Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

I know I have written before about Affiliate marketing, but this time I want to tell you about The Best Affiliate  Marketing Program that I have seen.

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is when you sell something, or service on behalf of someone else and they pay you for doing so. Clickbank is one of the biggest places one would go to if you wanted to sell e-books or Video Training, when you sell one of the products there, the owner will pay you a % of the income, that could be anything from $5 to $100 you just check it out and decide if it is worth you doing or not, and how much you want to earn. Please go to some of my other posts on Affiliate Marketing to find out more. It’s a great way to do business, because it means you can get online and not have to have a product of your own to sell.

Ok, now tht we have that out of the way :-)

With this Affiliate Marketing Company you are not actually selling anything which is great, you are performing a service for them by driving traffic to their main website. It is so easy and if you do that everyday then you will get paid. Now does it sound too good to be true, well maybe. However before you right it off take a look at it. ..

Why do I think it’s the best? Well let me tell you.

10 Reasons why some people are unsuccessful in their
Online Business Efforts

  1. Keyword research
  2. Thinking of a Niche to go into
  3. Buying a domain name, or URL (same thing)
  4. Building a website
  5. Hosting
  6. Adding Content
  7. Writing Content
  8. Making Videos
  9. Submitting said site to all the directories
  10. Then adding more content and so it goes on.

I love all that, it gets me going and of course I always have something to say :-)


But it is a huge stumbling block, or a big wall.. to people and although many start Internet Marketing with good intentions and they buy all these different programs that promise this and that at end of day it seems just to hard for most. I want to see everyone have extra income and as we know it’s a great idea to have multiple streams of income.
So if you are facing a huge wall that you would love to get over then I am here to help you. I so want everyone to have the dreams they dream and be able to do what they have in their heart to do. And I know it’s no always about a bigger car, and bigger house, and gold watches some of you have amazing dreams and ideas that you will never get near unless you make some changes. I have helped many people over the years make some huge changes in their lives and in their financial lives as well, and so I put this before you all to take a look at and see if it fits with you.



So what is the answer, I believe that I have found something that you could all be doing…
let me tell you why I believe that:

  1. There is no Keyword research to be done
  2. No need to be Thinking of a Niche to go into
  3. No need to buy a domain name (unless you want to)
  4. No need to build a  website
  5. There is no need to get hosting
  6. No need to be writing articles or trying to think up content to put on your non existent website :-)
  7. As above, nothing really to write about
  8. No need to make videos, in fact the company don’t want you to
  9. There are probably other things I can add as well… just that the list goes on and on.

You are probably wondering what it is, well I won’t be telling you here, I want you to contact me and I will tell you.
…I don’t want to tell everyone:
…I just want those that are really keen
…those that want to get paid everyday
…those that want to have a business not a hobby
…those that just love to make money :-)

Will it suit everyone, probably not, I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it but some people like to sit back and procrastinate and do nothing and wait till it’s all too late and the opportunity has way gone and passed you buy. I have shared this program that I call the Best Affiliate Marketing Program with a few people and here are some of the comments:

” I cannot believe it, I have been doing Internet marketing for 3 years and never made $1, I join this affiliate program and after 1 month have made money for only 2 mins of my time a day”

” I cannot believe how easy this is, you said it was copy and paste I did not believe you, but it is true”

” I have made more money in 2 months than I have made in any Internet marketing program ever”

Now some of you will say, oh yes we have heard it all before, those of you who know me know I promote what I am doing and what is working. I am happy to promote this affiliate program as it’s working and has been for quite a while now.

All I have to say here is if you are really keen to add another income stream to your life, have at least 5 minutes a day to do this business, know how to copy and paste, want to work for a company that has been working with affiliates for 14 years then what are you waiting for.


Please contact me and we can make a time on skype to talk.



I have had someone tell me they could not possibly do this business of affiliate marketing because they could not find 5 minutes a day. Odd isn’t it.

If I said to you, I need 5 minutes of your time a day and I will give you $100 you would find that 5 minutes. So I guess if you can’t find 5 minutes then this isn’t for you either.

To me that is sad.

I love affiliate marketing and I love it even more if I don’t need to do keyword research, build a website, submit to directories, write articles and make lots of videos. I am sure you would be the same.

Enough said….

This is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program



Watch the video and then click on the contact me, send your details and lets talk. If you want to work close with me then this is your opportunity. I have billed it as the Best Affiliate Program and I truly believe it is.






Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit

Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit

I had some one ask me this question: “Can you make money Buying and Selling Domain Names?”

