Has Your Cheese Moved Lately

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately?

Many peoples lives are changing and their cheese is being moved. What do I mean about the cheese moving watch the short video and or the long video they are worth watching.

This is so sad
As I write this post  something so sad has happened that it really is hard to keep back the tears…I heard of my neighbour who just took his own life today… and I wonder what drives a man do to such a terrible thing, what was it that finally made him take that action… from talking there were many things too sad to even go into.. but things had changed for him so much he didn’t feel the need to live anymore. His cheese had moved so far from where he believed it should be that there was no point living.
He was a fine man, a good man, and while alive changed many lives,  I don’t know what finally tipped him, but for someone to end their lives like that there must be a terrible sense of hopelessness, whatever the reason it is sad and a waste for the world. I do know this, that his job that he loved had been taken from him, and he could not find one that fulfilled him and made him happy… of course there were other things I am sure.
I honor that man today and his good works and the memory of him.

I do not want to belittle what I have just spoken of or for you to think of me as insensitive as I am not but once again it reminds me we all need to have a plan.

When things change what will you do?….

  • if you lose your job what will you do?
  • If you cannot pay the bills what will you do? 
  • If you lose the love of your life, what will you do?
  • If you are not financially secure what will you do?

For if we do not take care of these things in our lives we can begin to feel a sense of hopelessness and from experience that is not a good feeling.

I am sure we can all tell stories of how things have changed for us, how our cheese has moved…
I want to talk with you now on just one thing, and this will certainly help in at least one facet of your life and that’s making sure you at least have some money so you can pay the bills and have some left over as well. I believe that money isn’t everything, but its right up there with oxygen, try living without it.

Please watch the video below its just a short version of the video below again.

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately?


A few months back I held a webinar called “7 ways to make money without winning the lottery” where I showed 7 amazing ways to make money.
I believe now is the best time to make money online, but you need to choose wisely what you do. There are so many choices, so many ways.

You see things have changed, and doing things the way we did them 12 months ago probably will not work in today’s marketing world. What I noticed about 9 months ago was how difficult it  got selling affiliate products from say Clickbank.
So my cheese moved, and so did many others cheeses move,  mine moved alot after the Panda updates etc, my sites lost rankings etc, so I had to think outside the box and find another way to keep the income to at least where I had had it… In my research I found something amazing.. I found a New Affiliate Marketing Model that has blown me away.

I believe in multiple streams of income, and right now have 9 different streams.  My cheese moved and I could do as Hem did ( in the video)  and stayed Hemmed in by my comfort and denial or I could find another and better stream to add to what I was already doing. Which is what I did.

I called this post “Has Your Cheese Moved Lately” as I am very aware of what’s going on out there in the world as people get laid off everywhere round our country and world. So peoples cheese is moving… has your cheese moved? what is your cheese? Your job, your financial position, your relationships.?

 We live in a world of change, we all know that, like that’s not new Gail :-)

What I am finding is there are so many people out there trying to work the old way in a new world..
remember those days when ….. you could start a job and stay there all your life and the company was so happy to have you work for them that when you retired you were given a lovely gold watch.. well I have not heard of that happening of late, have you? :-) Things are tough, finding a job is tough, being able to afford everyday items is tough and I know you know as well as I do it wont get easier


I Want To Work With You

I am sure we all realise that the unexpected can happen and when it does we need a plan. I have a plan for you, it’s a great plan and you really need to contact me so I can show you. Don’t go round like Hem, be like Haw and make the change you want to see in your life and family. I am not going to charge you anything to help you I just want to work with you and show you there is a better way to add extra income.

If you can pay your bills and have left over to do the things you might dream of it take a weight off a persons shoulders.. I know that because that’s what it does for me and many others who I have taught these make money principles to.

Here is the full version of  Who Moved My Cheese….

There are many ways to make money online, some are so easy that if I showed you, you may not believe me.

Rather than you wake up one morning and say:

“what, no cheese, who moved my cheese, it’s not fair… what will happen if the cheese is not there tomorrow? All my plans are based on the cheese being here….”

you won’t be concerned when the cheese moves because you have made plans.

If you are not making money online and you want to, if you want to add more income to your month then you need to contact me, remember I want to work with you, not sell to you.

I travel to Australia tomorrow and will be in Brisbane and around that area plus Melbourne, if you want to meet with me and ask me questions or want me to show you what I am now doing then contact me. I want to work with you.

Has Your Cheese Moved Lately