What is Ping – Benefits Of Pinging Your Blog Posts


What is Ping?What is ping - benefits of pinging your blog post

Good question…. people have been asking me to explain What is a ping – and the benefits of pinging your blog post… are there any?

Hopefully you will get the answer from this short tutorial.

Generally “Ping” is a web service and it is used to warn Spider and Crawler Indexer’s when a new page has been added or updated to your blog.

Using the Ping services is a way for you to inform the search engines to Index your newly added or updated Blog post pages into their database.
As a result of all this search engines are able to count your blog back-links quickly, which in turn is useful to your site ranking; besides Ping is also helpful to your blog SEO. Pinging sites are used to complete your blog indexing process quickly.

There are a number of ping services out there and I will list a couple for you.

Ping my URL

You should only Ping when you update you update ( New Page or Post added ) your blog.

I ping my new posts as soon as I am finished with them. So you should wait to Ping it till you are totally happy with it.
Then ping it out. Over pinging can get you black listed.

In this video I will show you what to do, how to do it and also show you some of the other sites I use to get my posts out there into Cyberland.

What is Ping – Benefits Of Pinging Your Blog Posts Video

As shown in the video it is also important that you share your posts through social media and social book marking sites. make sure you do that as that is also a requirement if you want to be getting your messsge out.

So go forth and ping… Now you know What is a Ping and also Benefits of pinging your blog posts

Hope this tutorial has been helpful, if so leave a comment and share the love with facebook etc.


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Lessons from a Pink Bowl

Lessons from a Pink Bowl

I was reading through my facebook news feed and saw this story so I had to post it in here as it’s brilliant. Lessons from a Pink Bowl.
The story is below and you can read it, but I was amazed at how easy this was for the business mentioned below and how now it has had a viral effect, all because they sent a pink bowl out to a customer. They rewarded him for his loyalty with a pink bowl and a special card.

BUT not just any pink bowl... this was a VIP Pink Bowl.. this bowl allowed the customer to….
jump the line, he could with the show of the bowl go to the front of the line. I am sure we can all feel the good and bad of that..

I hate line jumpers and if I can find a way to jump the line that is fair then I am going to do it. The power that would give me, to walk past lines of people all because of my pink bowl wow. I want one, and I will do what I have to do to get hold of one of those bowls.
it was a limited edition Pink bowl as well.
When the customer showed his Pink Bowl the staffer was excited to see him as well…. read on …

Incredible marketing. This is an offline business that used old fashioned marketing, by old fashioned I mean real mail in the letter box, and because this person was so happy with the out come it has now gone viral all over the net.

Brilliant. I wonder how much the marketing cost the company all up. I am positive not as much as they are going to make out of it.

How to Create Word of Mouth Magic

I had an amazing experience the other day, so amazing that I just had to share it with you. I received, in the mail, a big gift-wrapped pink-box. Inside the box was a pink salad bowl, a VIP membership card, and a letter. The sender, a New York City healthy salad-to-go restaurant chain called Just Salad, apparently had just awarded me with number 17 of a total 100 limited edition VIP Pink Bowls.

I was excited, of course, and read the letter, which informed me that my loyalty had earned me the Pink Bowl. More important, the letter informed me that I could now enjoy line-skipping privileges, free toppings and other perks, as long as I brought in my Pink Bowl.

Well, obviously I knew where I had to have lunch that day. As I walked into the always-crowded Just Salad with my Pink Bowl, I immediately felt like a VIP. I walked past a line of about 40 people, several of which were literally ooh-ing and ah-ing at my Pink Bowl as I walked. I felt like Moses parting the Red Sea with my Pink Bowl.

“Where’d he get that?” I heard. “I’ve never seen one!” I heard. It was incredible. When I got to front of the long line, the woman waiting at the front said, in a typical New York City rushed-town, “Excuse me! Haven’t you seen this line?”

I gently held up my Pink Bowl, and she said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see your Bowl.”