It’s a great question really, and many of you would say ohhh “that’s only something really smart people do” and “I have missed the boat there are no more good names out there to buy” and there are several dozen other excuses that I can think of that you could make as well.

Domain Names, URL’s or Web Address’s are all ways of owning some sort of virtual real estate. There is great money to be made in this form of Real Estate. If you think about it a domain name is very similar to owning a plot of land. You see, once someone lives at that “Plot of land” then that’s it no one else can buy that plot until it comes up for sale again..

Domain names are the same, once someone has bought the name it can no longer be used again. It can be sold but there will no longer be that name ever sold like that again.

Some will say that’s not right Gail, there is a Street address just like mine in another city or town, well that’s true, but it is not the same as yours is it, it is different, another words it is a variation of your address but it is not the same, the house will be different, there will be many differences….  and the same can be said on various forms of the domain name, you can have a .net, .org, .biz and a few variations but you will never get again. Well unless it comes up for sale.

As I said it can be bought and sold and that’s where you can make an extremely good living.

It can be very frustrating though, I remember a few years ago someone bought a variation of my name and then tried to sell it back to me. I was really annoyed but hey, he was doing what I was teaching, he could have done it to someone else though ;-) In answer to your question, no I did not buy it off him, and since he has let it go. But all the same, what are your thoughts on buying another persons name and then trying to resell it back to them? Have you ever done that before, it was taught many years ago as a great strategy.

You might find this video really interesting that was on in USA news…. check it out as they decided if  Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit is profitable.


I was recently at an Internet Marketing seminar and there were some folks talking about how much money they make buying and selling domain names and also websites. They spoke of buying website from sites like Flippa that had amazing web address’s then changing the site if needed, then they would either hold onto the site or they would flip it for a huge profit. They talked about how easy it was, I have to say I have sold a lot of websites and made great money doing so. But have not spent time just doing the Buying and Selling of domain names for profit. I don’t think I have the patience to look for domain names to buy. I am like that with property as well :-)

However I see that for some this could be a great way to earn extra cash online. On looking around to who is actually doing this successfully I note an interesting trait … that is these same people who buy and sell to flip also love to do the same with property. When the folk I spoke of earlier talked about buying and selling domain names and websites they also do property and apply very similar rules to their web domain business.

Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit: Warning

Be very careful about diving right into this and buying domain names. There is a huge word of warning here…… DO NOT BUY TRADE MARK NAMES

Don’t get served Notice like I did…. scary

I have been served 4 times from companies whose names I bought. I did not even think about Trade Marks and things like that. 2 years ago I got 4 letters one after the other from high powered Lawyers that were going to sue me for every cent I had…. man I was scared. I had a couple of the letters come that I even had to sign for… so be careful. In my country we are not used to all this suing nonsense, all they needed to do was send a letter and I would have taken it down. But there you go thats what some countries do all day they search the Internet seeing who they can sue the pants off ( as we say here) In saying that I know how annoyed I get when people buy forms of my name so if the boot was on the other foot how would you feel if someone took your name, or your company name or product and used it…..

These people ripped me off and I got hoping mad…

I have also had this happen which has been even more annoying…. I had 3 really good domain names, one had facebook in address, one had yahoo and another had another company in there, shall remain nameless…. they were extremely good URL’s and worth money… after about 2 years of me using them and promoting them, I got these letters telling me I would be sued if I carried on using them and to let them go immediately… well from past experience I acted immediately… then I found out, the letters were fake and now someone else is using the domain names grrrrrrrr. I should have realised as all 3 letters were identical, anyway hindsight is a great thing.

I have this great report all about buying and selling domain names for profit. I had it written last year. It is fantastic and will help you to decide if this is something that you could do. All the pitfalls are in there, so you won’t have to go through what I went through. Nothing like someone else’s experience as a teacher right!

Here are some of the things I cover for you:



None of the above bad things need to happen to you, I have been there done that, given you the warnings, for you it’s simple now. I suggest you take a look at this report it really will be very helpful to you. That’s why I had it written so you don’t need to go through what I have been through.

I look every other day on Flippa to see what there is for sale, and 2 weeks ago put bids on a domain and website I wanted but then it went higher than I was prepared to pay. This style of Internet Marketing will suit some of you and you will love it.

I am selling the report for just $7 and it is $7 well spent, I suggest if you are really keen to get into Buying and Selling Domain Names for profit then this will be very helpful.

