A Domain Name That Sells

A Domain Name That Sells

Hi everyone, I thought I would do a video about the buying A Domain Name that Sells. It seems that there is alot out there and I also have been teaching alot about buying Domain names and the correct kind of Domain names but some are getting confused, so time for an update on buying a Domain name that sells.

And by sells, I don’t mean buying a Domain Name to sell on, but I mean Buying A Domain Name That Sells product for you.

It seems it is getting harder and harder to buy the Keyword Rich Domain Names with the .com, .net or .org extension without adding too many extra words at the end. So of late well last 6 months I have bought a number of Domain Names that have the .co.uk extension. Reason being is that it is easier to get on front page of the UK Google if you do things correctly and do you SEO well than it is to get on the .com Google.

A Domain Name that Sells has Pitfalls.

It can have quite a few pitfalls if you don’t do things right and well, and that is your keyword research. In the video below I show you what I do to make sure that people in a particular area are looking and wanting to buy what you have to sell. If you look at the demonstration in the video you will see what I mean. If you want a domain name that sells product for you then there is no way you would buy a .co.uk web address for something that is:

1. not available in the UK

2. no one wants to buy what you have from UK

3. no one is searching for what you have or want to sell

and the same applies for any thing you are selling you need to check using the Google adwords tool who exactly is searching for what you have to sell, are they from the USA, or UK or just where they are from, and with your keyword tools you will have that sorted. I use both the google tool and also Easy Niche Finder to help me find the Niche’s and also to tell me the competition and also the OCI which is the Online Customer Intent, that means are these people buyers or looker, the higher the OCI the more likely they are to buy.

Buying A Domain Name That Sells Is Easy

It really is when you use the right tools. I have many articles in this blog about Niche finding etc and different tools that I use so if you take a look through what I have in the blog you will find alot of help. I have a blog post about the Easy Niche Finder here, I know it’s getting abit old but the principles the same.

Adsense sites are a great idea if you want to just put up sites that make money off people clicking on your Adsense adverts, the one I mentioned in the video is a DJinfo site you can go and take a look if you want and get an idea of what is needed in an adsense site. Just for your info, I would not use a .info web address again, I put this site up long while ago and know more now than I did then. :-)

Anyway, enjoy the video and am sure you will learn heaps :-) so that when you get into it in the new year you will be wiser and ready to make some money online.

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I hope that this post and video has helped you as you search for A Domain Name that Sells and in doing so make the money you desire.


  1. Thanks so much again Gail for supplying updated and relevant information to help us achieve what we set out to do. Cheers Kylie!

  2. hi Gail
    this is Sunny from Pennsylvania
    thanks for the great information it was very helpful

  3. Nice video Gail. Short and punchy and so useful. Welcome back!!

  4. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for the great tips presented.

  5. good info good day you all

  6. JayCreutzfeldt says:

    tips suggested are accepted..thanks gail I’m looking forward to read more about this!!

  7. Good to go back and remind oneself what to do.


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