A to Z Internet Marketing Webinar

A to Z Internet Marketing Webinar

We’re coming to Australia and would love to meet you.
However, before we come to town, we’ll be doing a sneak preview webinar of the #1 Highest Rated A to Z Internet Marketing Bootcamp.

If you missed the webinar here it is for you. If you would like to be on a live webinar then you can join us again next week, register here

See why 3 of us from 3 different countries will be coming to 3 Australian Cities.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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A to Z Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Live Internet Marketing Training

Live Internet Marketing Training

Live Webinar  A to Z Internet Marketing Training. Register Here

I am about to spend the next couple of months in different parts of the world running Live Internet Marketing Training. It’s one of the best parts of Internet Marketing that I love. I love to see the look in peoples eyes as they finally get a website up online, or they manage to make their first Video or first header to go on their very new website. I have to say I have shed many a tear as I have seen people who told me they were pretty useless at learning, and then complete  delight as they achieved something that they thought impossible.

To build a website is no mean feat, the technical hurdles to get over are huge when all you have ever done is written the odd email, and surfed the net to watch videos or find out the latest sports score. So I take my hat off to the hundreds of people who have come to my “sneaky Workshops”, “Get A Website in a Day” or the A to Z Internet Marketing Bootcamps. You all deserve a medal.

Live Internet Marketing Training is hard work but I love it way too much to stop doing it. As long as the people want it and come then I am there to do it. There is an abundance of Training out there online. I guess everything you will ever want to know is there for you. You just have to know where to find it. And who really has the time to chase around and find those answers. So I do my best to give the answers as we go and make the entire live event an amazing experiance.

Live Internet Marketing Training best experiance I have had….

that’s the testimonials I get at the event and after the event, over and over again. Just this morning I was talking to a gentleman who attended the AtoZ Internet Bootcamp in USA with his daughter… video below, he was telling me his daughter was so excited and she loved the experience so much that she is now building websites for other people. Only 4 weeks later she has built 2 sites for a couple of business’s. How cool is that. I have other who have been at the different live events who are now, building websites, making banners, making videos, and running webinars all because of what they learnt at the live Internet Marketing Training event. I am very excited about it.

Peoples lives are changed at the Live Internet Marketing Training..

If you have never been to one of my live events you need to get to one… I am serious. You could change the course of your life.

There are hundreds of business’s out there that need your help. I can show you how to help them. Building a website can have a challenge for the first time round if you have never built one but after that it’s pretty easy. Become the local expert in your area.

At our live Training events we are constantly being told that the small business owner wants to be able to control their website, to be able to make updates and make changes when there is a special or a change in price and not have to schedule it weeks out so their web designer can fit it in when he has the time.

How good would it be to be in charge if you are a business owner, or teach a business owner to be in charge. Then they can make the changes that need to be made or they can hire you to do it. It’s all about choice and so many business owners have no choice as their web developer often make the rules.

If you just want to Make money Online with some Easy Money Making Ideas the the Live Internet Marketing Training is for you as well. I share so many ideas with you at these Live Events you just need to come. Here’s the deal, if you are not happy with the content, or the way I present it.. at the end of the first day I will give you your money back. I just know that you will love the AtoZ Internet Marketing Bootcamp which is my next big live weekend event.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic….

Yes at the Live Internet Marketing Training Events we spend alot of time teaching and showing how to get traffic as well. It’s not much use having a website and no traffic. Not just any traffic, we want traffic that has money and is interested in what we have to sell..

I show you how to submit your sites to as many free places as well can, and also talk about Pinging and RSS feeds and Social Bookmarking. So really these are awesome weekends, packed with content and also you get to do what I teach, is there a better way to learn :-)


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Motivating and Amazing Training… Live Internet Marketing Training is the way to learn fast.

Google Farmer Update

Google Farmer Update

What on earth is the Google Farmer Update?

Good question…..

You will all remember I recently had a webinar where I spoke at length about the changes in Google. How they changed the Google Algorithm. Well the last 3 weeks I have spent with the most amazing SEO guy and he was able to give me the insider goss on it all. So I thought I would share some of what he told me.

It was called the Google Farmer Update.. I know odd name, but the name came about because it seems that Google was targeting specific kinds of sites, those known as Content Farms, and they seemed to be the worst hit.

What are Content Farm Sites? Another Good question :-)
They are sites that are really low grade. Sites that are often put up with push button software that usually have not got any original articles on there, all content is coming in via auto posters. They were sites that had more adverts than they had content. Some of the sites can have 100′s even 1000′s of pages and articles with video in there as well, and until recently did rank very well.

You will be surprised as I show you one site that got badly hit after the changes… that site was Ezine articles, check out the video and it will show you why. As hit was, hub pages, ehow and article base. Some people had their income wiped over night, one company had to lay off staff… it was big… Not all content on these sites is bad or low quality, they just didn’t follow the rules… (check out the video)

The issue was that these sites offered low or no value to Goggles customers, as we know Google is a business and wants to give it’s visitors and those using it’s search engine the best results or they will go elsewhere.