If you are not at all sure where to start to make money online then you can check out the post I have done called Internet Business 4 Newbies and I am sure you will get some ideas.

Get your copy today and start your Domain Portfolio, and start Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit.


How to do Affiliate Marketing – Infographic

How to do Affiliate Marketing

How do I do Affiliate Marketing…People constantly ask the questions below:

  1. where do I start?
  2. how do I find a product?
  3. how do I get paid?
  4. do I have to have my own product?
  5. can I make money with affiliate marketing?
  6. do I need to keep stock? 
  7. do I sell ebooks, software or physical product?

So right below is a Infographic that will show you a step by step just through the How to do affiliate marketing maze. Of course there is more to it, like keywords and SEO so I have some info graphics for those as well. I will put the links below.

I hope this helps you through the Affiliate Maze about and will give you at least 7 step process.

How to do Affiliate Marketing questions answered

Now I know it all looks a bit simplistic but the thing is it is simplistic. You just need to follow steps and then it all comes together.

So in answer to questions above…

  1. where do I start?
  2. how do I find a product?
  3. how do I get paid?
  4. do I have to have my own product?
  5. can I make money with affiliate marketing?
  6. do I need to keep stock? 
  7. do I sell ebooks, software or physical product?

1. Where do you start? Find the niche, found out what you want to build your site around. There is a lot going on in the world today, people want answers to all sorts of things so go find out what people want to know, then provide the answer for them.

2. How do I find a product? In the How to do affiliate marketing infographic above there is a list of places you can go and find a product to promote so go there and see what you can find to sell.

3. How do I get paid? Well each place is a little different, some pay you into your account, some into Paypal and that’s the best way for me, some send a cheque. So read their fine print and find out what they do.

4. Do I have to have my own product? no you don’t just use someone else’s especially when starting out. Then down the track get your own product. Then instead of earning say 50% you earn 100% of the sales price.

5. Can I make money with Affiliate Marketing? Yes you can, you just have to do it right. It is a good idea to follow a system and I teach you a 7 Step System with the IMM Academy.

6. Do I need stock or a warehouse? No you don’t you use other peoples warehouses or you sell down loadable products. You can go and open an account at Clickbank and set yourself up to sell products from there.

7. Do I sell ebooks, software or physical product? you can sell whatever suits you. I would start off with Digital downloads it’s just easier when you are starting out.

Trust this was helpful :-) please leave a comment below, and don’t forget to Tweet it and like it. Share the love. Enjoy.

See you online. If you need to know more on How to do Affiliate Marketing please check out my site at the IMM Academy.

Share on Facebook, Twitter or Google + below and you will get access to download the Infographic. Thankyou in advance


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How to Install a Subdomain

How to Install a SubdomainHow to add a subdomain

How to install a sub-domain? well it is very easy. Make sure you can get access into your C-panel and then decide which URL or Web Address you want to attach the sub-domain to.

This is a question I have had a few times now and so I thought I would do a short video and show you and also tell you why you would use this feature.


Ok…. lets back track a little, before we get ahead of ourselves. Why would you want to use a sub-domain?

Lets give you a couple of ideas:

1. You have a chosen niche and everything you do will be in that niche

2. You have a limited budget and you can’t afford lots of domain names.

3. You are in MLM company and you have a website setup you can all use but want different names in subdomain

4. You just like the idea that you can make a great sentence with a sub-domain added :-)

These are all valid ideas and points. You will see in the video below I have used the sub-domain to great use in setting up websites to lease out in my community. So just by taking my city name I can add whatever in the front. Its very keyword rich as well. So you can do lots of things with the Sub-domain idea.

Does Google recognise a Subdomain.

Google Places ImageAs I am not Google I won’t even guess on this one. I can say however that I have seen many website URL’s at the top of Google that are sub-domains. Also in case of Business it’s fine with Google Places. So it won’t cost you to try it out will it, all I can say is make sure that what you put together in a subdomain makes sense and is in same niche. I am sure that will help, but cannot say for sure as Google has it’s own rules. I did a post earlier about buying Doamin Names that sell you might want to check that out if you need help in buying Domains.

Subdomain give You More options

It’s so ture it give you so many options, you can add whatever you want in the front and am sure some of you can be quite inventive and depending on the domain that you bought some domains could be quite funny and memorable. But as said above make sure you keep it all in the same niche when adding in the subdomain.


Check out the Video: How to Add A Sub-domain below.

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Let me know your thoughts on using a Subdomain for your business, would be keen to see how you are using your sub-domain.