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Social Networking
I’m sure you’ve heard of it :-) . You might even be doing it.
I sure am, I am on Facebook, and Twitter and Linkedin and so the list goes on and on…
But the real question is, are you doing it right?
How much time are you spending in the day to update your Social Networking sites…

Social Networking can be a lot of things. It can be a waste of time or a huge marketing tool.
I love what you can do with Social Networking, it is very, very powerful. No matter what Social Networking site you use, use it well.

Let me give you 3 things not to do, and some tips on what you can do.

I want to help you in every part of your Internet Marketing life, so as you Start Internet Marketing, make this website the place to stop and learn all you can.

Also watch the video if your a visual person, those who like to read can read it.
I wonder if you have given much thought to what you put up onto the internet? Here’s a thought that might make you think twice about what you put up there.

As Facebook itself is a very powerful tools for each of us to use, no matter what we are doing, if its Business or pleasure what you put up there and indeed in any Social Networking site can impact your life later on in your life.

Think on this… what if you were going for a job interview and your future Employer went to Facebook and took a look through it, would you be proud or worried. Always good to keep that in mind. If your mother or your Grandmother was to discover your page, would they be excited or totally embarrased….

One thing I know is what goes up there stays forever, the good and the bad.

Recently I have had the misfortune of having all my YouTube accounts deleted not once but so far 7 times, everytime I put one up it gets deleted, so now when you click on the video’s it comes up and says ” this account has been deleted due to Violation of Code” there was no warning and I am still at a loss as to what I did..
It’s very dishearting when it happens time after time, every channel after that I was very careful to use me and only me and my stuff, but still they deleted me. No reason, just gone. So now that leaves me with a huge problem of 1000′s of video’s that make me look like a criminal. What to do… well keep going, and make sure there is as much positive stuff out there with my name on it… its just what happens, so here we go again with another channel. Will see how I go.
So all that to say, have you thought of what you put on line and the impact it could have on you and maybe even your Grandchildren in years to come. It’s scary. However if we know all that we can make sure we do things right, from the begining.
3 Top Tips today of what not to do in Social Marketing:

1. Not sharing enough personal details
It’s called Social Networking for a reason….

2. Sharing too many personal details
Change your age by one or two years… I said one or two ladies :-)

3. Selling too much
Your there to make friends first, sales will follow…. Social Networking is not get rich over night, its make friends over night…. hmmm they could be taken wrong :-)

Lots more detail on this 5 minute video. Check it out and learn from it all as I set you on your way to Learn Internet Marketing.
Now here is the video….


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