Whenever Google makes changes people get abit nervous and wonder just how the update will effect them. I note that some give up as well thinking it’s too hard to play Google… well I don’t think you can ever win against Google so why try. With the Google Farmer Update many people lost their jobs, I guess the key to it all is to give to Google what Google wants. Just keep within their guide lines, when things change then make the changes. Not too hard. It’s a business that we are in, and things are constantly changing.
All I did when I knew of the changes is quickly find out what changed, did it effect my sites and if so go about and make the changes.

So spending 3 weeks almost with my friend Chris from Internet Oxygen was such a blessing.

Google Farmer Update won’t effect you if….

You keep Google happy….

In an earlier post I told you about making sure you have original content on your site. You need to make sure that the content is the best you can give. Unfortunately there are too many badly spun articles out there and so you need to check them. I still use the auto posters, but I slow them down to only one article a week then I can go and check the articles once or twice a month. Or I get my outsources to do that. If you continue to give bad content then you will get Google slapped all day long.

My suggestion is this… if you are using wordpress then you have at least 4 posts that are sticky’s using the plugin and they must be original content. Yes you can spin them but they need to be spin to 100%. Just take more time over your articles.

I have shared some software that will do that. I suggest you use it. Make sure you have some outbound links to Authority Sites in your article then Google can see you are giving good content and offering even more by allowing people to go to other more Authority sites. We used to put them in out widget bar, now we need to move them into our article. Just place them lower in the article.

I have also used Youtube videos in my blogs  and I think it’s a great idea. So as Google owns YouTube it would be a good idea to do that as well. You can also get them to come in on auto as well using my special auto post software.

You Keep your articles to at least 500 to 700 words. So make sure you write articles that make sense and have research statistic’s in there as well. Matt Cutts from Google suggests links to research articles is also a good idea. If you blog post is about Dog Training then maybe find the site that is the top ranking site about Dog Training and add the link in, refer to it… think outside the box and I am sure you will be ahead of the competition.

Good to use all the social buttons on your sites as well so people can click on them.. you will note I have the re tweet button on my page, plus the Facebook like button and Share button. The Facebook link into comments and all the Social Bookmarking etc links as well. These are all very helpful and I suggest you add them as well… If you don’t know how then I suggest you get hold of some training I did recently on it all at my VIP site here.

Too Many Adsense Ads?

Please be careful here, I talked about this at length at the Boot-camp I just held in LA. I have the Adsense plugin so you can add the adsense into your site… but be careful.

As you watch the video here you will see why Ezine got the Google slap and you don’t want that guys.

If you do as I have suggested, you will be fine, if you have some offending sites, go back and fix them.

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there is not much you can do about Google changes… and the Google Farmer Update was one we could see had to come, we just need to play in the same game as Google and all will be well.

Google Plus 1 Button

Google Plus 1 Button

We all know the Facebook Like button, but did you know that Google has a Plus 1 button?

It’s very cool… so now we can “like” or “Plus 1″ things in Google as well as Facebook. Google have been looking into this for some time, and certainly want to enter the Social Area as Facebook gets more and more user’s. Google is continuing to move towards social search through its latest social experiment.  Google Plus 1 is now officially released.

It works the same way as a”Like” or a “tweet” button. That is, when you find a listing on Google’s search results that you want to share with your social network, you just click the Google Plus1 button beside the organic listing or ad.

Just be aware that you do need to have your computer logged in to your Google account to use the feature and see the Plus 1′s that others have recommended. There is a suggestion that maybe Google will integrate Twitter connections in the near future. That will make for interesting social connections.

Google Plus 1 button about to be rolled out

If you can’t see this Google Plus 1 button right now, they plan to slowly roll this out over time.

I think it’s really interesting that finally Social Media is being taken seriouslyand has taken a young university student to wake the world up to this amazing social phenomenon.

The official Google blog declares they are ‘confident that Plus 1, combined with all of the social content we’re now including in search, will mean even better, more relevant results than you get today’. I believe that Google Plus 1 is a step in the right direction but its still early days. After the havoc of Google’s previous social experiments Google Buzz and Google Wave created, I’ll be keeping an eye on how this unfolds before I decide whether I’ll be ‘+1’ing the stuff I like’ (as Google puts it)

Coming Soon: Google’s Plus One Button For Blogs And Websites

Now this is really great news for bloggers and website owners who will soon be able to add a Google Plus one button to their blogs or websites.

So how will the site specific Google plus one buttons work ? Google isn’t saying but I guess there can be two ways these site specific Google Plus one buttons can go to work:

1. If a user is logged into his Google account and arrives at a webpage which has the plus one button embedded in it, he can recommend the page within his social circle, this works quite the same way as Facebook Like buttons and Twitter share buttons.

2. While logged into his Google account, if a user arrives at a website which has the Google plus one button code embedded, he might be shown “Plus one recommendations” from that particular site.

So, it seems like Google’s new social weapon would make a considerable impact on how content is being promoted and shared across the social web. We might even see forced or false connections like requesting friends and followers to “Please Plus one my last blog post”. We will have to wait and measure the impact when the feature goes live for everyone.

Image credit : SearchEngineLand, also read the discussion at Techcrunch.com

Watch the special video below about the Google Plus 1 button and let me know what you think.

Check out the video for more details.


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I will be watching with interest the Google Plus 1 button.