5 Most Needed WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Plugin5  Most Needed WordPress Plugins

If you already have a blog, chances are that you are using WordPress as your platform. If you’re not, you should be. There are many reasons as to why WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Web today. Many people don’t use WordPress as they think the Word “Blog” which means to them they have to blog all day everyday about stuff they are not really interested in. Or maybe they are interested but just don’t have the time to blog about it everyday. Well in todays world that does not have to be, there are so many wordpress plugins that you can use to automate your content.

Well first off I would like you to know that wordpress does more than just provide you with a blog, it also is able to provide you with the most amazing Sales Pages as well, which are the same as a bog in that you can still add the WordPress plugins as well.

What make WordPress such an amazing platform to produce your style of website is the ability to add the WordPress Plugins...

If you are not sure what a plugin is, it basically adds new functions to a WordPress blog. A WordPress plugin is essentially a program written in the PHP programming language that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress blog. All you have to do to add a new feature or service to your blog is find a relevant plugin, upload it to your plugin folder and then “activate” the plugin on the dashboard. It’s that simple.

That being said, there are literally thousands upon thousands of plugins out there (most of them are free) and if you are a newbie, you may get tempted to add as many plugins as you can to your blog. The bottom line is that you only need a couple of them to get your blog going. In order to help you with which plugins to choose, I’ve chosen the top 10 WordPress plugins that you must have.

WordPress In terms of Internet marketing and getting rankings, WordPress offers the most search engine friendly blogging platform in addition to being very user-friendly. The other great thing about it is the number of WordPress plugins which you can add to your blog and I have many of these loaded up into my site all doing their own thing.

I am constantly asked …what WordPress plugins do you use… there are so many, how do I choose?

WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

Don’t you just hate people leaving spam comments on your blog? I certainly do, and if you dislike such comments appearing on your blog, the Akismet plugin automatically filters them for you. I don’t have time to deal with spam and I hope you don’t either. It truely does do the most amazing job, yes it does require a little setup after activation, but thats easy enough to do. So this little WordPress plugin to your must have WordPress Plugins

2. All-In-One-SEO Pack

Got to love this WordPress plugin, if you are looking for the ultimate plugin to transform your blog into an SEO optimized blog, then this is the one. It’s easy to use and before long you can be ranking for your keywords. Grab all your keywords and description and you are set to go.

3. MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s for the blog to be banned from ping services. When you update or edit your blog, you automatically send a ping to let them know that your blog has been updated and that the changes need to be indexed. However, you can get banned from ping services if you end up doing this too often. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to use the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin. If you don’t have this then you can get it off me. This is another one of the amazing set of wordpress plugins that you need to get hold of.

4. Remote Database Backup

As one who has over-riden her blog with another, I cannot stress enough the importance of backup. Just as backup of your computer is important so is your website. Whatever you do on the Web, you need to have backups. Backing up data is one of those things that people don’t take seriously until a site failure happens to them. This plugin helps you backup your WordPress blog at any time.

5. SEO Smart Links

This is one of those WordPress PLugins you have to have. This cool plugin allows you to automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. Furthermore, you can set up your keywords along with their own matching URLs. A must have if you want the maximum SEO benefit for your blog.

Next post I will take another look at the Subject of WordPress Plugins as there are many more that we will add to our site. If you would like to watch a video of me putting together a WordPress Site and adding some wordpress plugins then you should take a look at Build  Website In 20 Minutes. You will see there how easy it is to install WordPress Plugins.

Free WordPress Plugins

All of the above WordPress Plugins are free, they are amazing and on the next blog post we will look at the next 5 I believe you need to have. So Watch this space…. I’ll be back, there is a start to your list… now go add those ones, don’t forget to check out the video on just how to build your website in 20 minutes and learn also how to add those WordPress plugins both Free and bought ones as well.

Gail… signing off, Your WordPress Plugins guru :-)

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  1. Hey Gail,
    As always you over deliver with fantastic information. It’s great that we have you to tell us just what we need to put into our sites, I would not have a clue where to get this stuff from myself, and if it wasn’t for your generosity I wouldn’t be blogging now. I’m forever grateful for meeting you on Facebook.


  2. Caroline says:

    This is great Gail, so much clearer than all my scribbled notes and easy that it all on ly computer instead of paper. You make it so clear and simple. and ditto o last comment you re over delivering – As always thank you !

  3. Nice post! I am new to wordpress and the explanation in this site is great! Keep up the good work! this tips helped me a lot!!

  4. Gail
    This is Sunny from Pennsylvania
    thank you so much for all the great info
    with all the plugins out there
    it’s great to know what which ones
    you actually need & why.


  5. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to use the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin. If you don’t have this then you can get it off me. This is another one of the amazing set of wordpress plugins that you need to get hold of. Gail can you please send me the link to purchase this plug-in.
    Thank – you,

  6. Hi Gail

    My most humble thanks to you and your team.
    I recently attended your Sneaky Workshop in your hometown. My notes were hurried and I missed a few bits out. So your email links to these posts are absolutely invaluable, as is the info you share with us all.
    Over Deliver ? You betcha.

    Thanks for that . . .


  7. Thanks again Gail for some great stuff. It’s great to learn this where I can pause and go back untill I get it. I know how good a live workshop is with you but this just confirms everything to give me the absolute confidence to do it!

    Regards Colin

  8. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the gift Gail looking ofrward to using it soon!

