Blogging For Profit

Blogging For Profit?

It would seem that most people today are talking about Blogging.

I guess the big question I get is, can you make money by Blogging?

How often do I need to blog?

What do I blog about?

All good questions…. I have been blogging for a couple of years now; I have many different blogs covering lots of topics and on every blog site I have adverts and ways to monetize the site, so in answer to the second question, Yes! you can make money blogging, you just have to know how :-)

Blogging For Profit

So let me give you 6 Tips for Blogging:

6 Tips For Blogging Success!

If you want to make money through blogging, creating a popular blog is the key to success. If your blog receives very little traffic, you will not have much success monetizing it. No matter which method you use to make money from your blog, you will find the most success if you have a large readership. Because of this, making your blog popular and growing readership should be one of your primary concerns.

There are many ways to make your blog more popular. The first thing you should consider is who your audience is and who you are writing for. You should always write about something that interests you, and that will interest others. You may think that your new kitten is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there are probably not very many other people who want to read a blog about it, unless of course your blog happens to be about kittens :-)   It is best to find a niche audience that is large enough to support a wide readership but not too vague.

One of the great things about blogging is that you do not have to be a professional writer to have a popular blog. You do have to obey common grammatical rules and at least be able to put together coherent sentences, but you do not have to be a highly skilled writer. In fact some of my favourite blogs are ones that are what I would call sloppy English and the odd grammar issue and spelling errors as well.

1. Blog readers are looking for interesting, relevant topics to read, not the next work of Shakespeare. Make sure what you write is interesting, edgy, or even controversial. Popular blogs are never boring and add value to readers’ lives either through information or entertainment. Make sure your blog adds something of value to your reader’s life otherwise you will not develop a large fan base, and we need a large fan base to make it all work and to make the money that most bloggers are wanting from their sites.

2. Making your blog popular is a lot like driving traffic to a website. You can use many of the same techniques to drive traffic to your blog. Finding places to link back to your blog is a good way to drive traffic. Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and You tube provide lots of opportunities for this. You can also use social book marking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg to promote your blog. Blogging on a popular blog site such as WordPress and Blogger are also good ways to make your blog more popular as these blogging sites help to bring in traffic for your blog.

3. Whether you blog on a blogging network or you have an independently hosted blog, you need to make sure your blog is designed well. It is true that content is king and if a blog has great content it may receive lots of traffic even though it is ugly. Having a well designed blog that is not ugly or annoying will help to drive repeat traffic. You want your blog to look unique, but not too unique. Keep with internet formalities such as blue links and use large font for headings.

4. You should break your post up into small paragraphs each with a headline if possible as internet readers tend to scan the screen looking for relevant information rather than reading everything word for word. Make sure your colors do not contrast too harshly and that the text is easy to read. Using good design will make your blog aesthetically pleasing and make readers more likely to come back and remain on your page. I see many people like to use the black background and white letters, I personally find that just too hard to read. I am sure there are many Baby Boomers out there who struggle the same as I do trying to read these most difficult sites. Black on white is fine, the other way round is ok for the younger set who still have eyesight :-)

5. No matter where your blog is hosted, you should try to get it indexed by all the major search engines. Some forms of blog monetization require that your blog be indexed by search engines before they will allow you to participate in your program. The higher ranked your blog is, the more visitors you will receive and the more popular your blog will become. I would get any new site listed into the 3 main search engines as soon as possible and there is an easy way to do this using this Site Submission Link It also helps to send it out to all the Social Bookmarking and Social Networking sites as well.

6. All forms of monetization for your blog require readers to enjoy their stay, and their experiance. Before you try to implement your monetization strategies, make sure your blog has enough readers to make your efforts work. If there is no one to click your ads, visit your affiliate sites, or read your reviews, you do not stand much of a chance of making money. So make the articles interesting and informative.

Further to our questions earlier… How often do I need to blog and What do I blog about..

Blogging For Profit


How Often? … my suggestion is at least once a week. On this, my very own blog, I like to do all the blog posts myself and so I blog once or twice a week, sometimes more but if so, then I schedule the posts to come in over a period of one to 3 weeks, it just depends. In today’s amazing world, we don’t need to blog ourselves as we have all these amazing Autoposters that do the job for us. So once setup they will put in information on your topic as often as you set it for, both articles and videos. It is amazing.

What do I blog about?.. well it needs to be on topic thats for sure. So whatever the topic then you need to talk about it. If you run out of things to write about then either use the Autoposters or find someone you can interview. Once you interview them, then you can turn the interview into a video, by taking their main points putting them onto a power point and then using a program like Movie Making Programs or MS Movie Maker. It really is endless what you can do… but whatever you do have fun :-)

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  2. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment, I have actually never had anyone say that, do you mean on the blog? It seems fine to me I use Firefox and IE and Chrome and there seems to be no issues on any of them, am sure others will let me know if it happens for them. Thankyou will wait and see if its an issue for others :-)

  3. I need these, if someone says they created a website for fun they are lying. Everyone wants to make something from there website.

  4. Yes I think you might be right Tyler although some do like the challenge of putting up websites and then seeing what happens to them :-)
    Gail… thanks for the comment


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