Apparently, Just Salad has done some promotion around this Pink Bowl campaign. Anyway, I approached the counter, and heard the staffer say “Wow, this is the first Pink Bowl customer I’ve had!” I got my free chicken topping, and I was soon on my way. When I got back to the office, within a few minutes, 30 people at Likeable had heard the story. It soon appeared on Twitter and Facebook. Now it’s here.I had an amazing experience with my Pink Bowl. Guess where I had lunch the next day? And the day after that? For the cost of a bowl, shipping, and a free topping, ($20?) the small business reached thousands of customers and prospects.

I’ve been a regular Just Salad customer for a while now, and frankly, I’m not sure whether I got the Pink Bowl because of my loyalty or my influence. But I can tell you this: Just Salad’s Pink Bowl campaign to me and others is a reminder of the timeless formula of word of mouth (WOM) marketing success:

Great Product + Loyalty Marketing + Influencer Marketing = WOM Magic

Let’s dissect this formula for success and talk about how you can benefit:

1) The fundamental priority is to create a great product. A great product or service is worth talking about to your friends. Just Salad has these cool orange and green reusable salad bowls, dozens of different salad options, and provides fresh, fast, healthy lunches. It’s worth talking about to begin with. On the other hand, if you don’t have a great product, no amount of marketing is going to make a difference.

2) Reward loyal customers in a fun way. Your loyal customers are the ones most passionate about your great product or service, and they’re the ones most likely to talk about you. So give them something to talk about. And give them a reason to keep coming back.

3) Give influential customers something to talk about. Long before social media, you had some customers and prospects that were more influential than others: the captain of the football team, or the President of the P.T.A., or guy who organizes all of the golf outings. Thanks to social media, you can now identify your most influential customers more easily than ever. For instance, you can use Klout or Kred, services that measure how many Twitter followers and Facebook friends take action when people post.

Here are 5 examples for how different companies and individuals can leverage word of mouth magic with their customers and prospects:

1) A real estate agent sends a beautiful bottle of wine to an influential prospect – before the sale.

2) A software company launches in Beta with exclusive free access to a limited group of Twitter influencers.

3) A law firm lands a new client – the biggest manufacturing company in the city – and sends out big cookie baskets to all of the execs the next day.

4) An insurance saleswoman finds the top-connected people on LinkedIn in town, and mails them all Starbucks gift cards.

5) A restaurant offers free dessert to all of its frequent diners.

If you have a great product, and can get your loyal, influential customers talking about it, you will create word of mouth magic. Getting lots of the right people talking about you in a positive way is more valuable than any advertising – and thanks to social media, word of mouth magic can spread faster and further than ever before.

Just Salad did just that with me, and now many thousands of people know about it.

How can you create some Word of Mouth Magic for your business?


Now it’s your turn. Have you ever felt like a VIP because a company marketed well to its loval customers? How do you get influential customers and prospects talking about your business? Let me know in the comment section below – who knows, you might just win some Likeable swag just for posting!

Dave Kerpen is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, the cofounder and Chairman ofLikeable Media, and the New York Times bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business. To read more from Dave on LinkedIn, click the follow button below.

Artwork by Ness Pacheco www.lpacheco.org.

All I can say is thank you Dave for sharing this and reminding us again how import customers are and how important I am as a customer to a business. I am over loyalty cards that seem to always dissappear just as your about to use it, or you have to spend too much before you get rewarded.

What are your thoughts? When did you last have an amazing customer experience and where was that?

Love you to write and comment and to share everywhere the Lesson of the pink bowl.

The Best Graphics Ever


The Best Graphics Ever

Well I believe them to be the Best Graphics Ever… that assumption is based on so many people sending emails and making comments and asking where do I get my amazing graphics from. I have to agree they are pretty darn good.

I have also noted that every other day I get people on my website who have searched google for stick figure and ended up on my site. I just got one picture here, but when it first started happening I thought is amazing. Anything you can do to get traffic is worth it .


