog.

Using the Ping services is a way for you to inform the search engines to Index your newly added or updated Blog post pages into their database.
As a result of all this search engines are able to count your blog back-links quickly, which in turn is useful to your site ranking; besides Ping is also helpful to your blog SEO. Pinging sites are used to complete your blog indexing process quickly.

There are a number of ping services out there and I will list a couple for you.

Ping my URL

You should only Ping when you update you update ( New Page or Post added ) your blog.

I ping my new posts as soon as I am finished with them. So you should wait to Ping it till you are totally happy with it.
Then ping it out. Over pinging can get you black listed.

In this video I will show you what to do, how to do it and also show you some of the other sites I use to get my posts out there into Cyberland.

What is Ping – Benefits Of Pinging Your Blog Posts Video

As shown in the video it is also important that you share your posts through social media and social book marking sites. make sure you do that as that is also a requirement if you want to be getting your messsge out.

So go forth and ping… Now you know What is a Ping and also Benefits of pinging your blog posts

Hope this tutorial has been helpful, if so leave a comment and share the love with facebook etc.


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Art Williams Says Just do it!


Art Williams Says Just do it! So Why Aren’t You?


 This is one of the most inspirational videos that I have watched today. It’s the famous . Arthur L. “Art” Williams, Jr. is a famous billionaire insurance executive from Palm Beach, Florida. Art Williams is the founder of A.L. Williams & Associates. “As of 2008, he ranks number 843 on the Forbes list of the “World’s Billionaires” with an estimated wealth of $1.4 billion.” (Wikipedia).

 Some notable lines that I really liked are the following:

  • If want to win in business, you’ve got to be a leader.
  • The winners do it. They get the jobs done.
  • If you want to become somebody, do it!
  • I’m gonna win now, just do it!
  • I’m not making any money, what can I do? Just do it!
  • I want to win this contest, just do it!
  • Just do it, and do it, and do it.

 Watch it here: Art Williams Says “Just Do IT”

Winners just do it. But what do they do? They do whatever it takes to get the job done. They do it – and do it – and do it – until the job gets done. And then they talk about how great it is to be somebody they’re proud of. They talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something unique – how glad they are that they didn’t quit like everybody else – how wonderful it is to finally make a difference with their life. We need leaders in America who can “Do It!” – Art Williams

Here are some of the great point’s that Art says in his speech…

What is the 500,000 dollar a year person do, the 50,000 dollar person doesn’t do? You’re looking outside and study those 2 individuals, everything seems to be the same. They’re both of the same sex, they’re both of the same age, they have the same train, the same positions, the same contract, the same friends benefits, both are successful, they work hard, they’re good family people, make tough commitments. But what’s the difference?

What does the 500,000 dollar person do the 50,000 dollar person doesn’t do?

    • He pays the price a little bit more.
    • He works hard a little bit more
    • He’s loyal to the company a little bit more.
    • He makes money a little bit more.
    • He believes it a little bit more.
    • He saves money a little bit more.

This is all so powerful, and to finish off I want to add in these words near the end of his speech:

Yep you really got to do it.
“Art, Art what’s the primary difference between winners and losers?”
The winners do it…. They do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, until the job gets done.
And then they talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something unique.

And I’m glad they are.

They didn’t quit like everybody else.

And how wonderful it is to finally be somebody they’re proud of and make a difference for their lives

What have you done to achieve something unique? What did you quit at lately? What have you done to make a difference in the lives of others?
Winners Just do it, over and over, and over again.

Love this speech it is so inspiring and makes me want to Just Do It, if not for me, then for the people who rely on me.

I have always been told that you have to have a very big “Why” as to why I am doing something. My “Why” is to help my family and those around me that love and support me and also the greater good of the charities I work with and for.


So each day I “Just Do IT

Art Williams Just Do It speech.



How To Schedule WordPress Posts


How To Schedule WordPress Posts

I love how wordpress just makes everything so easy, and as you will see by the video below scheduling a post is one of the easy tasks.

How To Schedule WordPress Posts is a question I have a few times lately. I guess with the holiday season almost upon us then people get really busy and find it hard to get the basics, like writing posts etc done. So here is this very short video I show you Step by Step how to do it.

It really is easy.

I usually do a few Content Curation Posts, another words using other peoples posts and that can really speed things up. If you are unsure as to what Content Curation is then I have done a post all about it and you can go to Content Curation read about it.

So if you are short on time, then use other peoples articles, give them credit remember, and then you can schedule them. How quick will that be?

Set them all up to come out onto both your Facebook Page or Profile as well and onto Twitter and then you can go off sit on the beach, or go skiing and have fun knowing that your posts are being taken care of.

Enjoy the video.

How To Schedule WordPress Posts

Enjoy and share the post. Would love to hear your comments as well… so share and care :-)


WP Stealth Downloader – Hide Your Links

WP Stealth Downloader – Hide Your Links

As the developer of the “WP Stealth Downloader” I’ve been personally offering my Clients and site visitors downloads of 100s of files over the past 5 years – so I know a thing or two about WordPress and offering download files and how to deliver these files easily and securely …

And now, I’ve made a brand new Plugin to let you offer download options that look professional and protect your files locations on a WordPress Platform that is unbeatable…

Here is my new Plugin WP Stealth Downloader.


People can steal your Stuff if you don’t hide your links well


WP Stealth Downloader: not only will it hide your links but you can use buttons in your posts to highlight where you want people to click ( we know we have to tell people what to do ) but also it will tell you the statistics on how many clicked the link and how many downloaded. This will help you know what you need to do to improve the titles or headlines etc. Its a great Marketing tool.

It is also easy to setup.

Watch the video and see what it does and how you can use it to protect your downloads from being stolen.



Easy Installation
The install process for the Plugin is very Easy. (We also have a video if that is a problem for you with step by step instructions should you need help)


Auto Script
You don’t want to play around with HTML code to produce a professional download button and link. We have that covered a simple button in the dashboard will take care of all the coding for you.


Anti theft ? Cheat
You need to be able to protect the source files and this plugin does just that. It hides the download source and protects you files


You need to be able to customize the look and feel of the Download Buttons. One Size Does Not Fit All! Again this is simple and we have it covered.


Training to install and use the plugin.
We use plugin everyday and when we buy a new plugin we want to learn quickly now to use it. We have that covered with step by step training that will have you using the plugin in no time.


Low Cost
This plugin will cost about the same as a good cup of Coffee. You can use it on as many sites as you own. It should be selling for much more but we love to offer great tools at a great price.



We even have some amazing bonuses for you with this plugin… so head on over and check it out, and even better than that buy it, you need it. Then share the good news with your mates. Lets all keep safe from the thieves.

No more needs to be said. I suggest you go get it. I hate to think how much it has cost me not hiding links etc. Head on over to the WP Stealth Downloader  page and find out all the other good things.