Reposition Your Facebook Photos To Look Great


Reposition Your Facebook Photos To Look Great

I have started to note that some people are not displaying their pictures or photos as well as they could.

Maybe you do not know that you can reposition your pictures once you have it up on Facebook.

I have made a very short video for you showing you how to make it happen.

So take a look, trust it will be helpful for you.
The key is to get people to click on your pictures so you can have engagement, so best idea is to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Reposition Your Facebook Photos To Look Great


Would love you to leave a comment, share on Facebook or where ever else you share then I will get some more great Facebook Tip videos done for you. :-)

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Youtube Trick – Always Show Your Videos


youtube tvYouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos

When I found out about this great YouTube trick I was feeling pretty smug with myself.
Here is the problem....

Lets say  you have your video posted on your website, but hosted at YouTube .

When your video comes to the end then what happens… you will find in most cases all sorts of other videos will show in the small icon pictures.
Some of the videos may have nothing to do with the topic you have just been sharing about and some others could be your competition, others could be well not what you want to show actually as I had happen.

No I am not against competition but if you can do something without your competition getting a look in why would you not do that :-)

In this video I show you how you can, for the moment anyway, do a sneaky little trick that will work in your favor so that at the end of the video you have put together only your videos will show.
No one else’s just yours… it’s very cool watch the video and learn…
you can thank me later ;-)

Check out the video below it’s all a bit sneaky but well worth knowing.

YouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos

I trust that is very helpful to you and will keep your videos at the forefront of your customers or subscribers.

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All of these great tips will help you market much better on YouTube so check them all out.

Leave your thoughts or comments below.
Don’t forget to share with your friends and family help them to be successful as well.

YouTube Trick – Always Show Your Videos.



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3 Ways To Leverage the New LinkedIn


3 Ways To Leverage the New LinkedIn

How many of you use LinkedIn?
I have to say I have an account and I add my blog posts to it every time I have a new one, I also click on links when people want to add me to their LinkedIn …. but other than that I don’t do anything at all. I always found it abit hard to get around and although I have written a book all about how to use it ( well I didn’t I got outsourcer to) about 3 years back, I have not continued with it.

However I did note there have been some more changes lately and there is an excellent article on the Social Examiner about them so though I would posts it in here for you to take a look at.

Have you noticed the changes to LinkedIn recently?

Although changes to LinkedIn are less frequent than on Facebook, they can have significant marketing implications.

Read further to find out how the recent changes to LinkedIn impact your social media marketing.

What’s New With LinkedIn?

Recently the LinkedIn Homepage had a significant makeover. It’s now more sleek and modern. It also feels faster with an almost instantly updated user interface.

linkedin home page

LinkedIn has made a few key design changes to make it easier to discover and discuss what matters most.

As LinkedIn says in their recent blog post, Introducing a Simpler Homepage:

“This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to the Homepage to offer more customization and functionality this year. We look forward to making the LinkedIn Homepage your go-to destination to discover and discuss what matters to you, your industry and your professionals network around the world.”

Mashable refers to the new LinkedIn Homepage as a mash-up between Facebook and Google+. I’d have to agree. There is something more appealing about it that makes you want to hang out for a while!

A Quick Overview of the LinkedIn Homepage Layout

On your new homepage, you will first notice a blue box to click that will show you the most recent updates from your network.

top part home page

The top part of the new LinkedIn Homepage.

From there, underneath your status update box, you will see “LinkedIn Today recommends this news for you,” along with three recommended stories.

The news stories in this area are consistent with the industry you work in or publications that you have indicated an interest in following on LinkedIn Today.

If you click through one of these news stories, you’ll be taken to the LinkedIn Today aggregate news page, where you can view and comment on additional relevant news stories (more on the changes to LinkedIn Today shortly).

linkedin today

LinkedIn Today delivers the day’s top headlines that matter to people in your industry. Follow the industry and sources you care about.

Follow the Updates From Your Network

Moving beyond the latest news section, you’ll see updates from your network of connections and companies that you follow on LinkedIn. (If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to create a LinkedIn company page for your business so that you can start acquiring followers!)

The updates you see are based on who and what LinkedIn believes to be the most relevant for you.

Don’t forget to engage with your connections directly from your homepage!

You can typically like, comment, send a message or share to effectively engage. This will also help you to be viewed as someone who is “plugged in” and listening to your connections.

like comment share

Engage with your network via your LinkedIn homepage.

LinkedIn allows you to filter your update stream and customize your view.

For example, I like to filter my stream by “Shares” to see what content my network connections are sharing. This filter takes away some of the clutter.


Filter your homepage updates with these options.

Overall, the Updates section of the new homepage is simply more social. The stream of activity is cleaner and easier to follow.

LinkedIn Homepage Images Are Bigger

Images are also more prominent within the updates from your network. When posting your own updates, use an image if possible to capture attention!

bigger images

Images are now bigger within LinkedIn status updates.

Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn Homepage Features

Remember that anytime LinkedIn members visit the site, they typically start from the homepage.

Being active on LinkedIn can help you show up on the homepages of your connections.

Showing up consistently can lead to more profile views, and ultimately LinkedIn profile views can turn into website or blog traffic.

3 Tips to Make the New LinkedIn Homepage Work for You

#1: Update Your Status Frequently and Consistently

Strive to update your status or participate in some sort of LinkedIn activity 3-5 times per day, throughout the day.

This includes regular status updates from your own homepage, participating in group discussions, leaving comments, making new connections, answering questions, etc.

In order to gain traction with marketing your brand and building influence on LinkedIn, you need to be consistently visible and valuable.

If you have a company page on LinkedIn, make sure to update your status there as well. Typically 1-2 company updates per day are sufficient.

If you want to stand out among your connections, make your updates engaging. Ask a question, ask for feedback or even consider running a poll. Also, comments are a great way to spark dialogue with your connections.

#2: Use Images in Your Status Updates

I mentioned previously in the article that LinkedIn has made the sizes of images included with status updates larger and more prominent.

Therefore it makes sense to use images in your status updates whenever possible in order to attract attention from your network.

In the screenshot below, which status update stands out the most?

use images

Use images whenever possible to make your LinkedIn status updates stand out.

#3: Get Active on LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Today has also been given a couple of awesome new features recently to make the news site more social!

First, you can now click on “Trending in Your Network” on LinkedIn today to view specific news stories that have been shared by your connections.

trending news

Click on “Trending in Your Network” to view articles shared by your connections.

Second, you can like, comment, share and save news stories on LinkedIn Today.

The comments don’t appear to be threaded conversations; however, your commentary on a trending news story will appear on the homepages of all of your connections!

If you comment on a few news stories each day through LinkedIn Today, you will keep your status active, create potential engagement with your network and also receive the benefit of having an image inserted into your status update!

google mail search results

Share your unique commentary on trending news topics on LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn is getting more social. Be sure to tweak your LinkedIn marketing to leverage these new social features.

And if you haven’t already got a LinkedIn marketing plan in place, it might be time to consider implementing one.

The ongoing improvements to LinkedIn continue to make it a compelling network for business professionals, business owners and anyone looking to improve their career or job opportunities.

What do you think? Have you seen the new LinkedIn homepage? Do you like or dislike it? Will you implement some of these ideas to grow your visibility? Are there any features I’ve missed? Please share your comments below.

How to use LinkedIn Video

So there you have it, 3 Ways To Leverage the New LinkedIn. Would love your comments and your shares :-)