I am sure many of you have seen the stick figures all over the net, some on TV and I note one building in Whangarei has them on their signage.

You could have bought some off the Warrior Forum when they sent the emails out but they were no where as good as these ones.

Okay, okay… I know you want to know where to get them from… Then you need to go to Presenter Media  and you will get The Best Graphics Ever, well that’s my opinion.

I have a short video here for you to take a look at,  just wanted to show you some of the graphics I have used from there and telling you a little about them.

You can get Power Point Templates, Animated Graphics and just the standard pictures as well.

On the video I said you needed the latest version of Power Point to use the Templates well I was right and wrong on that. To use the Animated Power Point Templates you need the latest version of Power Point, however if you want to use the non Animated Templates then you can have any version that is stated. Hope that makes sense.

I have also noted that when I check out my posts that have the animated pictures they done always show as moving on Internet Explorer. Anyway all I can say is these amazing graphics will add life to your posts, presentations or whatever else you plan to use them in.

The Presenter Media link here is not an affiliate link as they don’t have an affiliate program.

The other place I mentioned in the video is Morgue File. This place has amazing pictures. Wow they will blow you away and unlike Presenter Media most of the Morgue File pictures will cost you nothing. I also mentioned on the video to be careful with the sizes. If you use a picture on your website and it seems to take a while to load then you would be best to change the file size.

If the graphics are not animated for you, then maybe change browser and take a look they are really excellent, high quality and with Christmas coming up I see they have many different options there as well.

Have fun with these. Get off the couch and go make some money. :-)


Internet Marketing Commandments

Internet Marketing Commandments

What are the Internet Marketing Commandments?

There are certain rules you need to abide by in Internet Marketing if you want to be successful.

If you do live by them, then you will find success. If you don’t then it will always be a struggle for you.

I have been running my Internet Marketing buisness for a few years now and I know how hard it can be.However the rules stay the same really… give people a great experience, give them the information they want, do bookmarking, backlinking etc in moderation…

There are so many changes, mostly with the big G… known as Google. :-)

But really if you give Google what it wants and play by their rules you should not have too many issues.

Right now there is all the talk about Googles Penguin update etc and how it changed the face of Google.


Well you can go away and cry about it or you can work within it. Google is like any other business you work in or with… they have rules and you must play by them… if you do you will be rewarded if you don’t you will get Sacked or in Googles case Slapped :-)

The video below I will share some of the things I have learned in my 4 years of being online. I know it’s an over view and if you need more help then please  contact me.

I want to help you earn online. It is very possible, in fact a few weeks ago I shared about the Best Affiliate Program, some of you took me up on the offer of sharing that with you and because of that you are earning an awesome income everyday.

I have so many ways of earning money and if you are still struggling then please contact me and let me show you some of the best and easiest ways to earn money online today. I believe in Multiple Streams Of Income, and so not just believe it but do it on a daily basis. So what I share in this video is one way, get online…

Check out the Internet Marketing Commandments Video Below


Here is the Infographic that the Video was based on. I am sure it was helpful. Please share away…



Infographics seem to lay everything out so well.

As mentioned in the video Internet Business 4 Newbies was setup to help you get up and running. It is step by step … and takes you through each step like I am looking over your shoulder helping you. I have had so many people go through that course and very excited to then have a business online and earning money, and that’s really what I want to happen for you.

My mission this year is to get at least 20 people earning an extra $50k in what’s left of the year. So buckle up and let me show you how it’s done. I cannot wait to show you, all you need is at least 2 minutes a day.

We have now dropped the price for Internet Business 4 Newbies to a rock bottom price of just $27.

…yes you read that correctly. It’s a course I was selling for $499 and now we have it for you for $27.

So if you want to get out there and learn some great Internet Marketing Strategies then here is a way to do it, and you won’t need to Mortgage your house to do the course.

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