  9. Love the clear info Gail, really get alot out of the information you share, thanks so much for your knowledge and more importantly sharing it with us newbies.

  10. Trish Findlay says:

    Thanks Gail, another very helpful post & the video makes it so easy for us to follow along. There are so many plugins, it’s good to get expert advice on which ones to use.


  11. Hi Gail,
    Great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I’m just in the process of installing all the necessary plugins. Awesome timing! BTW, I’ve been playing round with your Versatile theme and it’s rather nice. Thanks again.
    Kind regards,

  12. OH Yes – all hail the gr8 Gail the giver – thanks for the r*e*a*l* help we would be lost without your guidance, well I know 4 sure I would. I love your online chat help as well. Xlnt stuff

  13. Hi Gail

    Like the other posts, I use all of the plugins you recommend.

    I am not a “techie” and don’t enjoy or have the time to laboriously slave at my computer loading content manually.

    The plugins you recommend make my work so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Thanks heaps.



  14. Well done Gail.

    My web site is based on WordPress, yet you have provided me with even more great and helpful info. More plugins, more support and more more Gail.
    Can’t wait for your next update.

  15. Thanks for the plug-in help Gail…the video is great and the followup detail too. As I have just launched my first site I am wondering what else to do with it…and here it is…more plug-ins.

  16. Hi Gail,
    Great information, thank you.

  17. Gail you are amazing !
    Again, you have delivered a fab session for us to “grow further” with Internet Marketing.
    I feel more empowered after each delivery from you. Cheers

  18. Hi Gail,
    thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.I have been wandering which wordpress plugins are your top ten and here it is…on the plate.I have already adopted a few of your recommendations so this will complete the tools set that i am investing in for my business.thanks so much for all your “giving” and please do let me know when you will be holding a hands-on workshop in NZ. Gratitudes and appreciations to you.

  19. Thanks for helping join the dots in your practical education and advice of which are the best & most practical tools for beginners starting out & in your face to face training to online training.

  20. Hi Gail
    Thanks again for all of this great info and help.
    Also thanks for all the training etc at last weekends Sneaky Workshop, anyone learning the biz should attend one of these training weekends.

  21. Hi again Gail,

    So helpful, what can a girl say, your recent Auckland weekend workshop was certainly a giant leap forward for me. And your ongoing information is certainly keeping me striding on !!! Thanks again.

  22. Please send me the link for the Ping Optimiser, great video too. Thanks. Wendy

  23. Paula Woods says:

    Hi Gail

    I have explored wordpress and it is amazing am still sussing out the header and how to load or even get pictures videos and stuff like that to add, do I do it myself or can I get a plugin that will automatically add it for me?


    Paula Woods

  24. Hi Gail,

    As always you are very generous with your very useful and helpful information for us poor wannabies and you get us that much closer all the time to being goingtobes.


  25. Pat Jacobs says:

    Hi Gail
    Thanks for this list – its always easier to work from a good reference point, than from my notes. I had forgotten about some of these. I look forward to our Wednesday webinars – I always learn something new and valuable.

  26. Fritz Scheidegger says:

    Hi Gail,

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.


  27. Hi Gail
    Thanks for the list – its a great way to keep up to date with things changing so quickly on the net . Thanks for keeping us well informed.

  28. This is great !! :)

  29. Hi Gail,

    Thank you for the post! Great information as usual!
    I’ll definitely go to check my plugins to see if they are all there and activated. One I’m sure I don’t have is the Ping Optimizer so I would very much appreciate if you can help me with this.
    I have happily re- tweeted this post and looking forward for the next one!


  30. The clarity , enthusiasm and quantity of information is continually appreciated
    Ian Wards

  31. Hi Gail and thanks again for a whole lot of useful information, it all helps beginners like me get a better understanding of the Internet Marketing World and to carry on working at being successful.

  32. Hi Gail, Thanks for all these great tips. I just installed your recommendations as you went through the video. For me this is the best way to do things because they actually get DONE!!!! It takes me a lot longer to get through the video but it means that I don’t have to think about when I will get back to the ‘doing’ side of things. Caroline

  33. Jan Kesby says:

    Thanks Gail, Looking forward to coming to one of your workshops


  34. Heeni Kani says:

    Kia Ora Gail,

    Once again valuable information and tools you have provided.
    I really enjoy the content you are sharing. Wonderful.

    Thanking You, Kind Regards

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    Thanks for your sharing, it’s wonderful and useful. Many information i couldn’t find it anywhere else.

  36. Paula Woods says:

    Great information, I have lernt so much from you, and I aint going to stop. Thanks for the information.

    Positive Paula

  37. Ideal guide! I am only beginning out in advertising and advertising and attempting to learn to perform it well – assets just like this report are very useful. As our business is based in america, it is all somewhat new to us.

  38. As always Gail you give great info I will use this info

  39. Hello Gail
    Just found your web site. It is tremendous. I’m learning a lot thanks

  40. Hi Bobby,
    well welcome to my site, so glad you are learning lots, you may want to also head on over to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/your7toolstosuccess enjoy, and thank you for taking part in the comments

  41. I just read your 2 top 10 wordpress plugins, and already have most of them. Are you going to make an 11-20 list anytime soon?

  42. Hey Rick, just keep checking out the site am sure you will find lists poping up now and then.
    Thanks for the comment


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